“Expired in Her Stall” at Finger Lakes

This for Lucky Sitka at Finger Lakes Saturday: “expired in her stall, unresolved colic.” She was four years old and last put to the whip Aug 22 at this same track.

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  1. Their SECRET MEDICAL VET TREATMENT records are 100% non-transparent for any external neutral agency to view.
    LUCKY SITKA was, most likely, intentionally and maliciously forced to suffer because colic is one of the most painful conditions that a horse can endure, but it’s treatable.
    The majority of trainers and owners at Finger Lakes CAN NOT AFFORD TO OWN A RACEHORSE OR GIVE IT PROPER MEDICAL CARE & TREATMENT.
    There’s no doubt in my mind that critical vet care was intentionally withheld from this poor victim as she suffered in her stall.
    Even worse, there will be ZIPPO accountability or punishment for this CRIME that falls under our Felony Animal Cruelty laws.
    Horse racing protects their abusers and killers under their racing commissions and they’ve been doing this for years.
    I will light a candle for you LUCKY STIKA and I will light one big candle for the END of this grotesque, horrific, vile killing business.

    • I was under the impression there was a provision for necessary euthanasia even if the owner could not afford it.
      You are right Gina, most of these people can’t afford to provide care for the horse and some that can afford it won’t do it
      However, most of these people can swing joint injections and other stuff to keep getting the horses to the gate.
      How that poor horse suffered and no help from her”loving family”!!

    • Colic affects horses in different ways, whether you are turned out 24/7 or are stalled, colic is an absolute nightmare for any horse owner along with laminitis, how the hell do you know this horse wasn’t getting treated???

  2. Not only was (un)LUCKY SITKA confined to a stall for 23 hours a day and isolated, but also was abandoned for several of those 23 hours.
    There is a remote possibility SHE COULD HAVE BEEN ELECTROCUTED and they said SHE DIED OF COLIC AS AN EXCUSE. Since she was being raced as a CLAIMER at a LOW LEVEL TRACK, PROBABLY JUST LEFT TO DIE ON PURPOSE. Owner: DLM Stables LLC, Trainer: Michael S. Ferraro.

    • I can think of nothing more vile than leaving a dependent living creature in an agonizing way and ignoring the whole scenario.

      • There’s another horse that was killed fairly recently and the trainer was Ferraro; Michael S. Ferraro. Do you remember the name of that horse offhand?

        • No, but he’s running OUR CARAVAN into the ground.
          This 11 y.o gelding (yes 11 y.o if you can imagine that!) is a multiple stake winner in his younger age and earned over $653,526.
          He’s been claimed so many times and is now under the custody of Michael S. Ferraro at Finger Lakes.
          As he gets dropped down lower and lower he still performs and that his downfall.
          They just keep running him until he either gets claimed again or dies.
          Now Mr. McKenna you forgot to mention the facts on your “walking dead” category.
          Racehorses like OUR CARAVAN who has more than served your vile business and has more than earned a soft landing UNIKE YOU and your overpaid salary for your lip service.
          Your business watches this abuse go on and doesn’t do anything about it because you know damn well that your aftercare spots are overloaded.
          This poor gelding is going through hell and has never been given a break.
          11 years of solitary confinement for a crime that he has never committed, instead, making over $653,526 and STILL NOT ENOUGH as long as there’s one drop of sweat/blood left.
          You all make me sick.

          • Thank you, Gina. I am learning more about what kind of person this Michael S. Ferraro is. In one of the articles, he is referred to as “The Godfather” and he was banned from Finger Lakes in 1989 due to a fixed race investigation. The FBI was involved in that. I didn’t read yet how he got back in.

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