Trainer on One of His Horses: “She’s like a little ATM.”

From the “right from their mouths” department…

In a recent Harness Link letter to the editor, a United States Trotting Association (USTA) director, David Siegel, took his industry to task for not signing on to HISA. In it, he writes: “The primary reason I think the USTA continually errs regarding this legislation is that it fails to think properly about protecting the many legislative achievements the various horsemen’s groups have attained in the so-called slot states.” Then this, as if to underscore to his colleagues what they’re risking: “More than 90% of the purse monies come from these favorable arrangements.”

Oh those “favorable arrangements,” or as everyone outside the industry calls them – subsidies. Imagine, “more than 90%” of purse money funded by taxpayers. It’s obscene, but it’s also no mystery why Mr. Siegel is sounding the alarm.

Then there was a New York Racing Association profile of trainer Kerry Metivier this past Monday. Most of it, as fully expected, was trash, but one quote did catch my eye. Speaking of his horse Handle the Truth, Metivier says: “She’s like a little ATM. When you need a little boost, you enter her.”

Says it all, huh? By the way, in her most recent race, Mar 26 at Aqueduct, the “little ATM” finished third, “boosting” Metivier’s bank account by $3,360.

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  1. They aren’t just ATMs for their owners and trainers, but also for the breeders. Many states offer breeder incentives, so they get free money for creating a horse that will, more often than not, be thrown away when done. Most breeders don’t care what happens to that horse once it’s off their property, and they wash their hands of them.

  2. It’s only a matter of time when she will start costing more to keep than she gets back from win, place, show or whatever fraction of the purse she “wins”. She may not be a convenient tax write-off if she can’t run in races at some point.
    If they don’t kill her on, or at, the racetrack, her connections could use her as a broodmare, maybe. Otherwise, this “little ATM” will be disposed of in whatever way is the most convenient for those people who exploit horses for money. You know, just a little something to put on the “credit side of the ledger” and then move on (to the next equine victim).

  3. That is just quite the way to speak about this animal in reference to an ATM machine – this is just what all of these f*ckers think about the horses – money, money, money and when there isn’t anymore then to hell with the horse – get rid of it. This is so sad and this is just another ignorant f*cker involved with animals that should never have been. We don’t think your comments are “cute” – we think we are just another waste of skin.

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