WV Exec Director Says He “Can Do Nothing” on Sipp

Yet another of Burton Sipp’s abused slaves, Captain D, was put to the whip Monday at Mountaineer: dead-last, 33+ lengths back. Sipp, of course, laughed all the way to the bank, as Mountaineer, being a taxpayer-subsidized operation, paid him anyway.

In light of the above, and everything else written on this hellhole of a track, I thought it might be instructive to share this email I received from a reader who made calls to West Virginia, specifically to Joe Moore, the Racing Commission’s executive director.

Hello Patrick. I phoned Joe Moore regarding Mutashabeh and Salt On the Rim. His response in regard to Sipp’s suspension was that his permit in WV is in order and any suspension elsewhere has no bearing at Mountaineer.

I addressed the egregious brutality in continuing to race Mutashabeh, who obviously can no longer race. He answered that if a horse passes the veterinary pre-race exam, he can legally enter the race. I told him that Mutashabeh cannot be in good health and could not pass other than a cursory exam, if that.

I informed Moore that I have rescued numerous OTTBs for many years. I stated that he is literally running for his life, akin to being enslaved, and that a pre-race exam cannot reveal a horse’s true health. I also addressed Salt’s advanced age. He responded that her age was irrelevant as she had placed second in a previous race. Regardless, he said he could do nothing.

And there it is.



  2. Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. He is not a good man who, without a protest, allows wrong to be committed in his name, and with the means which he helps to supply, because he will not trouble himself to use his mind on the subject.
    John Stuart Mill 1867

  3. If they could force a dead racehorse to run, they would do it. As long as these die-hard horse-abusing, horse-killing, gambling racket degenerates can eke out a so-called livelihood exploiting horses for racing, wagering, breeding, meat, money, ego trips, cheap thrills and to satisfy their moral depravity of torturing horses because they’re just straight up sadistic, they will continue to do this. I would love to see these criminals busted for the felonies and misdemeanors they commit and, of course, for the legislature to redirect any and all government subsidies and government-directed benefits that are going to horseracing and legally recognize the crimes committed against horses by these morally depraved people.
    The legislators in West Virginia need to get busy sponsoring bills that will eventually bring a halt to the travesty of publicly funding these criminals and their (egregious-cruelty-to-horses-for-corporate-welfare) cruelty to horses.

  4. Sounds like he is trying to “wash his hands” of any responsibility, but he is every bit to blame for these horses’ imminent breakdown and death as the owner and trainer. This entire industry and everyone involved from the top to the bottom is beyond vomit-inducing.

  5. I have made many calls to different commissions and stewards and it is always the same answer- nothing can be done.
    They hide behind their cohorts, track veterinarians, trainers/owners and of course the lack of any rule (by design) that might prevent abuse of the horse. The likes of Joe Moore are even more guilty of egregious abuse than the Sipps of racing because they choose to do nothing when they could.
    Well there is something that can be done and it will happen. This nefarious business that survives on horse cruelty will end.

  6. The horseracing industry has drafted its rules to ensure that its racing administrators and the like have the final say to permit a horse to race.
    This particular case of the notorious Burton Sipp and his horses and Joe Moore of West Virginia Racing Commission is a classic example. Moore has the constant satisfaction of being in the position of knowing that whatever comes up in relation to the welfare of a racehorse e.g. member of the public lodges a formal complaint, he just refers to the rules and declares he can do nothing.

    The show must go on…

    Years ago I lodged a formal complaint to the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission in relation to a trainer and horse similar to Sipp/Mutashabeh and received a written response from Dr Mary Scollay. Horse was found to be sound. I then received communications from the trainer threatening to take legal action against me – I responded that my lawyers are ready. Horse and trainer continued on in another state. No way in the whole wide world was that horse fit to race. One of the wonderful women who used to be a regular commenter on HW years ago bought him and he went to a forever home.

  7. Someone just needs to go pay Sipp the claiming price and take them away. Of course, only more will follow, leading to more of the same. The only real answer is to end horse racing. I think it’s absolutely horrible that there is such little regard for the horses’ well being. Just plain brutal animal abuse.

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