Courageous Jockeys?

I confess to not being interested in the perils of jockeyhood. It’s not that I don’t care about injured riders, just that what they do is entirely voluntary. Jockeys choose to risk life and limb for a paycheck; the horse, alas, has no such freedom. Equally true, and further debunking the jockey-racehorse-partnership myth, is that dinged up jockeys always garner press, their dead “teammates,” rarely.

And so it is that the Daily Racing Form recently (11/15/13) set out to chronicle 2013’s injured jocks, underscoring the profession’s “unforgiving” nature. The piece was typical DRF marketing fluff: Behold the jockey, our sport’s underappreciated hero. What did catch my attention, however, were the post-article comments from the mostly conditioned, often obtuse horseracing fans. A sampling:

“It really amazes me what jockeys experience on a daily basis. I cannot think of any other occupation – save those of soldiers, policemen and firemen – who risk their lives constantly.”

“Jockeys are such courageous athletes who deserve our respect and admiration for every day (morning, afternoon, and evening) that they get a leg up and risk their lives.”

“They earn the term survivor every day they ride.”

Soldiers. Policemen. Firemen. Jockeys? Courageous and deserving of respect and admiration are descriptions best reserved for people who contribute to the greater public good. Like the soldiers, policemen, and firemen. Jockeys are no more admirable than boxers and racecar drivers, and as whip-wielders, probably less so. Sometimes the racing people need to be called out on their, forgive the euphemism, nonessential matter from the horse’s digestive system.


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  1. Yes, it is right that jockeys risk their health and life out of free will while performing in this job. So do other athletes like stuntmen, or other people like the mentioned firemen. One thing you forgot to mention is that the thousands of exercise riders every morning do the same, but this applies to pretty much any professional equine sports.
    What really concerns me though, is that most jockeys (and exercise riders) don’t know how many drugs their horses have been given previously (mostly only in the US) and at some times they are sitting literally on a chemical time bomb…
    I agree that there are many “Wrongs” in this industry, but it would be nice to get more help in cleaning the sports up instead of just condemning it.

    • Marion, your point is well taken. I have been begging for help with the low level horses in central Ohio. Can I count on you to help?

      • Absolutely! I’ve been trying to bring much attention to the issues of drug use and low level claiming races here in the US myself. If you click on my name below my comment, it will take you to my facebook page and if you can get more information about me in the “about” section or while scrolling thorough some of my ‘public’ posts.
        Let me know what I can do to help. :-)

    • Marion, I have another question. Why is sitting on a chemical time bomb tolerated in racing?

      • Because (in my personal opinion!!!) American horse racing has become a competition about whoever can drug their horses better than actually train them… :-( It is not an issue of what they call “race day medications”, but more an issue of how many and how often many (if not most) of the horses are injected with all kind of medications which over long time use are the cause many of the break downs experienced here. From heart attacks to broken legs, etc… It is tolerated because of the billions of dollars involved in racing, combined with the laws and regulations which are allowed here and a very strong lobby, who does everything to keep the pharmaceutical industry involved.

    • The corruption, cheating and animal abuse are so embedded and pervasive in this industry it would be impossible to “clean” it up.

      The only way to “clean up” this gambling industry is to shut it down, period.

      P.S. Read the latest on the Penn National “scandal”. There is an article about it on the pro racing Paulick Report. And what happens at PN is not unique !

      • Yes Rose!…I did read the PR on PN! And so right you are…Penn is just a mirror reflection of all of the other cheap tracks across the country! And the poor claimers in 4K, 5K and the like are passed around like cheap prostitutes. Except the horses never consented….nor “pocket” even a portion of their own earnings. The more I consider the goings-on in this industry, the more disgusting it becomes!!

  2. Let’s not forget about the horses. Those that do survive are often too damaged to be adopted into second careers. If they are lucky, they may end up as “pasture pets”. An example is Cuban Carmen, a 7 year old mare destroyed by the racing industry. Oh well, just another day in racing.

  3. The comments by fans are, to put it mildly, astonishing ! Its not only the horses that wear blinkers ! Further, I also think the Racing Form is a little stupid to have these comments in print.

