Freezing Point Dead – Second Kill on Kentucky Derby Day

Freezing Point is dead, the second kill at Churchill Downs today, and the 7th over the past 10 days. Because some people only tune in to racing once a year, this is for them:

While such a cluster is unusual, death at the track is not. Churchill Downs has averaged 25 kills annually over the past five years. Currently, they’re at 7 in 2023. Nationally, HW has confirmed – names, dates, locations, and details – almost 10,000 deaths on our website. We estimate that over 2,000 racehorses die across America every year – about six per day. So, ignore their deflections, distractions, and outright deceptions. From breeding for speed, to employing pubescent bodies, to the incessant grinding – not to mention commodification – of those bodies, to forcing them to run at an unnatural rate, in an unnatural way, and through unnatural means, horseracing guarantees a certain level of killing. Guarantees. And they know it.

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  1. Unacceptable, cruel, senseless deaths of these beautiful, majestic animals!!!! Shame on the owners, trainer’s and the industry as a whole
    RIP Freezing Point! 💔💔💔💔

  2. I guess they figured if the horse died away from the track, they wouldn’t be held accountable for his abuse and death.

  3. Two dead on Derby Day. I can’t support horseracing any longer. Never. Ever. It just keeps getting worse.

  4. Yes, they know that horse racing guarantees a certain percentage of horses dead — it’s a given. It’s a no brainer. They know it. Yes, it’s a fact that racing guarantees many horses to be FATALLY INJURED. They just don’t want everyone to know that they know it. They want as many people as possible to be ignorant of what this industry is truly about. Racing is money and ego and not being held ACCOUNTABLE to the laws against Animal Cruelty and Animal Abuse. They want the filthy money. Sacrificing a horse’s life in their evil quest for fame and fortune is part of the game.
    They want you to be dumber than sticks. They want you to believe their “carefully crafted” lies. They don’t want to lose this public gravy train of money, money, money, money, money, money and more money.

    • Everything is about money these days. I find that very distressing.

      • The love of money being the root of all evil started a long time ago, but now it does appear to be in our faces more and more with corporate greed, deregulation and the ripple effect that corporate greed has on the whole world.
        It is always a good thing when individuals make the choice to do what is right for humanity as well as for the horses and other animals. Dealing with the greediness is definitely distressing. I am personally encouraged when I read about people who made the choice to stop engaging in the things that contribute to the abuse of horses from being an owner to being a gambler or any other aspect that supports this egregious cruelty to horses.

  5. Five Kentucky derby equine “contenders” were scratched (such a creepy term), leaving 18. I totally hate that the field of horses has to be so large, apparently to impress the idiots who attend the cruel spectacle.

  6. Look people….we have Football,Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, you name it. In other words REAL sports….with CONSENTING people, not forcing animals to participate in something so unnatural,dangerous,and DEADLY. Get a life people, watch REAL sports, there’s literally too many to choose from!!!!!!!

  7. If we’re being honest…horse racing needs to be outlawed, because of Sooooooo many deaths. If it was a**hole people dying like this, they would end it in heartbeat. I prefer ANIMALS.

    • Animal Welfare Code violators in this industry should be arrested and charged with all the various crimes that they have been committing against horses. STOP letting these criminals off the hook. Enough of this “foxes guarding the chicken house” modus operandi among the human participants in horseracing!
      If it takes 40 lashes across the backside of a human being to cause death, these people should get 39 lashes across their backside. Yeah, right. Like that’s going to happen. Ha! More innocent schoolchildren will be killed by mass shooters with assault rifles than to actually punish Animal Cruelty and Unethical Business Conduct.

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