Victory: Citing “Brutal Conduct,” USTA Revokes Dale Hiteman’s License

The United States Trotting Association has filled the gaping accountability void left by the Indiana Horse Racing Commission by ruling this week to strip animal abuser Dale Hiteman of his license. For those unfamiliar with the case, please take a moment to read our post on Hiteman. For the rest, here is the USTA ruling:

“Your conduct is deemed detrimental to and reflects adversely and unfavorably on harness racing and on this association as specified in United States Trotting Association bylaw §1.04(a)(2). Further, this brutal conduct is evidence of a lack of general fitness and your participation in harness racing is not consistent with the best interest of the sport…. For the above reasons, the membership and licenses granted to you by the United States Trotting Association are revoked, pursuant to the authority granted by bylaw §1.08.”

This is without question an HW victory. We made the video and hearing public. We applied pressure (thank you to all who made calls and sent emails). But make no mistake, we are not done. This man needs to be criminally prosecuted for animal cruelty under the laws of Indiana. Please, if you have not already done so, professionally and respectfully ask the Madison County Prosecutor’s office to file charges against Hiteman.

Madison County Prosecutor: 765-641-9585
Prosecutor Rodney Cummings:
Chief Deputy Prosecutor Andrew Hanna:

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  1. The good news is Dale Hiteman is no longer welcome to beat on horses under the ruling of the Indiana Horse Racing Commission and that the United States Trotting Association banned him. The bad news is that they are only concerned about how his behavior reflects on their “sport” which is inherently abusive to horses.
    It’s beyond sad that these two organizations speak for themselves and not for the horse. The fact that the members of these two organizations did not pursue charges of animal cruelty against Dale Hiteman speaks volumes, doesn’t it?
    Where is the TWO-YEAR-OLD FILLY named PRINCESS LAA? Is she dead or alive?

  2. They’re probably discussing removing the cameras now. Heaven forbid anyone knows what actually goes on.

  3. What really chaps my A$$ about this? Even the horse in the next stall knows this guy is mistreating this horse. Take at a look and watch him while this abuse is going on. He is upset, moving all around in his stall and even trying to rear up on his back legs. The reason that Princess Laa slipped and ended up on the ground is because the guy jerked her head she went to pull back and slid on the plywood that was laying at one end and is slippery because it is not covered up with anything. There’s one in the next stall too. He is putting their racing gear on and it’s probably hard to walk in as when the front leg is moved forward the back leg comes up in unison. The guy is lucky that the horse was not casted.

  4. Not “this behavior is morally and ethically” wrong, oh, no, it’s just that Hiteman made the industry look bad. Small victory, I guess, that he lost his license, but how many more Dale Hiteman’s are still abusing horses the exact same way every day in racing stables across America, and are able to continue because they haven’t yet “made the industry look bad” to the public?
    These people have the most skewed moral compass – it only points toward money.

  5. Victory! Some may think just one small step for one horse but it’s a giant step in the right direction. Patrick, please pursue finding Princess. The cameras should be REQUIRED at ALL tracks!

  6. The members of these groups, Indiana Horse Racing Commission and United States Trotting Association, are perfectly capable of making themselves look bad without the help of Dale Hiteman. They let him and many other drivers get away with multiple repeat offenses with slap on the wrist punishments that are not real punishments.

  7. The Indians horse racing commission should be ashamed. USTA did the right thing. Thank you USTA. All, don’t pick apart the wording, they effectively ended his career and made it public. Hopefully they do pursue that a-hole criminally.

    • Dave, all of these people are guilty of animal cruelty. Dale Hiteman may stick out like a sore thumb but everyone who is anyone involved in this egregious cruelty to horses are putting horses lives at risk of pain, suffering and death. This whole shit show needs to be terminated from all corporate welfare.

  8. THANK YOU for the follow up, This MONSTER should never be near any animal ever again, he used FULL FORCE while brutalizing that terrified animal IN HER TEMPLE, the softest spot of her entire head, between her ears, was that even the crack of the whip or was that her head splitting open, the entire thing made me physically ill & the only thing worse was the ONLY REASON they revoked his license was so “they didn’t look bad”, it had NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT HE DID TO THE HORSE. He is obviously one of the “good ole BRUTAL boys” as are the stewards; ALL MONSTERS & I too will be making this next phone call as well. Did the ruling give a time frame for his ‘revocation”?

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