    • The Racing Form’s website, like this one, has a comments section at the end of each article. People are allowed to post what they want (so long as it’s not explicatives, spam, etc.). People have opinions and express them. I don’t think it’s stupid to have a forum to allow people to do that.

      • Kristen, go to Sean Kerr’s FB page. I guess good ole Todd Pletcher got caught with his pants down today! Can you tell me why that monster is still allowed to train horses?

      • Kristen, you promised to read my posts about how we need to continue to shine a light on racing’s dirty secrets. I’m surprised that you haven’t commented in defense of racing.

      • Mary, I have not been able to read your post. As you said, it is very long, and while I have had time to catch a snippet here and there (like spending just a couple minutes glancing at this article, and making a very short reply), I have been quite busy with daily tasks, and also am very tired.

        I still have the email of your long post marked as unread in my inbox, and it deserves my full attention. I have not yet had the opportunity to devote my full attention toward it, so I have not read it. I shall let you know when I do.

        Unfortunately, sometimes my actual job gets in the way of this absolutely delightful internet debate, as do ordinary tasks like preparing meals, household cleaning, feeding my dogs, and showering. Please do not assign meaning to my lack of a response. It does not mean that I have accepted your point of view and agree with it; it does not mean that I disagree and refuse to speak to you; it does not mean that I find your opinion worthless and am ignoring you. It simply means that I have been busy, and for that, I apologize.

        Unfortunately, tonight too will be difficult for me to respond, since I will be at the barn with my own horses. I appreciate that you are eagerly awaiting my reply, and I envy that you have an excess of time to devote to this. ~Kristen

      • Now that you explained it is from a” comment section” I understand. I mistakenly got the impression it was an interview format.I still find the comments a bit ridiculous. But maybe some other comments I did not see were more insightful. I obviously did not know the full context and I did jump the gun…

      • Kristen? I have read many of your comments tonight. I don’t care that you are an atty. And being a Member of JockeyWorld has a lot to do with what you post! I left there. Frankie Lovato & I became friends because he rode for my ex. BUT he will not stand for ANYTHING negative being posted about the track. So, you, little girl seem to think you have big britches, calling seasoned people such as Patrick & Jo Anne Normile out. It’s easy to type it. And you have influence in Ohio? Whoopie! Now you know it all & Frankie lets you post article after article? What do you know about Affirmed? The Triple Crown? Horses don’t just do drugs! Why don’t you REPORT if you are a reporter? I can tell you every jockey who rode high for 30 years. But no ….. you don’t want to report the truth. You want to be another wannabe. And little girls like you get spit out & sent on their way. Pissed at Patrick because he tells the truth? The truth tellers are taking this sport down and I am one of them. >>>> On another note I am so sorry for Frankie’s loss. I sent him a note when it happened.

      • Nohorseslaughter, I read half your comment. I got to the line where you thought it appropriate to call me “little girl” and I quit. That is the sort of attitude that caused me to quit interacting on this website. As you can see, I haven’t posted anything here since about this time last year, and my last comment on this website was to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving because we are all in fact people with families and we all deserve to have happy holidays, whether we agree with each other or not.

        My personal approach is that change must be made within the racing industry itself, and posting day after day about horses dying on the tracks is futile. I thought perhaps that people here, who obviously care for the horse’s welfare as much as I do, would be able to work with me, and others looking for reform of the racing industry. It is obvious that people here disagree too fundamentally to accept my approach. For that reason, I quit visiting this website nearly a year ago.

        I’m not sure why you’ve searched through the archives to read my comments, but I am not remotely interested in continuing a debate that I left a year ago.

        Best wishes,

      • Kristen, you talk out of both sides of your mouth. You take issue with being called a “little girl”…then state “that is the sort of attitude that caused me to quit interacting on this website”. A “little girl” is such a slam?…yet you, Kristen, said this: “Those horseracing wrongs people are morons”.

        You can take your “sweet” holiday wishes to us “morons” and put them where the sun doesn’t shine, Kristen. How’s that for an attitude…my tolerance for supporters of horse abuse via this cruel industry who try to claim equine advocacy left the building quite some time ago. You’ve all got talking out of both sides of your mouth down to a science.

        Smart choice, though, to decline a debate.

