New Mexico: “Trauma to Head”; “Fractured Spine”; “Broken Neck”; “Epistaxis”; and More…

Through a FOIA request to the New Mexico Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks last year (this is part 2; part 1 here). (There may be more coming, as I’ve questioned the thoroughness of their records.)

Starry Midnight, Mar 26, Sunland R – “trauma to head in gate” (first ever race)
Smoke Cash Corona (sic), Apr 23, Albuquerque S – “colic, died, no vet present”
Henry III, May 18, Ruidoso T – “fractured spine” (two years old)
Hes Grandioise, Jun 19, Ruidoso S – “pleuropneumonia”
Action Junky, Jun 19, Ruidoso T – “humeral fracture”
Big June Bug, Jun 24, Ruidoso R – “collapsed post-race, died” (two years old)
Mr C Jess Curves, Jul 8, Ruidoso R – “fractured scapula” (two years old)
Key to the City, Jul 15, Ruidoso S – “colic, enteritis – not sustainable”
Super Queen, Jul 15, Ruidoso R – “slab fracture”
Wente, Jul 16, Ruidoso R – “[multiple] fractures, luxated joint”
F S Positrack, Jul 17, Ruidoso R – “[multiple] fractures, luxated joint”
Manoso, Jul 17, Ruidoso R (euth Jul 19) – “[injured], euthanized”
Flashy an Sassy, Jul 24, Ruidoso R – “fractured cannon, disarticulation”
Kvn Soul Sister, Aug 1, Ruidoso T – “broken neck” (two years old)
Sissys Passion, Aug 7, Ruidoso R – “fractured humerus”
Verstappen, Aug 19, Ruidoso R – “vanned off, euthanized”
Apollitical Favorite, Aug 20, Ruidoso R – “vanned off, euthanized”
Six Shaker, Aug 21, Ruidoso R – “fractured knee”
Apolitical Clover, Aug 25, Ruidoso T – “died [just died, not euthanized]” (two years old)
Feelin Tipsy, Aug 28, Albuquerque T – “skull fracture – died” (two years old)
Clean Outta Sight, Sep 3, Ruidoso R – “fell – euthanized”
Tiz Donna Bella, Sep 4, Albuquerque R – “[multiple] fractures”
Texana, Sep 10, Albuquerque S – “colic”
Malibu Shore, Sep 13, Albuquerque S – “colic, died in stall [not euthanized]”
Bright Way, Sep 17, Albuquerque R – “sudden death on track – epistaxis”
Ilikerollin, Sep 28, Albuquerque T – “sudden death on track” (four years old)
Bh Four Whites, Oct 16, Zia R – “[multiple] compound fractures”
Zillah’s Cookies, Oct 23, Zia T – “hit ground, head/neck trauma” (two years old)
My Bad, Oct 24, Zia R – “[multiple] fractures”
Mr Tres Effort, Oct 30, Zia R – “fell, unable to rise – fractured spine” (two years old)
Snowin’ On Raton, Nov 5, Zia T – “broken cannon” (two years old)
Df Fabulous Scout, Nov 13, Zia R – “comminuted fracture” (second race in nine days)
Tommys Diamond, Nov 19, Zia R – “fell: RF fracture”
Revana, Nov 20, Zia T – “fell: fractured radius and ulna”
Apollitical Papa, Nov 20, Zia R (died Nov 27) – “[in gate]: broken tooth, laceration”
VA Prolific, Nov 27, Zia R – “fell, paralysis – fractured spine”
James Cartel, Dec 7, Zia R – “fractures, laceration, pulmonary hemorrhage”
Outta Debt, Dec 11, Zia R – “[multiple] fractures, disarticulation”
Autumn Touch, Dec 12, Zia R – “grade III lame, euthanized”
Impeaching, Dec 14, Zia T – “[multiple] comminuted fractures”

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