West Virginia Carnage

Through a FOIA request to the West Virginia Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s two tracks in 2018.

Polished Sunday, January 19, Charles Town T
“comminuted P1 fracture”

Fibers and Roses, January 24, Charles Town T
“sesamoids fracture”

yet-to-be-named, January 25, Charles Town T
“condylar fracture, sesamoid fracture”

Dominic the Quick, January 25, Charles Town R
“ankle fracture/dislocation, P1 fracture”

Time to Shine, January 25, Charles Town R
“sudden death” (three years old)

Chico Grande, January 26, Charles Town R (euthanized February 5)
“suspect slab fracture”

Mrs Sport, February 1, Charles Town R (euthanized March 26)
“carpal fracture”

Industry Leader, February 16, Charles Town R
“sesamoid fracture, ankle dislocation”

Brenda J, February 21, Charles Town R
“DNF, recumbent, pelvic fracture?”

Je Ne Sais Pas, February 24, Charles Town R (euthanized February 27)
“slab fracture”

Turbulent Power, March 10, Charles Town R
“ankle fracture/dislocation, sesamoids”

Portent, March 14, Charles Town R
both [italics added] ankles fracture/dislocation”

Ebony Warrior, March 31, Charles Town R (euthanized April 7)
“carpal slab fracture”

Sterling Justicia, April 7, Charles Town T
“humerus fracture”

More Stones, April 11, Charles Town R
“sesamoid fracture, ankle dislocation”

Beware of the Wave, April 28, Charles Town T
“tibial fracture”

Bound to Windsor, May 12, Charles Town R
“sudden death” (three years old)

Turf Prince, May 24, Charles Town R
“sesamoid fracture”

My Pal Archie, May 30, Mountaineer R
“sesamoid fracture, collateral ligament”

Valhalla, June 10, Mountaineer T
“carpus slab fracture”

O’Kelly, June 10, Mountaineer R (euthanized June 11)
“carpus slab fracture”

Permanent Campaign, June 13, Mountaineer T
“femur fracture” (hadn’t been raced since March 2016)

Navy Aviator, June 16, Charles Town R (euthanized July 2)
“carpal slab fracture”

Sweet Ms. Lynn, June 18, Mountaineer R
“luxated fetlock joint”

Nicos Way, July 2, Mountaineer T

Somewhere Outthere, July 7, Charles Town R
“multiple fractures carpus”

Oh So Quick, July 10, Mountaineer R
“carpus slab”

Chatter Pattern, July 14, Charles Town R (euthanized July 20)
“pelvic fracture”

yet-to-be-named filly, July 17, Charles Town T
“comminuted tibia fracture”

Gingerbread House, August 14, Charles Town T
“humerus fracture”

Dionysus, September 2, Mountaineer R
“old bow”

Empire Blue, September 11, Mountaineer R
“flipped, skull, died”

Bye Bye Bentley, September 19, Charles Town T
“severely bowed tendon”

Catcher, September 21, Charles Town R (euthanized September 22)
“carpal slab fracture”

Obscene Britches, September 24, Mountaineer R
“metacarpal III fracture”

Category Two, September 29, Charles Town R
“open ankle fracture, dislocation”

Pennsyltucky Lilly, October 5, Charles Town R
“open tibia fracture”

Lazy Daisy May, October 10, Mountaineer R
“flipped at start; C1, C2 fractures”

Shamrock Green, October 11, Charles Town R
“sudden death” (four years old)

Buffum’s Belle, October 13, Charles Town R (euthanized October 17)
“carpal slab fracture”

Looking At You, October 16, Mountaineer R
“comminuted MCIII fracture”

Little Poncho, October 18, Charles Town R (euthanized October 19)
“carpal slab fracture”

Blixt, October 19, Charles Town R
“sesamoid fracture, dislocation”

Ice Princess Emily, October 23, Mountaineer R
“sesamoid biaxial”

Argentum Puteus, October 24, Mountaineer R (euthanized October 30)

Lockupthebourbon, October 27, Charles Town T
“carpal slab fracture”

Shakethenickelbush, October 27, Charles Town R (euthanized October 30)
“lacerated tendon, infected”

Raven’s Sonde, November 1, Charles Town R
“compound, comminuted cannon [fracture]”

Bay Dawn, November 2, Charles Town R (euthanized November 3)
“sesamoid fracture”

Love to Party, November 8, Charles Town R
“shattered MCIII”

Silent Ceremony, November 21, Charles Town R (euthanized November 23)
“condylar fracture”

