“Horse was working, pulled up, became ataxic, collapsed, and expired.” Three years old.

Through a FOIA request to the Kentucky Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks thus far this year. (I will post in installments.)

Conundrum Queen, Jan 21, Turfway T
“Horse was galloping and pulled up after rider felt a bad step: [multiple] open [through skin], displaced fractures.” Despite those multiple open fractures, Conundrum wasn’t euthanized until after an ambulance ride and x-rays.

Aerator, Jan 27, Turfway R
“Horse pulled up with catastrophic injury: multiple fractures, severe soft tissue damage.”

Caramelito, Feb 10, Turfway R
“Pulled up near 1/16 pole: severe, extensive tearing of the flexor tendon, with rupture near the fetlock joint; distal portion of the ligament is severely torn.”

Esser Fund, Mar 4, Turfway T
“Horse was working, pulled up, became ataxic, collapsed, and expired. A cause of sudden death is not apparent in this case. The degree of inflammation in the heart is within the expected range for horses in training.” Esser had just turned three a few days prior.

Fort Defiance, Mar 17, Turfway R
“Horse suffered catastrophic injury near 3/16 pole: fetlock disarticulated and open; extensive soft tissue damage, including rupture of [multiple] ligaments.”

Baytown Apollo, Mar 29, Keeneland T
“Horse went down abruptly at 3/16 pole, attempted to rise, went under rail: severely comminuted scapula fracture, surrounding muscles torn.” Baytown was two years old and being prepped for his debut.

Cable Channel, Apr 3, Keeneland T
“Suddenly became lame in the pull up: multiple fractures, extensive soft tissue damage.”

Chasing Artie, May 2, Churchill R
“Poor performance in race. After returning to unsaddle, the horse staggered and collapsed. The horse became agonal and was unresponsive. Despite extensive testing, cause of acute collapse could not be determined.” Chasing Artie was just five years old.

Chloe’s Dream, May 6, Churchill R
“Horse pulled up with an injury, pain on palpation: multiple fractures.”

Bosque Redondo, May 13, Churchill R (euth May 15)
“Horse became acutely lame after race: [multiple] fractures [with] multiple fragments.”

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  1. Inflammation of a horse’s heart is expected in training? Since when? Name me a human athlete that continues to train or compete with an inflamed heart. Un-frickin-believable.

    • Thank you, Rebecca. What a ridiculous statement for these people to make.
      Inflammation of the heart is a serious disease . It is caused by some drugs, bacteria or viruses.
      Exercise/training does not cause inflammation of the heart to any degree!!!

  2. That sounds so weird to say the horse became acutely lame AFTER THE RACE with multiple FRACTURES and with multiple FRAGMENTS and they DIDN’T euthanize the horse immediately. It raises a lot of questions!
    It’s only too obvious that BOSQUE REDONDO had to suffer intensely with fractures with multiple fragments, and this on May 13th and they finally decided to end the horse’s suffering on May 15th. That just sounds so incredibly incompetent and sadistic!!!! This is very abusive and very neglectful treatment of a horse!!!! This is one of many examples of why I say these horses are treated like lab rats.

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