      • I suppose when I said “morons,” I should have said “They start from a completely different fundamental basis, which will cause us never to agree or work together. I take offense to the fact that they label me as a monster for having horses, and for their rigid refusal to consider that I do care for them, and that a veterinary exam will prove them to be sound, healthy, happy animals. I disagree with their agenda to eliminate racing, and I further believe their efforts are futile as horse racing will never completely go away.” Apparently, I didn’t wish to be so long winded at the time. I apologize for my rudeness.

        I took myself away from this website because I couldn’t handle all of the negativity, and I didn’t see the point of arguing when neither side of this issue would ever convince the other. I would appreciate if the lot of you would quit talking about me too, as I have heard that Mary Johnson is again bringing me into the conversation. She contacted me in a private Facebook message months ago, at which time I told her I had no wish to speak to her, and sent her messages to my “spam” folder so I would not have to see anything further from her. But despite months passing, she can’t seem to let it go, which is why I’ve been drug back to this site.

        Clearly, we will never be friends, and I think it’s healthier for all of us if we don’t have to interact with each other. Yet you folks don’t seem to want to let me go…

      • Thank you, I did before, and I will again. I hope the others won’t drag me back again.

      • Since Ms. Nieding won’t be back – according to her, she doesn’t have a choice…we have been DRAGGING her back – we can only hope that now she has just a glimpse of understanding what it is to be a horse enslaved in the racing industry. “DRAGGED” into it, no consent, no choice. I hope she’ll give that some thought. But I doubt it.

      • Yes, Kristen, you can’t seem to let go! On October 29th, 2014, you called us “morons” and then you say we are interested in spreading our “propaganda” yet you support an industry that is a propaganda machine. Like most racing supporters, you talk out of both sides of your mouth. Also, the racing folks love to call us names, including your pal, Ms. Lynn Boggs, who called me “demented” when I criticized racing! Boggs then threatened to send her attorney after me. I assume that would be you! You have also accused me of having lots of time to “sit at the computer and be rude to people in the racing industry”. How have I been rude, Neiding? You called me a MORON. I didn’t call you a MORON! Therefore, not only have you been rude, you have lied! I think you are right where you belong, immersed in an industry that chews horses up and spits them out.

        Hey, were you ever able to identify the girl you labeled “reprehensible” in the PETA video? Weren’t you trying to “out” her? How did that work out for you? Not too well, I suspect! Also, I envy you that you had an excess time to devote to this. You go, girl!

      • I can’t sit back and let one of my good friends, Kristen – yes she is one of my good friends – be trampled over by you people. Although she is very well able to defend herself, I can’t just sit back and let you guys just run her over. I happen to know Lynn as well and she can prove that all of her horses are happy, healthy sound racehorses through a vet exam as well. Mary, you say there are few good people in racing, well Lynn, Kristen myself and he rest of our track “family” are some of the rare few that seriously put their horses lives before theirs and are spoiled rotten. I know you have heard this all before, and go twist my words however you may want to – but I have seen it first hand and there are no better treated racehorses than the ones that have been in their hands. Every single one of their horses that doesn’t want to race anymore are found great homes and they keep in touch with the new owners of those horses to see how they are doing in their second careers – one of my friends horses was sold to a girl in South Carolina to be re trained as a jumper and she receives daily updates on how he is doing. I could go on with even more examples but this would turn into a novel very quickly. You once commented on one of my posts, something that mentioned if a “little more effort was put forth” we could improve racing – you stated that was an insult to you, one who has put forth great effort to improve it and have supposedly gotten nowhere. Well, it is an insult to us to group all racing supporters together as bad people, while there are many, many horrible people in this game – there are more good people than you think – although, not enough good people by your standards. Oh and by the way, you once told me to say a prayer that my friends horses make it through the racing season in one piece – I happy to inform you that he did…today was closing day and he won…albeit, it was a claiming race, but we still cheered him on home. He then went back to the barn where he was showered with love and peppermints…take that, I’ve had enough.

        • I personally gave him 4 mini candy canes and one peppermint and my boyfriend gave him an apple. Then he got on the trailer to go to the farm to play in his paddock. Poor abused horse.

      • “Take that”?….oh ouch, Britto…

        So the beloved friend’s horse was in a CLAIMING race…yes, that’s a cherished family member…up for sale to the scum that permeate this industry. You once again have managed to provide some comic relief.

