Through a FOIA request to the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, I was able to go back and get these death confirmations from 2015:

Bandini’s Star, Jan 3, Turfway R – “fracture, ligament rupture”
Fancita Mae, Jan 18, Turfway R – “tendon rupture”
Cozy Nicole, Jan 25, Turfway R – “open, comminuted fracture”
H’s Cat, Feb 1, Turfway R – “open fracture”
Twisted Zing, Mar 21, Turfway R – “soft tissue rupture”
How Bout That, May 9, Churchill R – “fracture, rupture, severed tendon”
Argumental, May 17, Churchill R – “fracture, rupture”
Sadler’s Warrior, May 25, Churchill R – “MCIII/MTIII fracture”
Barefoot Children, Jun 4, Churchill R – “pulmonary hemorrhage, sudden death”
Canny Nanny, Jun 6, Churchill R – “[multiple] fractures, [multiple] ruptures”
Mariano Intheninth, Jun 12, Churchill R – “open, comminuted fracture”
Jilleah, Jul 10, Ellis R – “open, comminuted, displaced fracture”
Flat Deposit, Aug 7, Ellis R – “sesamoid fracture”
Spooky Ghost, Aug 16, Ellis R – “sudden death”
Royal Gloves, Sep 4, Ellis R – “severed tendon, ruptured ligament”
Pierson, Sep 6, Ellis R – “displaced fracture”
Pomodoro, Sep 20, Churchill R – “multiple fractures”
Shore Runner, Oct 3, Keeneland R – “[multiple] fractures and severed soft tissue”
Skyring, Oct 3, Keeneland R – “[multiple] fractures and severed soft tissue”
Get in Line, Oct 18, Keeneland R – “comminuted fracture, severed soft tissue”
Rathbaun, Nov 11, Churchill R – “displaced, comminuted fracture”
Chide, Nov 26, Churchill R – “open, displaced, comminuted fracture”
Drivin Miss Ellie, Dec 26, Turfway R – “sesamoid fracture”

and 2016:

Stef’s Girl, Feb 14, Turfway R – “open, comminuted fracture”
Grey Balls of Fire, Feb 20, Turfway R – “acute soft tissue rupture”
Valiant Hope, Apr 1, Turfway R – “comminuted scapula fracture”
Fancy Hat, Apr 20, Keeneland R – “open, displaced fracture”
Pristine Sistine, Apr 22, Keeneland R – “MCIII/MTIII fracture”
Back in Dixie, Apr 22, Keeneland R – “[multiple] fractures, soft tissue rupture”
Not an Illusion, May 4, Churchill R – “[multiple] open fractures”
Tarpy’s Goal, May 14, Churchill R – “acute fetlock luxation”
Planet, May 22, Churchill R – “open, displaced fracture”
Showered, May 26, Churchill R – “humerus fracture”
Fashion Setter, Jun 4, Churchill R – “sudden death” (three years old, second race)
Cowboy Humor, Jun 5, Churchill R – “open, comminuted fracture”
Gigi’s Kitten, Jun 10, Churchill R – “[multiple] fractures”
Open Order, Jun 19, Churchill R – “open fracture, acute rupture”
The Conception, Jun 24, Churchill R – “pulmonary hemorrhage, sudden death”
Toby the Tiger, Jul 1, Churchill R – “sudden death” (three years old, first race)
Snare, Jul 23, Ellis R – “sesamoid fracture”
Bet With Charlie, Sep 18, Churchill R – “multiple open fractures”
Miss Pink Diva, Oct 9, Keeneland R – “[multiple] fractures”
All Y’all, Oct 23, Keeneland R – “displaced, comminuted fracture”
Whispering Dancer, Nov 9, Churchill R – “grade 5 [lame]”
Millenial, Nov 10, Churchill R – “compound, displaced, comminuted fracture”
Mister Pippit, Nov 10, Churchill R – “displaced, comminuted fracture”
Tiz Candy, Nov 16, Churchill R – “slab fracture”
Lightning Strike, Nov 24, Churchill R – “MCIII/MTIII fracture”
Walkers Sentry, Dec 28, Turfway R – “open, displaced fracture”

Through a FOIA request to the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2020.

