“Do not morn [sic] for them. Many meet their demise doing what they love.”

Horse Racing Nation’s headline regarding Burning Bright’s death at Saratoga yesterday: “Saratoga: Sáez is injured in spill, will not ride Mage in Travers.” Vile enough, but it took the rag until the fifth paragraph to mention Burning by name (he was previously referred to as “the horse [Saez] was riding”). Priorities.

On another note, I typically pay little attention to the comments under articles like these, but a couple stood out:

From “Love Those T-Breds”: “So glad i skipped watching this race. Good grief what is going on at Saratoga? I realize a cardiac event is on the rare side, but man, the carnage there this meet is tough to swallow…keeping fingers crossed for this weekend.”

“What is going on at Saratoga?” Well, since 2009 Saratoga has averaged 15 kills per summer; they’re at 13 now (with a couple weeks to go). And: If you have to “keep your fingers crossed that no one will die, perhaps you should reconsider your pastimes.

Then this from “Perspective” (isn’t it telling how these cowards never use their actual names), with spelling/grammar left as is: “Thoroughbreds are bred to race. They enjoy leaving their prisons (Stalls) for the racetrack as it representer a semblance of the open country to which they are accustom in their natural habitat. Do not morn for them. Many meet their demise doing what they love.”

In his attempt to justify, he starts by indicting, accurately describing stall confinement as prison. As for the rest, what can I say – small minds, shriveled hearts.

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  1. Morally depraved people with morally depraved horse-abusing mindsets would not truly know or care what horses need or want. These people with these morally depraved minds only care about what they want for themselves and lie to justify it. These morally depraved people are the kind that belong in a segregated prison for 23-hours a day and only let out for one hour a day to be allowed to do very limited activities.

  2. So, let me try to understand this: “Perspective” (who has none) admits that these horses live in a prison but then claims that being forced to race at breakneck speed while being beaten with a whip is a semblance of the open spaces they like to be in. This has GOT to be satire – nobody could possibly be THIS brain dead.

  3. The owners of these abused horses who often are euthanized at the races are depraved and should be prosecuted for the crimes that they have committed against their horses. They make me sick!

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