        Finally Britto…”I’ve had enough”…promise?

      • Well then Kristen…all that candy and an apple certainly made up for the fact you had a price tag on his head. At a cheap track, no less. That’s some kind of love you’ve got going on there. So yes, your words said it all.

        So who dragged you back?…guess your word doesn’t mean much, either.

      • Joy, yes, I’ve had enough of this ridiculous website – I am all for advocating for the well being of the horse, but everyone on here just doesn’t seem to want to work together to meet in the middle. Glad I was able to provide you with some comic relief. Have a great day :-)

      • Ms. Neiding, I think you have hit on a solution to clean up racing – peppermints! When a horse is drugged, and, yes, Neiding, Lasix is a drug, give the horse a peppermint. When a horse is raced with an injury, and 80% to 90% are, don’t worry….be happy….and give the horse a peppermint! Before the horses enter the underground slaughter pipeline, be sure the kill buyers have bags of peppermints with them! If a horse’s joints are destroyed by steroid injections, give the horse peppermints to stop the further degeneration of the joints. Wow!

        Yep, Neiding, this blog exposes lots of negativity in racing because racing exploits horses. Exploitation of humans or animals, reeks of negativity. Got it? I know this is a difficult concept for you, but, whenever you mix money and animals, the animals always end up losing.

        Also, your boyfriend, Mr. Brady, sounds like a wonderful guy. Giving the horse an apple is certainly a sweet gesture. By the way, does Mr. Brady also go by the name Ja Ra? I heard that this sweet young man might have an alias, or two!

        And Britto5, or should I say Ms. McGinnis, you say you are all for “advocating” for the well being of the horses. If you support racing, even if it is vicariously through your pals, Brady and Neiding, you are still part of the problem. Meet in the middle? Nope! I am NOT meeting in the middle. There is NO middle ground when it comes to animal exploitation. NONE! I have picked up too many damaged and broken bodies from the freaks in racing to meet in the middle. I hope that I have made myself clear.

      • Mary – very clear – I hope mine is just as clear as well.

        Please don’t go talking about people you know nothing about – these are good people, friends that I have known for 10+ years – as for you I have no doubt that you are a good person, just in a different light.

        Have a great holiday season :-)

      • Brittany, yes, I know you are a racing supporter and even the horrific reports here on HW will not convince you otherwise. You are a waste of my time and I am a waste of your time. I personally believe that you, and Neiding, are “wannabes” and don’t know much about the racing industry. Both of you are riding the “coat tails” of Ryan Brady/Ja Ra and Lynn Boggs who run their horses at a low level track here in Ohio. Perhaps you find a bit of glamour in the dismal atmosphere of Thistle. It really doesn’t matter. The important issue is that we continue to shine a light on the dirty secrets in racing and Patrick is perfectly capable of achieving that goal.

        As far as “talking” about people I don’t know anything about, I think you are, once again, babbling. I asked Neiding if Mr. Brady went by another name (Ja Ra). Your response to me was an indication that he does. Since Ryan Brady/Ja Ra is a “good” person, why does he need an alias? I always think people use aliases as a means of deception. Why would a “good” person need an alias? I then addressed you as Ms. McGinnis and you responded to that name. Again, I would guess that would be an indication that you are indeed, Ms. Brittany McGinnis. I don’t have an alias. I post under my “real” name, Mary Johnson. It shouldn’t be a problem for you to post under your “real” name, either.

        Now, I know you are a huge supporter of Boggs and Neiding. Just to bring you up to speed, about a year ago, I posted on the HW Facebook page and I criticized racing. Boggs came after me privately. She then posted, publicly, on her wall, that I was “demented”. She privately called me “goofy” and “girly”. She then threatened to send her attorney after me. I privately provided her with the name and number of my attorney’s law firm but “good old Boggs” never responded. Was she trying to intimidate me? Probably, but I can assure her, and you, that it won’t work. Although you know very little about me, I am NOT easily intimidated. As far as that being the behavior of a “good” person, I would disagree.

