NYRA and Taxpayer Money: The Great Con

Another excellent piece on NY Racing finances by Sam Mellins of New York Focus. Please read and then share this quality journalism.

“Half a Billion in the Bank — And Next to No One in the Stands”

“At Belmont Park’s opening day, local brass celebrated a windfall of state cash. Hardly any fans showed up.”

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  1. They’d be better off spending that money to figure out how to clone grumpy old white guys to attend.

  2. The Assembly member who disagrees that horseracing is cruel should be treated the same way that the horses are treated starting with locking him up in a small cell 23 hours a day.

      • Yes, like the horses in a shedrow where they can’t interact with each other in a normal way. Give them a bouncy ball for “enrichment” and when it is time for them to be let out of their cells, force them to run fast — as fast as they can and whip the hell out of them while they are running. Let them feel the sting of the whip every time they’re let out of their confinement to small cells.

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