Invest – in a Dead Horse

“Top Hat Thoroughbreds” is an ownership/investment group that promises “Thoroughbred Ownership at a Fraction of the Cost.” In other words, a chance to buy in, on the cheap. On its available page, Kaliche Gold is proudly offered, complete with a link to his Equibase profile. Problem is, Kaliche is dead – euthanized a full eight days ago for an “unresolved training injury.” Top Hat was Kaliche’s owner; surely they know he is dead. And yet they can’t be bothered to remove the post. “Just like family,” right?

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  1. Good catch! It’s probably been done before…indicates the integrity of the industry….

  2. I would not be surprised if they left it up on purpose as more or less like bait to get people sucked into investing in horses. In the racing industry, it really doesn’t matter about the individual horse, as has been demonstrated over and over. What matters to “Top Hat” and other similar groups is that they get money from investors. The industry needs to be terminated from all government subsidies. I hope that people who have not become aware of how demented the racing participants are will find out before they lose their money in this “investment” scheme. In the early 1980s, there was an advertisement in the Lewiston Tribune (Idaho) about investing in racing Greyhounds. I don’t know how that turned out for them. It was weird and I didn’t know how bad the racing industry was in reality at that time. I have learned a lot about the ugliness of the racing of Greyhounds and horses since then.

  3. Very similar to the fact that the racing board quotes that a certain racehorse has ‘retired’ when, in fact, it’s been sent to the slaughterhouse……just covering up that they cannot be bothered to look after the racehorses after they’ve literally raced them to near death.

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