        As far as Neiding goes, she called us “morons” in a post that she made at the end of October. She also threatened to “out” the girl involved in the undercover PETA investigation of Blasi and ASSmussen and called this girl “reprehensible”. Reprehensible? Are you kidding me? Blasi and ASSmussen destroy Nehro and the girl is “reprehensible”? Anyone defending those two monsters is “reprehensible” in my world.

        Neiding seems to “envy” the fact that I have time to post here although I “envy” her since she seems to have lots of time to post on other sites. I’m sure she “envies” you, as well, since you, too, have time to respond to, and follow, posts on this blog. A year ago, Neiding promised to read a post I made on this blog. I tried to respectfully explain why I had turned against racing. She then had time to post about how “busy” she was and she didn’t have “time” to read my post. Do I believe that? Not for a second. I think that Neiding has plenty of time on her hands and that includes time to call us names! Frankly, I am done with that. I hope, once again, that I have made myself clear. I have nothing against you personally, Ms. McGinnis. You know there is plenty wrong in the racing industry even with your lack of experience. However, I have tried to clean up racing as have others posting here, to NO AVAIL. It can’t be “cleaned” up. If it could, someone would have cleaned it up by now. The industry likes things the way they are. It is a “rogue” industry where money is king and the product is gambling. That seems incredibly simple to me.

        • I post under nohorseslaughter ortiz because I get the message out on FB & elsewhere, where people don’t even KNOW that it exists. So, just to out myself & make sure no one thinks I am a fraud – Jean Mary Hoefer Ortiz. Neiding is a real piece of work Mary! Know what she’s jealous of? She is a wannabe reporter. TY to Our God that Peta outed Asmussen & the corruption at the highest levels. There will be more to come. I promise you! Yet Azzmusen & his cronies continue on. How disgusting is racing? We’ll keep digging. Funny how Neiding didn’t address the comments I made about jockeys on drugs. Has a lot to do with it. Have a nice Mercedes & drive drunk, what happens to you AND the Mercedes? Just a thought. I’ll expose it all

      • I honestly have no idea where you got that he goes by an alias – I have known him for over 10 years and have never known him by any other name. Please go on about your business and I will go on with mine – as I said before – have a great holiday season :-)

      • The reasons I post with a screen name or “alias” as you like to call it are none of your business – what really creeps me out is you actually took the time to look up my real name -as well as my friends names, I chose to to that as a matter of privacy – I have nothing to hide, but I just didn’t want my name to be exposed so that others may call me out as they please – as you chose to do with my friend Kristen. So once more, leave me, Kristen, her boyfriend & my dear friend and Lynn out of any future conversations that occur on here. You have got some serious issues.

        • Ya all have an excuse for something, now it’s your name. You are all little wannabes & it is truly obvious with the peppermints & apple BS. We on this thread are serious about horses deaths, slaughter, abuse. I think the difference is that you belong on a “Katy Perry” type of horse website (sorry Katy cause I luv ya) BUT this is more like a REALITY thread. Get your head out of the sand & see reality. It’s NOT pretty and that’s why we all fight so hard. To make it at least a little prettier again. You all keep saying your done here but keep coming back? GOOOOOOOOO I can show you the Exit if you like :)

      • Britto5, no need to be “creeped out”. I was privately messaged your name and Ryan Brady’s name as well as his alias. As you continue to learn about the racing industry. you will discover that there are very few secrets, if any. Yes, I am anti-racing but I have some VERY good friends in racing. Ja Ra came after me earlier this year when I criticized the industry but, of course, he came after me under his alias and I knew instantly that Ja Ra was an alias. He actually mentioned someone that I am personal friends with in the racing industry. It was an attempt to intimidate but I resolved the issue quickly by blocking the boy on FB. You have some terrific friends, Britto5. You are certainly fortunate! I criticize racing and Boggs threatens to sue me. Neiding calls us names and threatens to “out” the undercover girl in the video. When I ask Neiding to help the horses discarded by an industry she supports, she graciously offers to “train” the horses but I must pay to ship them to her and board them, yet she is an attorney. Not a very successful one, I would suspect. Why didn’t Neiding reach out to those wonderful friends of yours, Brady and Boggs, and ask them to pick up the cost of transport and board? After all, they are the ones that support this industry. Again, Britto5, I have nothing against you personally, but I think you could do much better in the “friend” department!

