One Horse (Beverly Park) in 2022: 9 States, 14 Tracks – 30 Races. His Abuser: “This is a business.”

Saturday afternoon, Norman Cash will race Beverly Park at Fair Grounds in Louisiana. It will be the 5-year-old’s 47th race – but 30th just this year. That’s 30 races, one year (all under Cash). To make matters more abhorrent, after Saturday, Beverly will have been trucked to, and raced at, 14 different tracks, in 9 different states in 2022.

Starting the year at Oaklawn in Arkansas, Beverly was then raced at Charles Town in West Virginia, 12 days later. 9 days after that, Turfway in Kentucky. 4 days – yes, 4 days – later, Laurel in Maryland. After another race at Laurel on Feb 13, he was shipped back to West Virginia and raced at CT on Feb 18 – yes, 5 days later. On to Ohio and a race at Mahoning, again just 5 days after the last. That’s 3 races in 11 days.

And on and on it went. From Ohio, to Maryland, to West Virginia, to Kentucky, to West Virginia, to Maryland, to West Virginia, to New Jersey, to Ohio, to Kentucky, to Ohio, to Delaware, to Virginia, to Maryland, to Kentucky, to West Virginia, to Kentucky, to West Virginia, to Ohio. And to Louisiana Saturday. Again, all this year.

In a TDN article on Cash in May, the owner/trainer explained his philosophy: “Necessity is the mother of invention. My wife and I own all our horses. The bills come due. They cost money to keep, cost money to feed, cost money to exercise. We are trying to remain profitable. This is a business. If we don’t run, we don’t get paid. I am trying to make this profitable for the owner and that’s because I am the owner.”

Should you be so inclined…

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Scott Jones, Racing Secretary: 504-948-1244


  1. Sadly, it is a business, these animals are only considered flesh machines, and easily expendable ones at that. From the moment they are bred, to the auctions, to the millions paid that eventually die running or worse sold for meat. It’s a horrid industry. But I must say, bearing witness to the equine world for a lifetime, each sport has it’s dark side. Racing is the worst…

  2. Forced “Child Labor” was once also a common/widespread/profitable “business,” as well, in astonishingly-brutal factory sweatshops across the United States —[and, as we all know, it very sadly still is, i.e., in many parts of the world]— but just because using Child Labor, back then across the United States, made their businesses “profitable,” using Child Labor was ~*still*~ morally, ethically, and reprehensibly ………… WRONG.
    ‘Just like contemporary Horseracing, in its astonishing brutality, is ~*still*~ morally, ethically, and reprehensibly ………… WRONG, you know.

  3. The treatment of this horse is NOT HORSEMANSHIP!!!!! It is ABUSE!!!!!
    It is not even common sense. It is straight up Animal Cruelty and Animal Abuse! The ill treatment of this horse, BEVERLY PARK, violates the ANIMAL WELFARE ethics, code of conduct, rules and, in some cases, laws that are written in the government laws somewhere. [California has (symbol) 1902.5. Animal Welfare…] Whether these common sense rules are written or assumed or both, it is not even close to being TRUE HORSEMANSHIP in a moral or ethical OR LITERAL sense.
    It costs a lot of freaking money to haul a horse for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles…!!!!!
    This lame excuse for a trainer and owner, Norman Cash, would have to have a lot of freaking money stashed away (or someone who enables his propensity to inflict INHUMANE TREATMENT on a horse) in order to travel that much just on that point alone!
    Another point of contention is that if this horse were a race car, a literal machine and not a horse (a living, breathing animal), it would be necessary to have a lot of EXPENSIVE things done to a literal machine, a car, because EVERY TIME a race car is driven the maintenance (AND replacement parts) is an absolute necessity. I believe this horse would have been injected with the ILLEGAL MILKSHAKE RACE INJECTION whether it was bought off the internet or concocted by Norman Cash himself, or maybe his wife or someone else acting in a likewise CRIMINAL MANNER. A living, breathing animal (or human) doesn’t snap back like a rubber band. The muscles get fatigued, stiff and sore. This is not to mention the wear and tear on the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and the vital organs including the stomach. One can question the number and degrees of severity of ulcers this horse might be suffering from. His heart and lungs will be overextended to the point of death one of these days and the excuse is “it’s a business” to anyone who asks. I don’t need to ask. This lame excuse for an owner/trainer should be punished by law for the multiple infractions regarding the ill treatment of this horse! Everyone who enabled and continues to enable this type of Animal Cruelty must be stopped and punished for their criminal activities!

