They Just Don’t Give a Damn

Yes, we all know horseracing kills (HW estimates six deaths at U.S. tracks every single day), but what makes my hatred that much more intense is the attitude toward that killing. The occasional torrent of prayers and condolences – though never for cheap claimers, of course – on social media notwithstanding, the racing people are inured to a certain level of killing. For them, dead horses are just part of the “game.”

Here is the replay of Waites Kingdom’s death at Mahoning yesterday. Listen as the track announcer coldly, matter-of-factly relays it, then, even worse, narrates the “Winner’s Circle” celebration and preps his audience for the next race…

Then there’s this note from Parx yesterday: “Obstinate injured herself in the starting gate and was ordered a late scratch.” We won’t know till my FOIA whether her self-inflicted wound was fatal. This is horseracing.

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  1. Nor have they ever given a dam about the horses…they are nothing more than sleazy..greedy ..pos…

  2. None of these bastards give a god damn about the horses – none of them – this horse racing is bullshit and needs to be shut down world wide. The almighty dollar just keeps killing these horses daily. F*ck what is wrong with this world and the people in it.

    • Midnight Vow who passed a few days ago and was scheduled to run today now at Santa Anita a scratch. Pathetic

  3. No shock, no surprise, no sense of alarm in the announcer’s voice at all; just another day on the clock at the races; the announcer’s paycheck to be forthcoming whenever payday is for the staff working this meat grinder shit show.
    Horseracing is Animal Cruelty!
    Horseracing must be stopped!

  4. The horse that won this race will most likely, very possibly, end up dying on the racetrack eventually or sold to a killbuyer and end up in the slaughterhouse.

  5. Nope, they couldn’t care less. But there’s definitely an industry-wide push to create the ILLUSION of giving a damn, every time a horse gets pulled up — or goes down. It’s always fascinating to read queries about a given injured racehorse’s outcome from racing “fans” (addicts), as if the dead-or-alive answer will mean anything at all to them. So I’ve taken to asking them on Twitter why they want to know. I mean, I’d like to know, because I am an anti-racing advocate. But actual fans? Horseplayers? Racing supporters? What difference could it possibly make for them to find out these six-times-a-day fatalities are, in fact, fatalities?
    (So far, their responses have been nil. Unless you count being blocked without reply a response. Which I do;)

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