“Horse made contact with rail…significant blood coming from mouth from the trauma.”

Through a FOIA request to the Kentucky Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks thus far this year. (I will post in installments.)

Haloo, Feb 4, Turfway T
“Horse made contact with rail: fractures of humerus and radius, significant blood coming from mouth from the trauma.”

Joy Enamorada, Mar 9, Turfway R
“Pulled up with catastrophic injury: [multiple] fractures, extensive soft tissue damage.”

Levity, Apr 8, Keeneland T
“Was working in company when pulled up 5/5 lame: comminuted fracture.”

Goin to the Show, Apr 13, Keeneland R
“Pulled up with catastrophic injury: [multiple] fractures, severe soft tissue damage.”

Master of the Ring, Apr 19, Keeneland R
“Clipped heels and fell at 3/16 pole: [multiple] comminuted fractures, rupture of several vital soft tissue structures.”

Freezing Point, May 6, Churchill R
“Horse pulled up at five-furlong pole: [multiple] fractures, complete ligament rupture, [multiple] tendons severely torn.”

Major General, May 17, Churchill T
“Horse came back lethargic and trembling, died in transit to hospital.” (four years old)

J J’s Mr. Raven, May 24, Ellis S
“Severe colic with unmanageable pain.” (two years old)

Lost in Limbo, May 26, Churchill R
“Horse fell violently near 1/16 pole: [multiple] avulsion fractures, [multiple] ruptures.”

Kimberley Dream, May 27, Churchill R
“Pulled up with catastrophic injury: rupture/severe tearing of [multiple] ligaments.”

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  1. They all tug at our heart…but Lost In Limbo I can not unsee and I won’t forget him ever. So when they finally end this travesty, I will honor all of them in my own way.

  2. None of these horses should be dead. They were all murdered by loser scumbags humans. In other words….they died for NOTHING!

    • I’m not sure that people involved in horse racing can actually qualify as humans. Fully on board with the scumbag part. Utter scum.

  3. This is not horsemanship. This is abuse of horses. Anyone who practices true horsemanship does not knowingly and willfully run a yearling or a two-year-old or a three-year-old or any horse of any age with a whip-wielding rider on their back at a full gallop for money or any other reason.
    Any person practicing “true horsemanship” looks out for the well-being of their horse, or horses. The people who practice the treacherous abuse of horses described above should be arrested and put in jail.
    In September, there will be a sale of young and underdeveloped colts and fillies at Keeneland. This is the place where “pinhookers” go to plot their next round of victims. It’s cringe-worthy. There will be all these people drooling over the possibilities of making thousands of dollars, or maybe millions, by buying up vulnerable young and underdeveloped colts and fillies that have been taken away from their mothers too soon and not allowed to have a normal life. They will be sold, bought and sold again in many cases.
    They will be groomed for the racetrack only to suffer from ulcers and a long list of racing-specific injuries ending in a premature death.
    It’s not too likely that any of the yearlings at the Keeneland sale will live to be 20 years old going by the way the people in horse racing exhibit no moral conscience of right and wrong.

    • Wanda – You’re right about the low chances of a horse at the track living to his or her 20th birthday. I thank the unlikely destiny that my horse, who will be 29 next April 1, never ran until he matured at the age of 3. By then, it was too late for a track “career.” His owner didn’t want to pay the bills. Once my horse came into his sexual maturity, he never stopped running. No need to whip or spur him. He loved to run and still does. He does flying changes and passage when he was younger naturally. Someone once asked why does your horse run everywhere? He runs for the joy of it on his terms. If he had stayed at the track, he might have died from a track related injury or disease. Most of all, his soul would have been crushed like thousands of others. Thanks for letting me indulge in this bit of reflection.

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