Hey, NYRA, Why Weren’t Races 10-13 Yesterday Canceled?

The Daily Racing Form reported last night that the New York Racing Association was planning to “convene an emergency meeting of New York State Gaming Commission and Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority officials before deciding to run Saratoga’s Sunday card following two additional horse deaths on the Saturday card.”

First, that – canceling today – is not going to happen. This was pure PR. Second, wondering why races 10-13 yesterday (after the two kills) weren’t canceled. Gee, could it have been that, combined, those races, including the Travers itself, were worth north of $2.6 Million? Killers, cowards, and frauds.

(I will be writing about NYRA’s desperate attempts to muzzle us over the past 10 days, including yesterday.)

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  1. We all know that the horses are their slaves, so why cancel when nobody’s stopping them and there are millions to be made? And yes, the “emergency meeting” announcement is 100% cynical PR.
    I wish that the average person who knows nothing about racing understood what we do: that owners, trainers and career racing vets have no soul. Nor do the professional bettors.

  2. Yes, there are all kinds of emotions that you can feel about this blatant in your face CARNAGE AND LYING by the so-called horsemen of the NYRA.
    They have said the lawsuit to stop the $455-Million bankrolling to the NYRA “is meritless” but yet, when the carnage is being televised on FOX SPORTS, (a FREE ANTENNA TV station so it doesn’t require any paid cable or dish service), SARATOGA SATURDAY, they are suggesting that there is MERIT TO STOPPING THE CARNAGE for at least two races (?) or so (?). I think that is somewhat laughable that they suggest that THERE IS MERIT in the idea of canceling a few races in order to allegedly stop the non-stop carnage of racehorses at Saratoga on Saratoga Saturday.
    Of course, there’s nothing humorous about all this abusing and killing of horses at all.

  3. Can you imagine if TWO humans had died playing a game. They would have shut the shit down immediately. new york racing you are pure evil SCUMBAGS.

  4. First phony line of attacking the alleged cause of RACING (actual racetrack injuries caused during a race) INJURIES NECESSITATING EUTHANASIA of injured horses at Saratoga is “investigating the track surface” which will obviously turn up basically nothing. How could that possibly be the problem when their motto is “our track surface is the best and the greatest and the safest in all of racing kingdom” …la la la la la la la la…?

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