Keri Brion (et al.) Kills Again

In the 1st Saturday at Glenwood Park at Middleburg – “Virginia’s Oldest Steeplechase, Est. 1921” – Machenbank, according to the chartwriter, “was pulled up before the last fence and vanned off.” In fact, I have confirmed, he broke his leg and is dead. Said his owner, Patrick Lewis, on Twitter: “This game is tough on the best days and brutal on the worst. He was a good boy and will be missed.” You, sir, are despicable – a perfect match for the trainer you hired: Keri Brion.


  1. “This game”?! It figures a morally depraved individual would think of the exploitation, abuse, and killing of sentient beings as a game. The only ones who lose are the horses – their health, their sanity, and finally, their lives.

  2. “He was a good boy.” So you put him in a situation that you describe as “brutal”? “He will be missed.” Somehow, I doubt that. Poor, poor, horses that wind up in the hands of people like this.

  3. Of course this horse will be missed, the very horse that these vile people insist are treated like ‘family members’ Oh but wait a minute, he’ll only be ‘missed’ until the insurance money and slaughterhouse money is collected and then its time ‘to move on to the next victim’ of this heartless, soul-less ‘sport’

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