NY Now at 76 Dead Racehorses on the Year

Kaliche Gold, three, was euthanized today at Finger Lakes for what the Gaming Commission is calling an “unresolved training injury.” Since his last timed workout was two weeks ago, it’s safe to assume the injury was incurred then. His trainer was Jeffrey Englehart; his owner, Top Hat Thoroughbreds. To date, 76 horses have perished at NY tracks in 2020.

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  1. Other than what is already being done to bring about a ban on horseracing, is there anything extra that we, as a group, could do to get the New York (Racing) Gaming Commission to suspend the Englehart family of horse killing racing participants?
    How about a petition to specifically suspend the Englehart racing participants? Just asking because this is too much barbaric, sadistic cruelty to Thoroughbreds in particular!

    • Hey, Wanda. I suppose that suggestion might work in any REAL sport. Public outcry can lead to having, say, child and spousal abusers removed from any and all team (and even league) membership. But horse racing is NOT an organized sport. It still exists solely to profit from degenerate gamblers who simply do not (can not) care how many animals’ lives are snuffed out in the process of them getting their fix.
      So, if such a suspension were to be meted out, the Engleharts would just transfer their “duties” to other super-savory individuals — paper trainers and corporate straw buyers — to stay in their favorite blood sport and keep right on racing/killing. None of the so-called regulators would do a damned thing to stop them from forming the “XYZ Not the Engleharts Racing Stables.” Happens all the time in this wonderful Sport of Killings. In fact, this is what Jorge Navarro and his family are reportedly doing right now: they’re just REBRANDING him, this time in Florida, so he can keep generating that revenue for the tracks. After all, the Justice Dept. may have a slam-dunk animal abuse case against him, but racing officials won’t ever kick “The Juice Man” out.

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