Killing Shuts Down Racing at Laurel

In the wake of at least one kill yesterday (Golden Pegasus; Bigmancan was “pulled up lame, vanned off”), Laurel Park canceled its full card today. Initially, the suspension of racing was open-ended, but according to the track’s website, racing will resume tomorrow. We’ll see. Apparently, the decision came directly from the Maryland Racing Commission. This is the second time in two weeks that Laurel has had to shut down because of dead horses. (At least five horses have perished there this year.)

While we obviously can’t claim total responsibility for this, you can be sure we’ve played a part. Our Maryland activists, led by board member Jennifer Sully, are the most dedicated in the HW army. In addition to relentlessly protesting both Laurel and Pimlico, each new death results in a media storm, with activists writing countless email alerts to the press. They know we’re here – and not going anywhere.

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  1. I live in California. Is there a group that actively protests at the California tracks? How to I get in touch with them to join? Is there an effort underway to bombard the CA Racing Commission with letters calling for an end to racing? I’m so weary of reading, over and over again, about breakdowns. I’m sick of the clownish rhetoric, “went wrong”, “took a bad step”, “fell”, “wouldn’t load,” etc., and seeing the heart-ripping videos that assault the senses of decent, compassionate Americans. Honestly, Patrick, as much as I dread reading your posts, I continue to thank you and pray that they are having an effect. Twenty-five years ago, no one would have thought that circuses (namely Ringling Brothers) would end their inhumane treatment of elephants (and big cats) by forcing them to travel thousands of miles in hot railroad cars around America just to perform for a mere 15 minutes of human entertainment, or that a well-organized yet steadfastly determined segment of the population would vote to end greyhound racing in the U.,S. But, perseverance gets results. In light of the three horses who tragically died in the Grand National at Aintree in UK recently, and all who have needless died on tracks here in the US, we cannot back off. Instead we need to stoke the fire of objection into an inferno of public outrage. Like you have said again and again: What sport routinely kills its athletes and swiftly removes their bodies from the public’s eye, before moving onto the next race without missing a beat? Please! WE…MUST…STOP…THIS…CARNAGE…NOW!!!

  2. I believe that it is a no-brainer that they’re not going to stop killing horses during the races at Laurel Park as long as they continue training and racing there.
    Why is it that the Maryland Racing Commission seems to notice that racehorses are being killed at Laurel Park (and takes a temporary action by shutting down one day of racing) while the California Horse Racing Board doesn’t cancel any racing regardless of how many horses are killed by racing and training?

    Thank you to all of the activists for doing what you’re doing to help put a stop to the horrendous killings of racehorses by protesting and bringing media attention to racehorses being killed by racing at Laurel Park in Maryland!

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