Through a FOIA request to the West Virginia Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s two tracks in 2020. (This is part 2; part 1 here.)

Cecilia’s a Gem, Jul 8, Mountaineer R – “fractured condyle, [ruptured] ligament”

Pumpkin, Jul 14, Charles Town S – “colic, toxic”

Mighty Bop, Jul 23, Charles Town R – “fractured sesamoids” (67th race)

Supercharged, Jul 25, Charles Town R – “fractured tibia” (1st race)

Bird Call, Aug 4, Mountaineer R – “lung hemorrhage” (chart said “fell into the rail”)

Cowboy’s Plan, Aug 27, Charles Town R – “injured in paddock [before race]”

Major Medallist, Aug 28, Charles Town R – “fractured fetlock”

Beautiful B, Sep 1, Mountaineer R – “rupture”

Rich Tradition, Sep 2, Mountaineer T – “comminuted humerus”

Island Rock, Sep 5, Charles Town R – “complete, compound pastern fracture” (1st race)

First Talent, Sep 21, Mountaineer T – “fractured sesamoid, [ruptured] ligament”

Evan’s Chile, Sep 24, Charles Town R – “fractured LF leg”

Windsor Legend, Sep 25, Charles Town S – “founder” (had been raced 52 times)

Castle Ridge, Oct 1, Charles Town R – “fractured sesamoids”

Frikitona, Oct 2, Charles Town T – “multiple fractures” (being prepped for debut)

Ominous, Oct 7, Mountaineer T – “details unknown”

Sir Majesty, Oct 9, Charles Town R – “fractured LF leg”

Encantado, Oct 10, Charles Town T (euthanized Oct 24) – “fractured sesamoids”

Infinitypowersiwin, Oct 13, Charles Town S – “natural death” (was only three; had been raced just 4 days prior – finished last, 23 lengths back)

Global First, Oct 22, Charles Town T – “fractured RF leg”

Stand Alone Dennis, Nov 8, Mountaineer R – “fractured fetlock”

Two in the Bush, Nov 19, Charles Town R – “fractured pastern”

W W Archie, Nov 20, Charles Town S – “anaphylactic shock”

Im a Patriot, Nov 23, Mountaineer R – “compound, comminuted fracture”

Birthday Baby, Nov 25, Charles Town T – “fractured tibula” (being prepped for debut)

Uncle Jessie, Nov 25, Charles Town R (euthanized Nov 30) – “double slab fracture”

Correjon, Nov 26, Charles Town R (euthanized Dec 2) – “slab fracture”

Something Great, Nov 28, Charles Town T – “fractured shoulder”

Ride On Mason, Dec 1, Mountaineer R (euthanized Dec 2) – “fractured C3”

Beat Navy, Dec 3, Charles Town R – “slab fracture”

Profit’s Cause, Dec 7, Mountaineer R – “fractured multiple bones”

Father’s Luck, Dec 8, Charles Town S – “founder, all four feet” (just four years old)

Mesmerizingpegasus, Dec 11, Charles Town R – “fractured carpus”

Tbtwelve, Dec 23, Mountaineer R – “fractured sesamoid, [ruptured] ligament”

Through a FOIA request to the West Virginia Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks through June 30:

Sassy Diva, Jan 2, Charles Town S – “founder” (three years old, yet to be raced)

She’s Quiet, Jan 18, Charles Town R (euthanized Jan 27) – “fractured sesamoids”

Chobee Girl, Feb 1, Charles Town T – “fractured pelvis”

Tumble Pass, Feb 1, Charles Town T (euthanized Mar 6) – “comminuted fracture”

Rumers Are True, Feb 3, Charles Town S – “found dead” (five years old, last raced Jan 17)

Lethal Shot, Feb 3, Charles Town T – “fractured sesamoids”

Fire Boss One, Feb 8, Charles Town S – “allergic reaction” (very first race was the day before; came in last, 22 lengths back)

Riveter Gloria, Feb 14, Charles Town R – “multiple fractures”

Freet Dem, Feb 17, Charles Town T – “dislocation”

Flip a Coin, Feb 25, Charles Town S – “equine protozoal myeloencephalitis” (four years old)

Rendezvous for Two, Feb 27, Charles Town T – “cellulitis” (three years old, yet to be raced)

Princess Rashelle, Feb 28, Charles Town R – “fetlock fracture”

Satan’s Last Train, Mar 2, Charles Town T (euthanized Mar 3) – “multiple fractures”

Ship Quick, Mar 7, Charles Town T – “fractured sesamoid”

Rush Express, Mar 10, Charles Town S – “flipped over, spinal fracture”

Purgatory, Mar 31, Charles Town S – “infection post-surgery”

Chance for Cash, Apr 1, Charles Town S – “equine protozoal myeloencephalitis” (two years old, yet to be raced)

Jenny D, Apr 27, Charles Town T – “hit another horse, never got up”

Giant Dreams, May 9, Charles Town S – “paralyzed artenoid”

Miss Casuarina, May 13, Charles Town S – “found dead, swollen neck”

Heckler’s Veto, May 15, Charles Town T – “comminuted, dislocated fracture”

Brennivin, May 22, Charles Town T – “injured starting gate – head and neck”

Shared Silence, Jun 2, Mountaineer R – “fractured sesamoids”

Tun Tun, Jun 20, Charles Town R – “carpus fracture”

Through a FOIA request to the West Virginia Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2019. (This is Part 3; Part 1 here; Part 2 here.)