        You might want to share this info with Neiding. Tonight on NBC, Channel 4, there was an undercover investigation called “From Track to Table” and what do you think it was about? Yes, the disposal system for the TB racing industry – slaughter. In fact, they interviewed a lady from PETA, CathyGuilermo. The “star” was Kevin Silverlaspia, a five year old who last raced at Penn National. He was bred by Calumet, owned by Ruben Stable and trained by Geoffrey Dixon. It was documented that this precious horse was sold for slaughter at the infamous Ohio kill auction, Sugarcreek. Yeah, there is SO much to love about the TB racing industry. By the way, I wonder if the Neiding girl will go after PETA since they came out against racing?

        Also, I agree with Nohorseslaughter Ortiz. This blog gives a “name” to horses that are destroyed by YOUR industry week after week, yet Neiding and you want to talk about peppermints! Forget about the freaking peppermints! Get up off your butt and go save some horses or make the industry CHANGE for the better. No one else has been able to do it but I’m sure you can! Of course, the folks in racing continually babble about how much they “love” their horses. Heck, they give them peppermints and run their hands lovingly up and down the horse’s legs. Forget about the drugs, the injuries, the injections, the breakdowns, and slaughter. Let’s focus on peppermints! Sick, sick, sick…

      • I really honesty beg to differ – they are some of the absolute best people on this Earth, they have become such an integral part of my life, how low of you to judge someone like that you have never met!
        As far as my friend goes – his name is Ryan, has always been Ryan and forever will be Ryan – he has no alias to speak of! Please do not ever mention my name, Kristen’s name, Ryan’s name or Lynn’s name on here ever again – we do not want to be associated with your likes! The only reason we ever decided to say something on here is because there is another side to all this – it’s up to you whether or not you choose to believe it. I love horses, I love horse racing, I am all for making it better – you, my dear, are just running full speed into a dead end if you want to end this “horrible” sport called horse racing.
        And stop having people do random searches on my name – I have nothing to hide, it really creeps me out that someone would do that.
        Crazy people you are!

      • Ms. McGinnis, you can “beg to differ” all you want. I couldn’t care less. Your “friends” have called us names on other sites. Get it? How “low” of them to judge me, and others that post here.

        Yes, your friend’s name is Ryan Brady but he has used an alias, Ja Ra, in the past. NO ONE has done random searches on his name that I know of – NO ONE! Perhaps there are things about Mr. Brady that you don’t know about. I’m sure he doesn’t share everything with you – a racing wannabe!

        You, my dear, need to get off this blog as you have threatened to do several times previously. There is NOT another side of horse racing. It is an industry that exploits, and sometimes destroys, horses. How kind of you to babble that it is up to me whether or not I choose to believe your side. Are you living on another planet? I spent years and years on the backside of a low level track and the atrocities I witnessed would fill the Empire State Building. You, my dear, seem a bit dense. Racing is losing its fan base every year and tracks are closing. I won’t destroy racing – it will destroy itself. Will racing end tomorrow? Of course not, but even a racing official says that low level racing will be gone in five to ten years. The gaming companies are NOT interested in racing because it costs too much money for them to operate the tracks. Which part of that is so difficult for you to understand?

        Again, I have to continually repeat myself with you. No need to be “creeped out”. I was “creeped out” when Big Ole Boggs threatened to send her attorney after me but I got over it. I was also “creeped out” when Neiding posted the photo of the girl in the undercover PETA video. Neiding must have done random searches to find that pic. Creepy…

      • Tell me, Mary, since you obviously know me and my friends so well and have never once met them and I have known the personally for years now – please tell me more about them!

      • Brittany, I have shared with you what I am comfortable sharing, at the present time. All other information will, and must, be kept confidential. Have a great day and an even better week.

      • I see my previous comment got deleted so I will just say, please keep out of my business as well as my friends’ – we have a right to privacy and would like to keep it that way, thank you. Have a great day

      • Your friends, Britto, run a 9-year-old gelding by the name of Cusack at a cheap track and with a price tag on his head. Your friends have this gelding for sale to any of the scum that permeate this industry for a lousy 4k. Your friends ran this gelding three times in one month. Your friends have kept this 9-year-old enslaved, Cusack having never given his consent to run 86 times. Your friends are so ignorant that they believe feeding this gelding peppermints and apples is giving him a good life. Child abusers offer candy and puppies to their victims….

