10 More From Kentucky, Including One With Two Broken Legs

Through a FOIA request to the Kentucky Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks thus far this year. (I will post in installments.)

Petit Verdot, Feb 17, Turfway R
“Horse suffered catastrophic injury near 3/8 pole: complete fracture of scapula.”

Motown Supreme, Feb 22, Turfway S
“Horse was found dead this morning by assistant trainer. Likely cause: acute respiratory distress syndrome.” (two years old, being prepped for first race)

Texas Red Pepper, Mar 18, Turfway T
“Horse was galloping out when it suffered catastrophic injury. RF: [multiple] comminuted fractures, extensive soft tissue damage; LF: fracture.” That’s two broken legs.

Notario, Mar 21, Turfway T
“Open fetlock with disarticulation and avulsion; large amount of blood on the distal limb.”

Vezpa, Mar 25, Turfway R
“Horse suffered catastrophic injury near 1/4 pole: open fetlock disarticulation with rupture of all sesamoidian ligaments and [multiple] torn tendons.”

Wolfe County, Apr 26, Keeneland R
“Pulled up near 5/8 with catastrophic injury: [multiple] fractures, [multiple] ligaments and tendons ruptured or torn.”

Parents Pride, Apr 29, Churchill R
“Horse pulled up, rider got off, horse went down. Horse then became agonal and died.” (four years old)

Take Charge Briana, May 2, Churchill R
“Horse suffered injury at 3/16 pole: [multiple] open fractures, severe soft tissue damage.”

Swanson Lake, May 20, Churchill R
“Horse pulled up with catastrophic injury: multiple fractures within fetlock joint, marked tearing of tissues.”

Ulele’s Spirit, Jun 11, Churchill T
“Pulled up with severe lameness. Found dead in stall [next morning]: [multiple] displaced pelvis fractures, marked tearing of muscles.” (two years old, being prepped for first race)

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    • Do the connections call.a vet and have poor horse checked over for issues that maybe can be resolved with medication? Or do they take their chances and cross their fingers?

      • If the trainer is completely sadistic and would rather leave an injured horse to suffer and die in the stall, or have someone kill the horse in an “inhumane” way, where are the Stewards, the Commissioners, the track Veterinarians and/or the REGULATORY VETERINARIANS? It sounds like they are also sadistic, or asleep at the wheel or both.
        Does anyone who knows of these atrocities first-hand ever call the County Sheriff’s Office to report any of these shocking displays of ABUSE & NEGLECT of the horses in Kentucky? Or, if they did, does the Sheriff’s Office regard these VIOLATIONS OF ANIMAL WELFARE out of their control? I know that law enforcement officers cannot do certain things IF THERE IS NO ORDER directing them to take certain actions; such as in the case of landlord-tenant evictions to remove a tenant and their possessions from the premises and, also, in the cases of Domestic Violence, there has to be a Court Order directing the Law Enforcement officers to take specific actions.
        Horseracing is definitely VIOLENCE against horses.

  1. Leaving a TWO-YEAR-OLD Thoroughbred in a stall after being pulled up lame in training only to be “found dead” in the stall the next morning CLEARLY INDICATES a wide range of VIOLATIONS OF ANIMAL WELFARE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ulele’s Spirit was breezed eight times starting 04/07/2023 to 06/09/2023.
    So were they attempting to breeze him again on 06/11 when he was pulled up severely lame just 2 days after breezing on 06/09?? This is not adding up!!
    The 2 yr. old was severely abused. There is no excuse for making this very young horse suffer and actually die in his stall overnight with multiple displaced pelvic fractures and marked muscle tearing, NONE!!
    This is CRIMINAL.
    The horse was sold to as a yearling to DJ Stable for $75,000.
    The track officials and the Kentucky Commission must be just fine with this obscene cruelty!!!

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