Postscript on a Kill: “Hair Was Present on the Steel Frame”

Three days ago, I relayed the killing of Keri Brion-trained Machenbank in Virginia. The stewards, in their report, have added these macabre details:

“Machinbank [sic] jumped the second-to-last fence and, about 10 strides after landing, suffered a compound fracture of his right hind cannon bone. He was euthanized on the course. Upon inspection of the fence…it was reported that the roll had been compressed under the steel frame, hair was present on the frame, and a footprint was visible on the plastic brush. [I]t may be that he attempted to bank the fence and was injured in that attempt followed very shortly by the catastrophic fracture.”

But it gets worse. From the summary:

“The course was smooth and even. It has never been in better shape. The Race Committee’s hard work and attention to detail was on full display. Overall things ran smoothly, despite the unavoidable delay following the first race.”

Great to hear “things ran smoothly” – aside from that “unavoidable delay” caused by a dying/dead horse on the track. How do these people sleep at night?

By the way, this also happened that day: “Twenty Years On was pulled up four fences from home with a ruptured tendon; Lucky Soul was noticeably lame upon pulling up.”


  1. These people can be counted on for a sickening display of self-righteous lip service to themselves while they are causing harm and death to horses for money and entertainment. This is what I call morally depraved. There is something seriously wrong with these people that they can hurt horses and kill horses and say what a great job they did. Horseracing is horse-killing. More people need to be aware of this fact!

  2. KERI BRION is the abuser and killer, but it’s not only her to blame.
    She’s in business because owners send and pay for the horses they send to her.
    They knowingly and willingly send horses to a trainer who has an established record of abusing and killing horses.
    It’s not only her, but owners send horses, repeatedly, to trainers who are serial horse killers.
    They are all horrific, but for me it’s the owners.
    Why would you send your horse to somebody who has a repeated and high rate of kills?
    Why would you even be in this business in the first place and, even worse, stay in a business that you are, essentially, paying to kill your horse?
    These owners are just as sadistic, demented and delusional as the trainers they send them to.
    They are all nuts and they all live in the same shell.

  3. Yep, their hard work and attention to detail was on full display……with yet another horse dying on the course they so proudly maintain.

  4. There is a big event today with the Steeplechase televised on FS1 and 2. All the trainers we find deplorable participating. So with that being said, you can bet that there will be carnage during great weather family fun day. Very seldom if 10 horses start this barbaric event, that 10 never cross the finish line on all fours. By the way, The Mean Queen one of Brion’s prize jumpers has an injury and will not participate today. Now how in the world did that happen???

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