        You are truly one of the most ignorant folks on the subject of racing that I have ever come across. Usually ignorance can be corrected with education. But that doesn’t appear to work with you, either. No need to explain, though, Britto…we all know what’s going on.

      • This Britto wants PRIVACY but can’t seem to keep her a** off a PUBLIC forum with all kinds of information on her friends? Now I know there’s much more than JUST ignorance going on with her…unreal.

        To those who support and advocate for the racehorses, I’d like to encourage not wasting anymore of our valuable time here. I’ve been guilty of it, and it only serves to keep the light directed elsewhere and not where it needs to be…on the destruction and death of the horses at the hands of those who choose to shamelessly exploit them.

      • Hence the reason I decided to post under a so-called alias so my privacy would be protected – but someone decided to go and search for my actual name as well as my friends names – one who has never posted anything on here – not sure how his name got brought to this discussion.

        Call me an exploiter of racehorses, an animal abuser, an animal abuse supporter – whatever, I know what I am – I am not ignorant – I know what goes on behind the scenes – I’ve been involved with racing for more than half of my adult life.

        Cusack, now that you know his name – will now have the winter off from all of the “abuse” we put him through during this year…10 races in 4 months…gosh, we put him through so much and his morale is SO LOW because of it ….right…

        You guys are on this website just for the sake of arguing and like nothing more than a good fight – I was always told there were 2 sides to every story…there is always a good side to every bad side.

        • 10 Races in 4 months? Equals 30 Races in a Year? Am I correct or am I an idiot that can’t do math Britt? Look at the #s posted every month on this site. That’s an innocent animal that died. With every click of a stop watch, timing them in the morning, priming them. Might not be yours that breaks down but then again? Someday it might be.

      • Maybe we should tone it down a little. I don’t like these animal abusers anymore than you do, but most of the people you’re talking about are not here to defend themselves. It seems that even Neiding has finally left, and maybe Britto will go away too if we quit responding to her. We have more important things to do to end this industry than argue with a small group of people who run one horse at a cheap track that would die without its racino funds! Our goal is to inform the public of the evilness that happens behind the spotlight in racing, and looking like we make things up to attack people doesn’t help our credibility. Focus on our goal to free the horses! Take the high road! We’re better than them and we will end this cruelty! Horse racing is dying!

      • I really hope this post stays up here….there are two sides to every story, and the fact that no one on here wants to acknowledge the remotest possibility of a “good side” in horse racing is ignorance at it’s finest. And I’m being labeled as ignorant?

      • Nohorseslaughter – actually you are an idiot that can’t do the math – he actually only raced for 4 months – July through November – and he only raced 10 times. He had his last race of the year this past Sunday – he has the winter off to run & play in his very own paddock and probably won’t return to the track until mid year next year (that’s if he still is competitive enough to race). Unlike some people, I actually check the facts before posting information.

        • Missy? racing 10x in 4 months is the equivilent of 30 times in a year. Whether you run them into the ground in 4 months or a year is not what bothers me. It’s that the horses are being run into the ground. I work to save OTTB’s, wild horses & burros and many more. Keep your snout in the air and you don’t know who you are calling an idiot. Watch it.

      • You said in your comment “Am I correct or am I an idiot that can’t do math Britt?” – from what I gathered in Gayles reply she didn’t call you an idiot, you just implied that you were. She obviously checked the facts on our beloved Cusack and came up with that number – he indeed started racing in July and had his last race in November. He raced 10 times in 4 months – last I checked that wasn’t equivalent to 40 races. Gayle – thank you for checking the facts!

        • I don’t know that I have ever posted to you Britt. You were always saying adios to everyone, so I paid no attention. I would NEVER call myself an idiot, never perfect but NEVER an idiot. When I say am I correct OR an idiot, it means I AM CORRECT. You & your little spoiled brat friends need to open your own blog. As for the 30 race ratio to 12 months? Why is that so hard to understand? I don’t have time to waste on the likes of you from 1/2 azzed tracks where neither horse nor rider are safe. I’ve lost horse friends & jockey friends to the greed. Do yourself a favor & grow up before you confront the experienced.

