Nobody Listens “Severed an Artery and Bled Out”

More details have emerged on the trailer death of Nobody Listens Sunday. His trainer, Tim Eggleston, told BloodHorse that Nobody got scared by a loud noise from a nearby truck and this followed: “He got kind of upside down in the trailer and he got stuck around and then he severed an artery and bled out.” That poor, poor boy. The article, by the way, opened with this loathsome line:

“Roger Browning [another of Nobody’s owners] didn’t want to get out of bed. He compared his emotions to losing a child, the this-can’t-be-real feeling. Horse or human, the grief process is not too dissimilar.”

And ended with one as equally:

“Using the word ‘connections’ to describe the people associated with Nobody Listens, or any horse for that matter, is fitting. Instead of the implied association, the sense of loss and sadness reflects more on the bond between all parties.”

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  1. Excuse me but that is one the most stupidest explanations of anything I have ever heard or read. It doesn’t explain how an artery was severed inside of a horse trailer.
    Tim Eggleston sounds like an elementary school student who has much difficulty in communication. Can we get an adult to tell how, where and why there was alleged “sharp object” inside the horse trailer, please?

  2. I’ve been with this site for a long time now and been through more horse accidents than I can count. However, the after thoughts are always the same concerning the horse. There must be a script book that has been written for connections of what to say,not say, how to say..etc. it’s always the same song and dance,the tears,the excuses.

    • I so agree with you, Nancy! It’s like they have a prepared statement that sounds so similar — that boohoo were so heartbroken and feel sorry for us because we’re idiots, but we’re not idiots, we’re horse experts, and we can act like idiots anyway. Boohoo! Feel sorry for us… It’s not our fault, we did nothing wrong. It was just like some whatever magical thing that went wrong in the sky and, well, we’re not responsible…
      Boo hoo, feel sorry for us, boo hoo. By the way, keep paying your taxes to keep this industry propped up because boo hoo, we’re horse experts and what would we do if we couldn’t lie and cheat and kill horses for a living?!

  3. The poor horse bled out and died. Who knows if his explanation is the truth. But one thing I do know that these people involved in racing the horses do not really care for them the way they should. I hope those attending the horseracing sport will face reality and stop supporting this racket.

    • The part where the owner said, as in a prepared statement, that it was “unforeseen and unpreventable” is another way of saying that they are extremely incompetent and inept in keeping the horse safe from hazardous objects, EXCEPT that they expect racing fans and the taxpaying public to be so ignorant and so gullible that they would believe nothing could have been done to remove any sharp object that was sharp enough to “sever” an artery causing the horse to bleed out inside the horse trailer.
      Any person with a normal sense of putting “Safety First” as in the daily routine of caring for and handling horses would have taken the time to do a routine “Safety Inspection” of any and all equipment that is used regarding horses.
      Any manufacturer of horse trailers either willfully and knowingly OR incompetently and ineptly manufacturing horse trailers with any sharp object inside their manufactured and road-ready product that would be sharp enough to sever an artery of a horse should be under INTENSE scrutiny!
      The third point is that the owners and the trainer made a deliberate choice to end the horse’s life by cutting his throat with a sharp knife. This is based on logic and has not been proven, but it is a distinct possibility.
      It’s a case of causing a horse to die by an act of gross negligence, or it’s a case of a willful and blatant killing of a horse. Of course, these racing industry people are refusing to admit to anything remotely resembling responsibility by making the statement that it was due to something “unforeseen and unpreventable”.
      The owners and the trainer of the horse named NOBODY LISTENS should be investigated by a real and bonafide group of Law Enforcement officers and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This incident happened on a public roadway or in a parking lot as far as I know.
      The horse named NOBODY LISTENS was being transported on a public highway so the “horseracing community” should not be allowed to just lie their way out of such an act of unacceptable cruelty and killing of a horse so easily as they do when a horse is killed at a racetrack.

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