Note regarding the training death at Ellis August 24: According to the Commission, the dead horse was Loving Lucky; when I cross-checked on Equibase (something I always do), I found that Loving is still very much active, having raced this past January. When I brought this to the attention of the Commission, its general counsel responded:

“Dear Mr. Battuello: Thank you for your e-mail. The records concerning ‘Loving Lucky’ speak for themselves, and the KHRC is unable to comment on any listings found on Equibase.”

Well, of course the records don’t “speak for themselves.” (This wasn’t the first time she had used that phrase on questions I had.) Accordingly, I will have to list that death as “unidentified.” How sad, but not at all surprising: From the start (2014), the KHRC has been obstructive, contentious, and downright rude – easily the most difficult to work with in the country. So much for its newfound “accessibility” and “transparency.”

I’mluckysgirl, Jan 10, Turfway R – “[multiple] fractures and ruptures”

Run Rite, Jan 11, Turfway T – “comminuted P1 fracture”

Pourmeanotherone, Feb 6, Turfway T – “[multiple] fractures”

First Things First, Feb 22, Keeneland T – “sudden death, caudal vena cava tear”

All Out, Mar 3, Turfway T – “[multiple] fractures, ligament failure”

Super Touch, Mar 6, Turfway R – “collapsed and died – hemorrhage, shock”

Love Totem, Mar 12, Turfway R – “skull fracture, epistaxis from both nostrils”

Tudox Lifting Off, Mar 13, Turfway R – “open, complete diaphyseal fracture”

Danica, Mar 17, Turfway T – “MCIII fracture”

Emely Heart, Mar 20, Turfway R – “[multiple] fractures, extensive soft tissue damage”

D’oro Bode, Apr 23, Keeneland T – “head trauma” (being prepped for first race)

Storm Biz, Apr 25, Keeneland T – “[multiple] fractures” (being prepped for first race)

Cat’s Popstar, Apr 28, Keeneland T – “scapula fracture”

Gold Trader, May 11, Turfway T – “basisphenoid fracture” (being prepped for first race)

Alittlevodka, May 31, Churchill R – “comminuted fractures”

Cass City, Jun 13, Keeneland T – “[multiple] fractures”

Bold Esther, Jun 13, Churchill T – “sudden death – hemoperitoneum”

Toshio, Jun 15, Keeneland T – “sudden death – hemoperitoneum”

Free the Kitten, Jun 16, Keeneland T – “humeral fracture” (being prepped for first race)

Pam’s Avery Rose, Jun 22, Keeneland T – “humeral fracture”

Gold Credit, Jul 3, Churchill T – “sesamoid fractures”

yet-to-be-named, Jul 20, Ellis T – “MCIII fracture”

Censored, Jul 22, Churchill T – “humeral fracture”

Endowment, Aug 8, Ellis R – “slab fracture” (of previously operated-on leg)

Libertyrun, Aug 9, Ellis R – “sesamoid fractures” (chart said “went wrong”)

Limnery, Aug 17, Ellis T – “sesamoid fractures”

Chainsthatbindyou, Aug 21, Churchill T – “tibial fracture” (being prepped for first race)

unidentified, Aug 24, Ellis T – “[multiple] fractures”

Market Garden, Aug 28, Ellis R – “comminuted fractures, tearing of ligaments”

Snake Doctor, Sep 7, Kentucky R – “fractures, massive amount of soft tissue damage”

yet-to-be-named, Sep 8, Churchill T – “MTIII fracture”

Kowalski, Sep 10, Churchill T – “comminuted sesamoid fractures”

Glissando, Sep 12, Churchill T – “sudden death” (being prepped for first race)

Innis, Sep 16, Keeneland T – “sesamoid fractures”

Urbana, Sep 17, Churchill R – “[multiple] fractures, massive soft tissue damage”

Tour Spuzz, Sep 26, Churchill S – “laminitis” (three years old, never been raced)

Lucky Asset, Sep 26, Churchill R – “fractures, tearing of tendons, rupture of ligament”

Tormenta, Sep 27, Churchill R – “[multiple] fractures, severe soft tissue damage”

Wild Love, Oct 5, Keeneland T – “open, displaced fractures”

unidentified, Oct 8, Churchill S – “neurological”

unidentified, Oct 9, Ellis S – “neurological”

Kalydar, Oct 10, Keeneland S – “colic”

