A Kill – Yes, a Kill – at Belmont on Belmont Stakes Day

In the just-completed final race of the Belmont day – Belmont Stakes Day, that is – Excursionniste broke down and was euthanized on the track. This means that at least one horse died at each of the three Triple Crown tracks on each of their respective Triple Crown racedays. This, mind you, taking place in an atmosphere (because of the intense national scrutiny) of hyper vigilance. I’ve been saying this for nine years and hopefully now the media and the wider public will start believing it: They can’t stop the killing. Dead horses are an inevitable part of horseracing. So the question is really quite simple, how many more, America? How many more? Excursionniste (below) was four years old.

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  1. I think this poor horse’s story will start to gain traction in the mainstream media very quickly. As the highly-journalistic, super-credible, equine-death-revealing RACING PRESS struggles to quash the bad news of Excursionniste’s killing on Belmont Day — and instead runs with the whole, BS “glass ceiling” angle — I believe REAL reporters will print and broadcast the actual meaningful news of the raceday.

  2. Way to go mark henning you PiECE of SHIT. Scumbags just can’t not kill 🤮🤬. That INNOCENT horse put his trust in you mark….and you failed him. Go rot.

  3. He lived for about 1/6th of his life expectancy. The 4 years of life he was allowed were spent in a totally unnatural high stress environment. And then he drops in severe pain and terror in the dirt, a doomed horse waiting for the syringe and needle that will stop his heart.
    Look at that beautiful horse and tell me this is not outrageous

  4. World class level horse racing kills horses just as dead as the lowest level and every level in between.
    This shit-show just needs to be shut down completely. But, horse-killers won’t STOP killing horses as long as they are not punished severely for their EGREGIOUS CRUELTY to horses. It is not possible to have horse racing without having horses being catastrophically injured and killed These vile pseudo-horsemen just keep on proving it over and over that they are incapable of being true horsemen. These scumbags are not safe for the horses. These horse-killing scumbags should be punished by law and locked up.

  5. Horseracing Wrongs held a large protest at Belmont Park yesterday to wrap up our Triple Crown Campaign. Protests and mobile billboards at each race, and large-scale poster advertising campaigns in Baltimore and throughout NYC – in high visibility areas Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

    Thank you to all of our donors who make our work possible, to keep the mission moving to end this cruelty and who help us continue to be a voice for the horses.

    • Broke his left front. Making media news already last night. “As the 48 thousand left the venue, vets were attending to the horse but found it was an unsavable injury”.

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