Mashnee Girl Killed in 1st Race at Belmont Today

The 1st at Belmont, just a little while ago: “Mashnee Girl three then two wide just off the duel up front, suffered an injury and fell near the quarter pole forcing a trio of rivals to alter course and was subsequently euthanized on track” (Equibase). This means Belmont has now had kills in back-to-back races – the final one last night, the first one today. Mashnee, five, is the 18th victim at Belmont this year. What more can I say?

The images of Mashnee going down…

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  1. Bonnie, Can’t Be The Dirt Racing – Both Races Back To Back Were On The Turf?
    So Much For Making All Tracks AWT Instead Of Dirt 2023?

  2. What it boils down to is…Gigantic living beings with huge bodies and spindly legs,is NOT congruent with running at unnatural breakneck speeds!!!!

  3. Forced confinement, forced training at too young of an age and the pain-killers to mask the pain and force underdeveloped colts and fillies to GALLOP at top speed carrying weight with the predisposition to Degenerative Joint Disease and other unsoundnesses spells disaster. It just needs to be shut down altogether.

  4. Will the necropsies from Henning’s horses be made public?

    I’ve arranged for one of the top vets in the country to look at them and go public, if necessary,

    if he/she detects anything suspicious. or there appears to be some sort of cover up.

    • Is this the same Dr. Bowman who owns a retirement sanctuary for North Dakota Horses? If so, I appreciate what you do, though I can’t help but think that there would be no need for the sanctuary if the sport had not been legal in the first place. But that said, I haven’t been able to find much online history suggesting Hennig apart from his association with Todd Pletcher in the 1990s and cocaine case that was dropped. I”m sure Horseracing Wrongs has an idea, but sometimes they get busy, and I ask lots of questions. When I was a kid, my mother limited me to 10 questions per day.

      • I meant to say “online history suggesting Hennig was worse than your average trainer”

  5. Glad Belmont’s chartwriter clarified that poor Mashnee Girl was killed AFTER she was injured in this Death Race, and not before. That “subsequently” always serves an important purpose, I guess. It reminds all those sensitive and thoughtful racing fans (there aren’t any) that euthanasia follows injury, and not the other way around.

    • Same here. Sickening. But how about all the remaining jocks who not only witnessed this gruesome horror show firsthand, but kept right on whipping their “fellow athletes” along to GET THAT WIN, huh?
      After all, a bunch of degenerates were counting on them to finish this all-important Death Race. (How sick are jockeys, anyway?)

  6. Getting more press. Now listening to MSNBC overdosing on Trump indictment and during their minute break from politics to give major non political headlines they gave 3 items:
    “former first minister of Scotland arrested for financial irregularities; Biden briefed about collapse of section I95 in Philly; and 2 horses by same trainer euthanized at Belmont this weekend making a total 4 horses that died this spring/summer meet. I know that some might say today we have more pressing issues, but as Gandhi stated “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

    • I LOVE that sentiment!!! You cannot be a whole good human being…if you do not care about animals!

  7. didn’t know anything about the race. was watching it live, at brunch with some people, with no sound. you couls see Mashnee Girl have some trouble, then go down, and they cut away, with no reference as far as I could tell to what happened

    • That’s the horse racing industry’s modus operandi at work, bob; to hide the facts as much as possible and lie like crazy to cover up the facts and pull the wool over the eyes of the public to the point of their deceitfulness is showing.

  8. This is so sad to see the poor horses that are downed and injured-that their fate is to be euthanized. The sport of horseracing must end!

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