Pow Wow Indian, Oct 18, Churchill T – “[mult] fractures” (being prepped for first race)

Uncle Robbie, Oct 31, Churchill T – “[mult] fractures” (being prepped for first race)

Sir Winsalot, Oct 31, Churchill R – “fracture, large amount of hemorrhage”

Rebuff, Nov 5, Churchill R – “multiple open, disarticulated fractures both front legs”

Here Comes Josie, Nov 7, Churchill T – “comminuted P1 fracture”

Juggernaut, Nov 7, Churchill T – “[multiple] fractures”

Absolutely Aiden, Nov 7, Keeneland R – “open fractures, ruptured tendon/ligaments”

Uni the Unicorn, Nov 8, Churchill T – “[mult] fractures” (being prepped for first race)

Dear Theodosia, Nov 9, Keeneland S – “tongue laceration/amputation”

Gator Romp, Nov 9, Keeneland T – “P1 fracture”

Winning Impression, Nov 12, Churchill R – “comminuted fractures, hemorrhage”

Binge Watch, Nov 14, Churchill T – “open, disarticulated fracture”

Tenace, Nov 24, Churchill T – “P1 fracture” (being prepped for first race)

Night Candy, Nov 27, Churchill R – “comminuted fractures, severe soft tissue damage”

The Moment Is Now, Nov 27, Turfway T – “[multiple] fractures”

Alexander Hamilton, Nov 29, Churchill T – “fracture, ruptured ligaments”

Dream High, Dec 2, Turfway R – “open fracture, severe soft tissue damage”

Eclipse the Moon, Dec 12, Churchill T – “tibial fracture” (one – yes, one – year old)

Sharp and Strong, Dec 16, Churchill T – “open fracture” (being prepped for first race)

Can’t Quit Now, Dec 31, Turfway T – “sudden death” (two years old)

Kentucky (7 tracks; partial subsidy state)
Governor Beshear: phone/contact/social media
Lt. Governor Coleman: twitter; facebook
Assembly Leaders

An addendum to my 2019 Kentucky FOIA report: The documents I received from the Commission did not include stall deaths; neither, fatalities at the state’s four harness tracks. So, I asked again for the missing information (or, I should say, “records,” as the Commission has held up previous requests over silly semantics). Their answer:

“Dear Mr. Battuello: We received your request for deaths that occurred at Kentucky tracks. We construed this request to include on-track deaths. The information responsive to that request has been produced and we have no further records concerning on-track deaths. If you wish to appeal the Commission’s response to your January 21 request, you may do so by filing a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office…or by filing an original civil action in the appropriate circuit court.”

To which I replied: I do not wish to file a “complaint” or a “civil action”; I simply want the records I requested (which, by the way, are the same I requested in each of the past two years – and yes, at least some stall deaths were included in 2017 and 2018). Fact is, my request couldn’t have been any clearer: “…whether death occurred racing, training, or other (e.g., colic, laminitis, barn accident)….”

Once again, the Commission is playing games. Every other state understands exactly what “at” means. Do not horses who die back in their stalls from colic or laminitis do so “at” the track? In addition, I received no harness records; I’m sure there were at least some deaths at these tracks, too. So again, I request the records for all racehorses who died at a Commonwealth-sanctioned racetrack in 2019.

At last, the Commission sent me more records. However, they came with this note: “Please be advised that the fatalities that are the subject of the attached necropsy reports are not racing related fatalities. These are other incidents which were submitted to the lab out of a responsibility to rule out infectious disease and protect the general horse population.” Which I read as not all stall deaths have been included, just the ones deemed relevant to “protection of the general horse population.”

On the harness end, the Commission wrote: “There were no Standardbred horse fatalities at licensed Kentucky racetracks during the period from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019.” Four tracks over 12 months and not a single death? Please. For context, at New York’s (7) harness tracks, there were 16 deaths in 2019. Draw your own conclusions. Anyhow, here are the four stall deaths they did send me:

unidentified, Jun 13, Churchill S – “spontaneous hemorrhage from both nostrils and urethra; witness reports that subject was hesitant to leave stall, and when removed from stall to begin training, subject resisted…and spontaneously died…likely due to the compression of the brain from the subdural hemorrhage; the location of the [skull] fracture suggests a large amount of concentrated force to the area”

(This, by the way, is the fourth reported kill at Churchill Downs on June 13, 2019.)

unidentified, Aug 26, Churchill S – “found dead – typhlocolitis, bronchopneumonia, severe gastric ulcer disease”

unidentified, Oct 16, Churchill S – “encephalitis, protozoal myelitis, acute colitis”

Mottaret, Nov 10, Churchill S – “large colon displacement”

Through a FOIA request to the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2019. Please note, however, that the Commission did not forward stall deaths – in other words, this is an incomplete reckoning. (This is Part 2; Part 1 here.)

