TVG Host: “Death is part of [horseracing]” but “winning makes it all worth while.”

Monday, longtime TVG (a national horseracing channel) host, analyst, handicapper Ken Rudulph tweeted the following:

Rudulph subsequently apologized for his “very poor choice of words,” but the damage had been done. My take: While I loathe what he said and what he stands for, I respect his honesty. For if you work in, or are a fan of, horseracing, you know full well that dead horses are “a part of the game.” You just simply learn to accept it. Besides, as Rudulph said, the “winning makes it all worth while.”

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  1. No, winning doesn’t make violating Animal Welfare Codes and Business Conduct Codes worthwhile. Winning horse races and gambling bets makes it addictive.
    This gambling on horses is not a virtue; it’s a vice. Knowingly and willfully and repeatedly causing fatal injuries to horses is not a virtue; it’s a vile crime that must be punishable by law.
    There are so many people in this egregiously cruel industry who are criminals. These criminally-minded people who willfully and repeatedly cause harm and death to horses should be arrested and locked up behind bars.

  2. Yes, cheating and death are part of this gambling game but winning makes it all worthwhile?!!
    Truer words were never spoken in terms of the thinking of these misfits.
    Winning does not justify the means. It is contrary to the mindset of a civilized society.
    Whether racing stops pretending or not does not matter, Mr. Rudulph, because the truth will out in all its ugliness.
    The pretense of the designer hats, mint juleps and Triple Crown is starting to unravel and will not stop there. The familiar saying that one can fool all of the people some of the time…comes to mind.

  3. How would you feel mr.rudolph , if your son was done in(caused death) because of a ‘sport’. Not like it then?….huh, go figure. These SCUMBAGS make me want to puke on them. Lazy pieces of shit. Go get a REAL job. You are ALL pure EVIL

  4. And, for the record, the one I despise the most at tvg, is pathetic fat boy mike joyce….always trying to play like he’s some clever hipster. Look in the mirror mike 🤣…NOT. What WORK do you do mikey?

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