Sweet Milk, Apr 28, Mountaineer R (euthanized Aug 17) – “laminitis”

Tomb Robber, Jun 22, Charles Town R (euthanized Jun 27) – “slab fracture”

Longstreak, Jun 27, Charles Town T – “shoulder fracture”

Coleman Rocky, Jul 3, Mountaineer R (euthanized Jul 29) – “condyle fracture”

Pastorelli, Jul 9, Mountaineer R – “sesamoids fracture”

Good Boy Lucas, Jul 10, Mountaineer – “laminitis both front feet”
(five years old, last raced Jun 26)

Unsuspected, Jul 12, Charles Town R – “multiple fractures”

Doc Machen, Jul 17, Mountaineer T – “comminuted MCIII fracture”
(two years old, being prepped for first race)

Hey Willie, Jul 19, Charles Town R – “sudden death”

Carolina Reaper, Jul 23, Mountaineer R – “fell, died”

Cunaviche, Jul 28, Mountaineer S – “large colon torsion”
(51 races, most recently Jul 15)

Northern Rock Star, Aug 7, Charles Town T (euthanized Aug 8) – “ligament rupture”

Parade for Me, Aug 19, Mountaineer R – “compound sesamoids fracture”

Die Hard Di, Aug 22, Charles Town S – “Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis”

Rose’s Asset, Aug 25, Mountaineer R – “compound, comminuted MCIII fracture”

Air Station, Aug 27, Mountaineer R – “compound sesamoids fracture”

yet-to-be-named filly, Aug 31, Charles Town T – “cannon fracture”

Candid Opinions, Sep 2, Mountaineer R – “comminuted radius fracture”
(nine years old, 81st race)

Rebellious Warrior, Sep 6, Charles Town T – “shoulder fracture”
(hadn’t been raced in over three years)

Brave Spirited, Sep 7, Charles Town R – “sudden death, pulmonary hemorrhage”
(first race)

Conquest Point, Sep 8, Mountaineer R – “carpus fracture”

Immediate Release, Sep 19, Charles Town R – “multiple fractures”

Rockaroo, Sep 25, Mountaineer S – “carpi fracture”
(48 races, most recent just three days prior)

Bridget Moloney, Sep 25, Mountaineer R – “sesamoids fracture”
(eight years old, 73rd race)

Ada Cowgirl, Sep 26, Charles Town S – “chronic shoulder lameness”
(seven years old, 26 races)

With the Wind, Sep 28, Charles Town T – “sesamoid fracture”

Iana, Oct 3, Charles Town R – “leg shattered”

Elverson, Oct 3, Charles Town R (same race as above) – “neck and head fractures”

Gotta Fly, Oct 15, Mountaineer R – “carpus fracture”

Lolapop, Oct 22, Charles Town T – “sesamoids fracture”

Distinct Signature, Oct 27, Mountaineer R – “carpus fracture”

Dry Creek Road, Oct 31, Charles Town R (euthanized Nov 4) – “carpus fracture”

Track Bully, Nov 6, Mountaineer S – “septic foot”
(12 years old, most recent race Jul 15)

Blushing Owen, Nov 8, Charles Town R – “elbow fracture”

More Than Willing, Nov 15, Charles Town S – “tibia fracture”
(two years old, not yet raced)

Top Hat Darlin, Nov 15, Charles Town R – “shoulder fracture”

Dubai Road, Nov 18, Charles Town S – “injured and down in stall”
(two years old, not yet raced)

Tap Your Brother, Nov 22, Charles Town T – “carpus fracture”

Gold Sting, Nov 25, Mountaineer R – “carpus fracture”

Baby Dancer, Nov 26, Charles Town S – “chronic arthritis”

Lady Bearoness, Nov 26, Charles Town T – “pastern fracture”

Perfections, Nov 27, Mountaineer R – “compound, comminuted MCII fracture”

Center Ice, Nov 30, Charles Town R (euthanized Dec 3) – “carpus fracture”

Flying Around, Dec 2, Mountaineer R – “comminuted sesamoid fracture”

Creative Mist, Dec 12, Charles Town R – “sesamoids fracture”

Punky Boo, Dec 18, Charles Town R – “cannon fracture”