Ucanalwaysbebetter, Jan 23, Keeneland T – “cannon fracture; bone embedded in tendons and ligament”

Euro Zing, Jan 26, Turfway T – “broke both front shoulders”

Dona Spey, Jan 27, Keeneland T – “open, comminuted fracture”

Hoped For, Apr 18, Keeneland T – “fractures, tearing of digital artery and vein”

My Majestic Rose, Jun 12, Keeneland T – “complete, comminuted cannon fracture”

Bless His Heart, Jun 20, Churchill T (euthanized Jun 22) – “rupture with tearing”

unidentified, Jul 3, Churchill T – “[multiple] fractures; ruptured tendon, ligament”

Proud as Punch, Jul 4, Keeneland T – “complete fracture of humerus”

Sir Navigator, Aug 4, Ellis R – “horse finished race, collapsed and died”

Run Nancy Run, Aug 24, Ellis R – “open, comminuted fracture; [torn] ligament”

unidentified, Sep 2, Churchill T – “open fractures”

unidentified, Sep 9, Churchill T – “open fractures, extensive soft tissue damage”

Branson, Sep 11, Ellis T – “trained on racetrack, started showing signs of colic, progressed rapidly (five minutes)…euthanized”

Believein, Sep 13, Churchill T – “[multiple] fractures, severe soft tissue damage”

unidentified, Sep 19, Churchill T – “comminuted fractures”

B P Rocket, Sep 20, Keeneland T – “shoulder fracture, [torn] tissues”; “extensive gastric ulcers present” (three years old)

Allied Party, Sep 21, Churchill R – “[multiple] fractures, acute cartilage excoriation”

Stella d’Oro, Oct 4, Keeneland R – “multiple fractures, massive soft tissue damage”

Fast Dreamer, Oct 4, Keeneland R – “fractures, traumatic cartilage excoriation”

unidentified, Oct 9, Churchill T – “open fractures, severe soft tissue damage”

Triggerman, Oct 9, Keeneland R – “open fractures, severe soft tissue damage”

Integral, Oct 16, Keeneland R – “open fractures, severe soft tissue damage”

Call to Victory, Oct 20, Keeneland R – “[multiple] open fractures, extensive soft tissue damage”; “extensive ulceration of stomach” (three years old)

unidentified, Oct 22, Churchill T – “collapsed and died on the racetrack”

unidentified, Oct 26, Keeneland T – “hit rail, broke left knee”

unidentified, Nov 2, Churchill T – “open, disarticulated fetlock”

The Keeper, Nov 2, Keeneland T – “open, highly comminuted fractures; fragments missing, large fragment embedded in ligament; tearing of tendons”

Run for the Gold, Nov 10, Keeneland T – “compound, comminuted ankle fracture”

Frank Senior, Nov 21, Churchill T – “comminuted fracture, marked tearing”

unidentified, Nov 22, Turfway T – “multiple complete fractures of the scapula”

Tigers Rule, Nov 24, Churchill R – “[multiple] fractures with tearing of artery and vein”

Third Edition, Nov 25, Keeneland T – “fetlock open and luxated”

Elegant Bay, Nov 30, Churchill R – “multiple fractures, soft tissue damage is severe”

Pallaso, Dec 2, Churchill T – “complete fracture of humerus, tearing of musculature”

Rock n’ Candy, Dec 5, Turfway R – “pulled up lame, developed large hematoma…euthanized”; “grade 4 gastric ulcer disease” (five years old)

Happy Peddler, Dec 21, Turfway R (euthanized Dec 22) – “fracture, acute excoriation”

Olly Wonder, Dec 31, Turfway R – “severe tearing of tendons and ligaments”