Midday Man, November 23, Charles Town R
“displaced condylar fracture”

Iron Johnny, November 24, Charles Town T (euthanized November 26)
“[two] bowed tendons”

Kevsdadsdude, November 27, Mountaineer R (euthanized November 28)
“carpus slab fracture”

K’s Jordan, November 27, Mountaineer R
“acute sudden death” (four years old)

Stella Nova, December 5, Charles Town R
“ankle fractured, dislocated”

Just Charge It, December 6, Charles Town R (euthanized December 21)
“carpal slab fracture”

Weekend Liberty, December 7, Charles Town R
“sesamoid fracture, dislocation”

Crony Capitalism, December 8, Charles Town T
“MCIII fracture” (hadn’t been raced in over 3 1/2 years – but back in training)

Court Date, December 8, Charles Town T
“P3 rotation through sole”

Take Your Chances, December 8, Charles Town R
“MCIII fracture, fell, died (probably neck fracture)”

Holy Chrome, December 10, Mountaineer R
“sesamoidean ligament rupture”

Drinx On Me, December 19, Charles Town T
“shoulder fracture”

In addition, these still-very-much-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry craftily calls “non-racing” causes. Technically true, perhaps, but morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Canadian Pistol, January 12, Charles Town
“in stall December – knee injury” (last raced May 2017)

Forint’s Castle, April 6, Charles Town
“flipped, head injury, euthanized” (last raced March 24)

Secret Endeavor, April 19, Charles Town
“severe OA fetlock bone cyst” (seven years old, last raced July 2017)

Windsor’s Sunshine, May 2, Charles Town
“colic – euthanized” (last raced February 28)

Readyreadygo, August 24, Charles Town
“colic – died” (last raced May 19)

Thirstycountrygirl, September 22, Charles Town
“equine protozoal myeloencephalitis”

Civil, September 24, Charles Town
“colic – died”

Triple Black Jack, October 1, Charles Town
“founder – euthanized” (five years old, 26 races, last August 26)

Love Rules All, October 15, Mountaineer
“colic” (54 races, last September 24)

Mo Bourbon, November 28, Mountaineer
“fetlock septic” (last raced August 10)

Alexander’s Cowboy, December 5, Charles Town
“injured in stall”

Teton Classic, December 22, Charles Town
“colic – euthanized”

Printscess Hunt, December 27, Charles Town
“head trauma, died in stall” (last raced December 12)

Running Wildcat, December 27, Charles Town
“cast in stall, broken jaw, euthanized” (nine years old, 64 races)

Nuke Laloosh, December 28, Charles Town
“colic – euthanized” (last raced December 12)

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  1. It breaks my heart reviewing yet another KILL LIST.
    It’s so disturbing when you read the catastrophic injuries to these racehorses that it’s beyond words.
    How in the world can we, as a society, continue to permit this to happen?
    This lifelong horse lover and former apologist is heartbroken over these kill lists, and my outrage leaves me with no other route than to be a voice for these voiceless victims.
    Apologists often claim that the “royally-bred” racehorses coming from the multi-million dollar Kentucky farms are treated so good, and end up in a lovely green paddock when they are done racing. (chuckle chuckle)
    Sure many of them start out on the large breeder farms, and they are beautiful with opulent surroundings.
    Kentucky is a horse heaven and I will never dispute that, but here’s where their argument starts to fall apart.
    Prior to dying on the track their lives reflect a living hell in the claiming ranks going from owner/trainer to owner/trainer with their precipitous decline clearly evident in their PP’s.
    So much for their “opulent” roots right?

  2. I counted SEVENTY-EIGHT (78) horses died serving the racing industry in West Virginia in just one year. To think that the horseracing industry accepts this cruel, utterly unacceptable carnage of magnificent equines AND allows it to continue, is REPREHENSIBLE.

  3. So many Horses dying — so many Horses in abusive & hateful hands continue to suffer day-in day-out solely for the bottom line and the lining of abusers’ pockets — LET’S INFORM THE WORLD — LET’S SHUT DOWN THIS DEPRAVEDLY CRUEL RACKET — leave the Horses out of it — leave all animals out of it — make your money some other way.

    • Mssm8822- the deaths at Santa Anita have made national news. I even saw an article on Yahoo news today with the ability to make comments. I urge anyone that is anti racing, if they see opportunities like this – please make comments. It serves to open the general public’s eyes. I also make a point of mentioning this site. That way people can come here and see the reality in front of them in black and white.

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