Jockey Left “Visible Injuries,” Got Wrist Slapped

A recently-posted ruling from Ohio: “On March 7, a hearing was held for Jockey Angel Diaz for an alleged violation for misuse of the whip on his mount Colombard during the 7th race at Mahoning March 5. The horse, winner of the race, was examined by the Track Vet and was seen to have visible injuries from Mr. Diaz’s use of the whip.”

Ruling: guilty, fined $500, suspended five days. But, those penalties were “reduced to $250 and three days without appeal.” Yes, that’s right, you can beat your horse so hard you leave (what I presume were) welts, but as long as you don’t fight it we’ll cut you some slack. By the way, on the chart, Colombard was said to have “prevailed under strong handling.” I’ll say. The now-six-year-old has been raced 10 times since – four under the yoke of Diaz – and 46 in all.

Then this from Delaware: “Groom Jose Lopez, having tested positive for heroin and cocaine at Delaware Park on September 16, is hereby summarily suspended pending a hearing.” More of racing’s finest working with our poor horses.


    • If you touched him with the tip of your index finger WITHOUT HIS PERMISSION, and he wanted to be a real punk about it and report you for assault, and lied and said you did worse things in the event that you did not do worse things to him, you could be arrested for Fourth Degree Assault. So if you really beat the crap out of him…oh, wait — gave him some STRONG HANDLING, you could and probably would be arrested, handcuffed and required to go through the process of being treated like a criminal, an actual criminal.
      The fine for touching someone with your finger without their permission would be in the range of what his fine is for admitting, at least indirectly, that he violated the whip rules (excessive whipping leaving marks or welts/ visible INJURIES on the horse) by NOT APPEALING THE CHARGE. When they don’t appeal the charge, it’s an indirect admission that they were/are guilty of the charge, in my opinion.

  1. These beautiful, innocent animals, trapped in this man made cesspool, surrounded by these revolting , two legged parasites.

  2. ohio racing allows jackets to beat their horses. poor horse will die from this kind of treatment

  3. But wait- I thought the new and improved nerf type whips couldn’t hurt horses! Isn’t that what we are always told?? And that whipping doesn’t hurt horses at all- it’s for “safety”, and to make sure they can be steered with a whip! So, racing folks – it IS a lie!!
    Yesterday a horse swerved right into the back end of another horse at Parx- “appeared to clip heels and fell”. Why didn’t the whip prevent that? Now a vet sees welts on another horse… what a bunch of bullshit the racing folks try to feed the unknowing public! Thank you, Patrick, for bringing these types of incidences to the public’s attention.

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