    • Horse-racing people–it doesn’t matter in what form they appear–ARE NOT HORSEMEN! They are lazy, good-for-nothing equine leeches. They suck the life out of these intelligent, gentle, innocent creatures. The very idea that they would express even a wisp of sadness or regret when one of their much beloved??? horses snaps a leg and falls to the dirt in agony is more remote than finding life on the sun. Racing will end. If humanity is to evolve, it must. There is no place in a truly “civilized”, compassionate society for this stomach-turning carnage.

  4. To read the BloodyHorse story cited above, you’d think the over-racing of poor Beverly Park is a GOOD thing.
    Um, no, racing press. It’s even more cruel than the usual cruelty glorification you guys specialize in. Worse, your publicity encourages other greedy cretins in your biz to run their horses into the ground at an even more accelerated rate.
    But, that’s what you do, as racing “journalists,” isn’t it? Grow the Game at all costs, then slither away when the inevitable happens. Because you see nothing — and say nothing — that is remotely WRONG in your sick game.

    • The modus operandi of all racing industry press personnel at the “BloodyHorse” would be “it’s a business” as you know.

  5. I noticed zero comments on the Thoroughbred Daily News article decrying this continued abuse of Beverly Park for the greed and ego of owner/trainer Cash (appropriately named) and the racing industry. I ask: Where are the “good people” in racing that we hear about?

    In 2009, the American Association of Equine Practitioners Racing Task Force issued a White Paper entitled, “Putting the Horse First: Veterinary Recommendations for the Safety and Welfare of the Thoroughbred Racehorse”. Excerpt from Page 4:

    “In order to put the safety and welfare of the horse first in the business model of racing, the AAEP recommends:
    “A critical analysis by the racing industry of the safety and welfare implications of the current schedules, procedures and policies surrounding the conditioning, sale and racing of two-year-old horses.
    “A period of rest for all horses to provide an opportunity to refresh and diminish the volume of persistent cyclic loading that occurs in the absence of rest.
    “No horse shall be permitted to race within 10 days of its last start.
    “Every horse entered to race shall be on association grounds in sufficient time to have a pre-race veterinary inspection for racing soundness by the regulatory veterinarian.
    “Standardization and enhancement of pre-race and post-race veterinary examinations with mandatory cross-jurisdictional sharing of information.
    “In those jurisdictions that practice it, racetrack management must discontinue the coercion of trainers to enter horses according to stall allotment. “

    These members of the AAEP Racing Task Force signed onto that paper and many are still involved in racing earning lucrative salaries. Don’t you care anymore about “Putting the Horse First”?
    “Jay Addison, DVM
    Chip Johnson, DVM
    Kathleen Anderson, DVM
    John Kimmel, DVM
    Rick Arthur, DVM
    Robert Lewis, DVM
    Don Baker, DVM
    Wayne McIlwraith, BVSc
    Jeff Blea, DVM
    Nicholas Meittinis, DVM
    Larry Bramlage, DVM
    John Mitchell, DVM
    Tom Brokken, DVM
    Foster Northrop, DVM, Vice Chair
    Doug Corey, DVM
    Gary Norwood, DVM
    Reynolds Cowles, DVM
    Scott Palmer, VMD, Chair
    Tom David, DVM
    Gregg Scoggins, DVM
    Steve Dey, DVM
    Mary Scollay, DVM
    Kevin Dunlavy, DVM Bruce Solomon, DVM
    Jim Gilman, DVM Keith Soring, DVM
    Eleanor Green, DVM Harry Werner, VMD
    Scott Hay, DVM Nat White, DVM
    Steve Hurlburt, DVM John Whittaker, DVM
    Martin Ivey, DVM Daniel A. Wilson, DVM
    Bryan Young, DVM”

    No one involved in the horse racing industry has any concern whatsoever for “putting the horse first”. Disgusting.

    • Yes, the fact of exploiting horses to literal death is extremely disgusting! The lip service (in writing) about “protecting horses” is very deceitful!!!!! The discretionary powers of the racing commissions is something that is allowing so much more ABUSE of horses than an uninformed person could imagine or believe without the benefit of the information shared on this site in addition to personal experience, in my opinion.

  6. I looked up the original article and left a comment there. There wasn’t any but now there’s mine. At least I hope they add it.

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