As mentioned when I filed the New Mexico 2022 report, there may be more coming. Here’s one: Axis Charm, suffered multiple fractures in the 4th at Sunray May 7 – euthanized. She was three years old.

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  1. Business as usual in the horseracing industry. And its shamelessness makes it ever so more repugnant and vile.

  2. I read in a recent racing industry publication online that there is a shortage of regulatory veterinarians in New Mexico.
    There are no excuses for anyone to engage in this egregiously barbaric and cruel ENSLAVEMENT of beautiful horses; however, I believe that a lack of “traffic police” or regulatory veterinarians makes it a lot easier for the worst offenders to get away with a lot more violations of the rules and regulations. In horse racing, where horses are ROUTINELY abused and neglected in various ways, there are those “trainers” who will take advantage more so than usual.

    • Raul Velarde Vega, a trainer who races both Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses, was summarily suspended after a young filly was scratched from a race in March at Sunland Park due to an obvious case of abuse and neglect of this filly. The pictures of the filly are in the PR article online.
      There was no pre-race exam (of this obviously abused and neglected filly) in the morning, because allegedly there were NOT ENOUGH REGULATORY VETERINARIANS to do pre-race exams in the mornings at Sunland Park in New Mexico.
      The filly’s name is CAUSE FOR LOVE TOO and she was first reported to be a Quarter Horse but later a correction was made to say that she is a Thoroughbred. The article states that the owner is Erika Aldrete.
      The owner and the trainer are definitely guilty of abuse and neglect of a young filly exploited for racing. They should be punished for their misdeeds far more severely than what has been reported so far.

  3. Two things you can count on absolutely in good old USA….horses being killed because of horse racing, number two, mass murders via gun violence.

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