Racehorses and Colic, Laminitis, and Pleuropneumonia

Horseracing apologists are forever crying how unfair it is for us to characterize stall deaths as industry casualties. These deaths, they say, can and do happen to horses everywhere horses are kept. Well, leaving aside that racehorses are enslaved – yes, I realize that’s inflammatory, but it is what it is – and anything that happens to a slave is the slaveowner’s responsibility, we do have science to bolster the case.

The three most common causes of stall deaths are colic, laminitis, and pleuropneumonia. Yes, of course horses die of these the world over, but…

Colic: A study by Dr. Nathaniel White, professor of surgery at Marion DuPont Scott Equine Medical Center, identified risk factors for developing colic. There were only three that presented a “higher than normal” risk: fed grain before hay at meals; horses in training for racing or eventing; horses confined to stall more than 12 hrs/day. In addition, gastric ulcers are, at the very least, associated with colic; research indicates that up to 90% of active racehorses suffer from ulcers, most chronic, many severe.

Laminitis: According to the American Association of Equine Practitioners, three of the most common causes of laminitis are: excessive concussion to the feet (like the pounding a racehorse’s feet are forced to absorb); excessive weight-bearing on one leg due to injury of another leg (see Barbaro); severe colic (see above).

Pleuropneumonia: From the Merck Veterinary Manual: “Race and sport horses are particularly at risk [of developing pleuropneumonia]. The majority of horses with pleuropneumonia are athletic [emphasis added] horses younger than 5 years old.”

And that, is that.

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  1. Nothing is too inflammatory to say about the business of Horseracing. This past Thursday at Oaklawn Park, Genaro Garcia, who was the leading trainer at Indiana Grand and trying to become the leading dirtbag at Oaklawn, had another horse breakdown there on the track after a pathetic performance dropping back 25 or 30 lengths and then falling after barely making the finish line. And after looking at Critic’s past performances you could see he had not been trying to race at all. Of course Oaklawn did not show the accident but professional tout Nancy Holthus put a message on Twitter that “prayers were needed for Rocco Bowen” who was hurt in a fall in the 9th race. Naturally she said nothing about his horse. When I looked it up in the PDF chart I found the description: worse than Critic’s other races but obviously leading up to the poor race and fall. Anyone could see that the horse had something wrong with it before it was entered or something happened during his races. Why would you continue to enter a horse like this without doing extensive diagnostic work? Because you are a stupid uneducated piece of garbage. And this is what the Leading Trainer title is all about. Entering poor and sick horses and being totally callous as to their suffering. Leading Trainer is synonomous with horse torturer. Oh, and the Oaklawn Contact us form is working now. But it might not be after the message I Ieft for whatever they call “stewards”. Stewards are supposed to protect the horses. Ha ha You can’t work for the track and protect the horses at the same time. Filth

    • Horse racing and men like Genaro and so many others….THIS IS the face of PURE EVIL. They send these innocents out to their DEATHS. May the evil Cretans in this industry ROT.

  2. Healthy horses become ill when they are treated like enslaved objects by uncaring, greedy slave-owners.. Horses are living creatures just like humans. When they are starved they suffer from starvation and malnutrition Abused, neglected horses become sick just like people do. Horses grieve like humans do. They feel lonely when they are isolated just like we do. They grieve over the loss of mates and family just like we do. Horses die when they are brutally driven, drugged and whipped to perform just like human slaves do. They have fatal accidents just like human slaves do when they are driven to perform by a brutal slave-owner’s uncaring whip. . HORSE RACING is WRONG! HORSE RACING is a CRUEL abuse of power of a living being by another. Racing horses not fun for the horse. It is a despicable way to profit from the suffering of a captive slave. Only ego driven, greedy, unconscious humans indulge in such abominable pastimes. Government MUST and WILL PUT AN END TO IT! AMEN!

  3. Every single life threatening ailment above is PREVENTABLE.
    Furthermore, every single ailment above is CHRONIC and they exhibit blatant signs and symptoms for a very long time until they get to the point of no return.
    So it stands to reason that these so-called “horsemen” supported by a bunch of abusive enablers are deliberately neglectful as their private vets continue to administer potent drugs to mask these issues.
    Or, to the contrary, they deliberately deny much needed vet care to a suffering racehorse with zippo repercussions because horse racing operates with total impunity.
    This is all done to keep sore and suffering racehorses flipping a buck for their multimillion dollar wagering firms plus, of course, the obscene amounts of money given to “horsemen” who pay little to no taxes with little to no neutral accounting oversight.
    The racehorses are, more or less, sent out to die or sent back to their stall to die.
    Then this widespread state-sanctioned racehorse abuse deliberately covers-up the vet/treatment records that would be solid evidence to prove just how malicious and neglectful they are.
    It then follows that any said racehorse gets shuffled all over the country from abusive “Trainer” to “Trainer” with no knowledge of their previous injuries and the never ending wheel of misfortune just keeps on spinning.
    It’s a game of Russian Roulette and this killing business has no problem with that, but with every spin a racehorse dies and onto their next victim.

  4. Horseracing is EVIL abuse and neglect of horses. Its UGLY CONNECTION TO Pari-Mutuel Wagering/ Betting/ Gambling or Gaming is similar to a cancer. People addicted to gambling (especially in this case of betting on racehorses to win, place or show) are in a category that requires serious MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING by qualified professionals. This whole horseracing and gambling business is very similar to the drug pushers of our society. Do drug pushers get government subsidies…?
    This business is not innocent! It is not wholesome! It is not redeemable! It is EVIL!!!!

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