Dead: Perfect Senorita at Aqueduct, Nobody Listens in a Trailer

The 6th at Aqueduct yesterday, according to the chart: “Perfect Senorita suffered a catastrophic injury to her left foreleg at the 3/16 and fell…euthanized on the course.” The replay, of course, has been expunged from NYRA’s website, but a reader sent this:

For NYRA, which never misses an opportunity to boast of its state-of-the-art safety protocols, this is kill 53 (that they’ve admitted to) on the year. Perfect was three years old, and this was her fourth ever race. In her most recent one, at Belmont in May, she finished last, some 37 lengths back. Her exploiters: Alex Kazdan, Norman Follett.

Also, this Facebook post last night from owner Matt Kwiatkowski: “Nobody Listens had an unforeseen and unpreventable trailer accident resulting in us losing him. We love and cherish every moment that we shared with him. The ride Nobody Listens took us on was the greatest we have ever been on. Our hearts are broken as we share this tragic news.”

For context on those broken hearts, consider this: Nobody was coming off a stakes win at Parx the day before (Saturday). Take home for his exploiters, including, obviously, Mr. Kwiatkowski: $132,000.

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  1. What type of trailer accident was this? Did the horse rear up and flip over and crack his skull?
    To say “a trailer accident” brings up more questions than answers. To say “unforeseen and unpreventable” is extremely questionable.
    Usually, when a person takes responsibility for something happening to a horse, it’s usually a stupid and careless blunder on the part of the person or people handling the horse.
    With horses, you always have to try to be thinking at least five jumps ahead of them and thinking about what can happen before it happens, and then how the horse will act or react, and then know how to and take the necessary actions to prevent them from acting in a way that’s going to be dangerous.
    I am thinking that whatever this accident was that it was preventable and that it is a case of negligence or probably gross negligence. I’m guessing that there is/was an insurance policy in place on this horse named NOBODY LISTENS, considering that a stakes win was involved. To say that the death of the horse was “accidental” is insurance policy language. I’m sure that the whole truth will never be known to the public and that’s the way deceitful people like it.
    So another horse was killed and we’re supposed to believe that is was not the handlers fault for being inept or incompetent, or that it might have been an equicide, or that it’s possible that the horse was killed on purpose due to an injury from racing.
    To say that I am suspicious is an understatement. I don’t feel sorry for Matt Kwiatkowski. He owes everyone who pays taxes that are used to prop up horseracing, and the horse, the truth of the matter and to take responsibility for his failure to protect the horse.

    • Perfect analysis…if they really wanted to grieve Nobody Listens they would have disclosed details. By avoiding a summary of what happened should cause insurance
      investigators to launch an inquiry. By telling the public “unforeseen and unpreventable” is evasive especially if they were truly in sorrow. People suffering heartbreak would want to alert the racing community of what could happen and how to prevent such occurrences from happening. It could have been the trailer hitch was not secured properly in which case it was a situation of negligence resulting in death.

      • The more recent information reveals that the horse allegedly spooked, allegedly slipped and allegedly hit a sharp object inside his “boxed” stall inside the trailer. This is allegedly how his artery was severed.
        But, of course, they have the nerve to say it was “unforeseen and unpreventable” which is totally not true. Having any object sharp enough to sever an artery of a horse anywhere near a horse is FORESEEN AND PREVENTABLE. Even The Three Stooges could coordinate their stunts with some forethought.

  2. More like “We love and cherish every dollar we made off of him. Our wallets are broken as we share this tragic news.”
    Honestly, these parasites make me sick. They have no concept of what it means to actually love a horse and to be truly heartbroken and devastated at his loss.

  3. look at the condition of that track!! Kazdan, Follett et al were done with Perfect Senorita.
    Nobody Listen’s death is a mystery. The truth will never be known!

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