      • Nohorseslaughter – apologies for being so blunt, it just upsets me when the facts are verified – I don’t like this “sport” either but we look like fools if we don’t check Equibase. No one on here will take us seriously if we can’t state the truth and the abuse will continue on if no one can take us seriously!
        I have been following Cusack for some time now and just knew right off the bat those stats were incorrect, he was lightly raced this past year, all at “low level” tracks – lets see if he reappears on the track or if he does, indeed get that time off!

      • Nohorseslaughter – I get your ratio, but he did not race that many times – his races are limited to reduce the strain on him, ergo, reducing the chances of his getting a “catastrophic injury” – no one was calling you names, calling you an idiot did not come out of my mouth – so why am I being called a spoiled little brat? Our views may be different – but I have nothing against you personally because I have never met you – you should do the same for me. We can have these discussions with each other and still maintain some level of respect.

        • That’s a nice idea but I have no respect for you as a poster. As a person you might be nice but I’ll never know. Believe me when I say I have been very civil in my posts. Our discussions are over unless I really feel the need to come in here again. Otherwise, I’ll enjoy the posts of those that said they left days ago, yet keep coming back. Ever seen a KB video Britt? Search it on youtube. And if you want to see the REAL thing, let me know. That’s racing! That’s what the King of Sports has become.

      • Believe me when I say I know the “real thing” – I am not ignorant to the fact of what goes on behind the scenes – no one needs to show me, but thank you for offering!

      • Ortiz, in defense of my friends one last time – yes you have been civil…when you looked up my friend KRISTEN’S (Neiding is not what she’s called by, last I checked that was her last name) year old comments to give her a lecture calling her a “little girl” and thereby starting this entire argument on this ‘Courageous Jockeys’ posting. And when you said, and I quote, “Neiding is a piece of work” and a “wannabe reporter” and when you called us “spoiled brats”…that was so civil of you! You’re the only one still carrying on this battle…as you can see, your groupies Mary and Joy have stopped. You would be gone if you hadn’t made your post this morning in regards to the “30 races” our horse supposedly ran this year. Who’s the civil one now huh??

        • I’m only stating my stance. I told you earlier, I am done. No time for this back & forth bantering. I didn’t look up your friend, so please tell her not to flatter herself. I saw the past article on HRW’s page and since I have lost a few jockey friends, I wanted to see the thread. Walgreen’s is having a sale on peppermint sticks. Better stock up. BYE

      • No time for bantering back and forth, yet those whole thing could have been avoided if you didn’t reply to that year old comment – hmm, makes me wonder about you people. Thank you for the tip on the sale! I needed some peppermint sticks to put in Cusacks stocking, he will love that! SO kind of you to think of him :-)

  4. Kristen, I had a tough day, too, so I do understand. I also work full time, have a family and many animals to care for, including horses. I am a bit edgy today. Late this afternoon, I had TWO calls to help horses that have nowhere to go. Will you help me?

    • Mary, I don’t have money to contribute, but I have two barns that I frequent and I believe they have stalls. If you can find a source of funds to pay for board, I would be more than happy to make the arrangements with the barns. Also, if you have any OTTBs that are sound, I’d be more than happy to work with them and retrain them. They have a better chance of someone adopting them when they’re already started in their next career. The more that are adopted, the more open stalls, etc.

      • Where are you located, Kristen? I can’t pay hundreds of $$$ for transport and then pay hundreds of $$$ to board. The racing industry is a multi billion dollar industry. When I foster a discarded racehorse, I do it out of my own pocket. I need financial help. However, I appreciate your offer to retrain. Keep in mind that most horses from the low level tracks are damaged. Therein lies the problem. If the low life’s would stop before the horse is lame, it would be better for them, but it is about the money. By the way, I showed hunters back in the olden days!

      • Mary, I am in Northern Ohio, and frequent barns in Oberlin and Wadsworth. While the racing industry may be a multi billion dollar industry, you and I are individuals with our own financing issues… we have don’t have a large cash flow, and we have our own bills to pay. I contribute what I can to thoroughbred aftercare programs, but I also don’t have hundreds to pay for board. I am also familiar with the problem that many OTTBs have physical issues, and agree that it would be nice if all people understood their horses’ limitations.

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