Los Al Strikes Again, Fourth Kill This Month

Feeling Well, says the CHRB, was killed while training this morning at Los Alamitos. She was two years old and being prepped for her debut.


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  1. One of the more fascinating (and frustrating) aspects of listening to CHRB meetings each month is hearing the (esteemed) Board as they bluster their way through the horse-killing tendencies of whichever California track is having its regularly-scheduled Death Spike.
    Last week’s meeting was no different, as racing commissioners tried to turn Los Al Horse Hell’s latest carnagefest into actual PRAISE for the track’s “safety concerns.” It was obscene. But, then again, what isn’t obscene about racing’s so-called regulators? They exist solely to keep the Killing Show running — and, above all, lucrative for its worst abusers.
    (Good thing they’ve got no meeting scheduled for February; it’ll give ’em extra time to rehearse their praise for Ol’ Doc Allred and all his cronies for the killing of the appallingly-named Feeling Well.)

  2. Horseracing just never stops being despicable, because the abuse, brutality, cruelty, maiming and killing continue without blinking an eye in this industry.
    Horse racing is despicable exploitation of horses.

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