“Euthanized on the Track” Today at Laurel

The Equibase account of the 4th at Laurel just a little while ago: “Golden Pegasus checked off the leader’s heels approaching the backstretch…lost his rider when sustaining a catastrophic injury leaving the far turn, then was euthanized on the track.” Golden was four years old, and this was his 11th time under the whip.

Dead “athletes” every day – this is horseracing.

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  1. Here we go again with “track safety” in question. Yeah, right. Why don’t we just close the Laurel track down indefinitely. No more racing at Laurel. No more horses killed at Laurel. The same with all racetracks where horses are fatally injured and dead because their greedy horse-killing human scumbag connections are in it for the money, the cheap thrills, their scumbag evil egos and they love causing harm and death to horses. If they didn’t love hurting and killing horses, they would stop. If they didn’t love hurting and killing horses, they would get out of this filthy scumbag racketeering business masquerading as a “sport” (which is a total scam)!!!!!

  2. Yes, the Stronach Killing Factory admitted to destroying (at least) one more of its beloved athletes today.
    But, shhhhhh! Don’t let (the humorously-named) Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority find about about this kill. Because HISA’s doing top-notch work right now, convincing the animal-loving public that they’re “reducing and hopefully eliminating” thoroughbred racehorse deaths. In fact, they’ve apparently already achieved this lofty goal, since the total number of their TB fatality reports still stands at ZERO — even as we all see the death rate actually RISING under their watch.
    (*HISA: So much Integrity. So much Safety;)

      • I can’t imagine anyone believing anything that ridiculously false.

        • And yet, that is nearly verbatim how (the hilariously-titled) HISA’s CEO, Lisa Lazarus, described her trade group’s mission: “To reduce, and hopefully eliminate, fatal injuries in racehorses.”
          Of course, all racing insiders, regardless of their stance on HISA, dutifully applauded even this suggestion of a potential improvement, while knowing full well the exact opposite is occurring: fewer horses racing, but equal (or more!) fatalities. Yay, HISA!

          • All I know is the humans who were against HISA, were the worst of the worst. Victoria Keith for instance….Eight Belles, can never be unseen….normal woman who witnessed THAT, would have gotten out of this horror. BUT, that dipshit (her boss) rick porter, probably set her up with keeping his horror show of stable of horses going on. She profited off of rick porter….so let’s keep this shit show rolling. Notice kelly, Victoria doesn’t want horse racing to end, even after the most horrific ever(Eight Belles), Personally, I will NEVER get that image of Eight Belles frantically trying to get back up….with NO front legs! She DIDN’T want to die. But, apparently it’s OK…with a certain type of human who wants to keep profiting off of horse racing. All I know is *I* have had ENOUGH. It’s whatever you can live with.

            • As an anti-racing activist, I *was* receptive to the idea of HISA, knowing they’d hang the whole industry with even an iota of public transparency about nationwide horse fatalities. Pretty sure they realized this, too. Thus they won’t release ANY of the data they’re supposed to be collecting about “horse safety” (or, rather, lack thereof).
              (HISA revealing dead-horse numbers would piss off literally everyone in U.S. thoroughbred racing. As a private industry trade group, they can’t have that:)

              • The “Authority” is made up of horse-abusing, horse-doping, horse-killing industry insiders and some outsiders nominated by the blue-ribbon nominating committee. The members of this ridiculously named committee did not disclose their own name or names. Why would they disclose the neverending list of horses killed daily by the industry that feeds them?

                • Excellent point. Because they’re trying to be perceived as (ha ha) federal “regulators”??
                  Every industry with required national “safety” oversight should keep their so-called accident numbers hidden the way HISA does. Though it probably wouldn’t go over too well if, say, the NTSB refused to report train wrecks because doing so might tarnish the image of the rail lines;)

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