A Clearer, Closer Video of the Beating Administered to Princess Laa

We were able to zoom in a bit closer on the beating administered to 2-year-old Princess Laa by her trainer, Dale Hiteman. (Here is our original post with a call to action.)

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  1. Thank you, Patrick Battuello, for your diligence and fortitude in gathering video and information on the horrible things that are done to horses in the name of “sport”. It is beyond me how you can do this without exploding into rage, but shining light on the dark corners of hell on Earth for the horses is absolutely necessary!!!!!
    The television show called “INSIDE EDITION” reports on horrible things similar to this as well as things that are not horrible.
    Is it possible to request that this video and relevant story be submitted for broadcast on national television through “INSIDE EDITION” so that more people can see just how much these horses are abused for “sport” and “entertainment”?

    • I counted nine strikes! It’s pretty obvious whatever he was doing was causing her much pain. When she did get up he purposely jerked and tightened the strap that attached to her poll causing more pain and anguish. Then she remained reluctant to leave the stall. No wonder after being beaten In the head she was stunned! Did you notice the horse next to her was so upset with what happened to Princess he reached out and tried to nip the handler. Good for him. I wonder if HELL is going to big enough for all these abusers of the innocent???

      • I’ve noticed whenever the horse sticks up for himself, he’s considered a threat because he’s not being submissive. Therefore he ends up.in Mexico or Canada. It’s a human travesty and a disgusting show of inhumanity

        • That’s the way out for these human cowards — to blame the victim instead of admitting that they are not true horsemen and don’t know how to teach or honestly train a horse.
          The bitting rig and the checks and the tongue ties are all used as instruments of control but they are also instruments of torture for the horses.
          Racing is inherently cruel. Next year, a new crop of victims will be targets of torture and abuse for these people who belong behind bars for Animal Cruelty.

  2. This horrific video is tragic and sickening. The horse is being whipped mercilessly by the perpetrator who strikes and strikes until the horse collapses. The whipping is inflicted on the head and neck which must have been extremely painful. The horse cannot escape the whip, falls back and gets whipped again. I thought the abuser might kill the horse. There is no defense of the whipping. Whoever did this is callously cruel. His rage is horrifically inflicted. The perpetrator should be arrested and the horse removed to sanctuary for recovery. He should be fined and never allowed to be near another horse again. It is appalling that he is getting away with this. However now that a video is obtained, the evidence is on record. Who is the one standing behind the horse and not stopping the whipping. Both should be jailed awaiting charging. If the world is not disgusted by the cruelty, something is really wrong! Who is the one filming the video while the horse is whipped?

  3. O SUPER, NOW WE HAVE these establishment run sites working FOR THE ABUSERS, by deleting videos, GREAT

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