They Reveal Themselves Day After Day…

Today’s installment of the Lie of “they’re like family,” “love ’em like children”:

As reported yesterday, Show Your Cards suffered a “stall accident” at Del Mar Aug 3 and was euthanized. Dead, at two. After, one of his owners posted this on Twitter:

Wicked enough, of course: “Rainbow bridge.” “Running in the heavenly green pastures.” “RIP my sweet baby boy.” But exactly how much time did she need to “heal”?

Two days. Two days, before moving on to her six new slaves. I hold these people in deep, profound contempt.


  1. The horses are beautiful and their exploiters are ugly!!! These people with twisted minds who routinely torture and kill horses for racing, wagering, breeding and their morbidly twisted egos are absolutely disgusting! These pseudo-horsepeople should be arrested and put in jail for FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY, instead of being allowed to freely continue the ABUSE of horses while bragging about it on Twitter or anywhere else.

  2. Two days? I mourned longer for my hamster that died. This person doesn’t deserve to have any type of animal under her control. “On to the next one.” They’re replaceable like widgets. Just sick!

    • Not only did she use the line of having to “wait” to talk about the 6 new horses (voiceless victims) and wait two days to post a picture of the “new” filly, she did post on August 4th as well as on August 6th that the deceased horse “sent 6 new horses” to MyRacehorse stable. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 It sounds so perverted and evil to say that the dead horse, SHOW YOUR CARDS, sent them the new horses. It’s highly probable that most of the six horses will be killed by whoever trains them whether it’s Steve Asmussen or Todd Pletcher, or whoever. If any of the SIX NEW horses live to be SIX YEARS OLD, I will be surprised. I’m assuming that all six horses have not yet been raced. As many people have said about young colts and fillies, “They have their whole life ahead of them.”
      In this SICK AND TWISTED business, their lives will be full of ABUSE from the morally depraved monsters in this egregiously CRUEL industry AND CUT SHORT!!!!!

      • I doubt very much that the deceased horse( and all the deceased horses) would send ANY NEW VICTIM to any of these people.

        • Nancy, I feel confident if anything from the “spirit world” has anything to do with the sending in of more voiceless victims to these repeat offenders that it certainly was not the spirit of any horse!!!
          Does this owner, Sarah…, of a MICRO-SHARE of a stable of horses/voiceless victims have a clue that the CEO, the COO, and whoever else actually operates and manages this “can of worms” called MyRacehorse . com are in the process/business of perpetually looking to acquire more young fillies and colts to exploit???
          This fairy-tale-like state of delusional thinking of a person who says this kind of stuff is just what kind of people the “buzzards” of this industry need to support their depravity of torturing horses to death.

        • I connect with you …Medina Spirit. There was something about him. And, he only sold for little over a thousand

    • She’s a perfect example of someone who bought into the idea in racing that one should never fall in love with one’s horse.

  3. She acts like she’s a big time owner but she owns like 0.01% of the horse through She always says “my boy” like she is the only owner. She is nothing but a blowhard and a fake.

  4. It’s weird to me that thoroughbreds have so many “stall accidents” and people just act like it’s normal. No, it’s not normal.

      • Glad you mentioned Henry the Hawk. Looked up articles written about what happened to him.Very sad! Seems like the equestrian industry is loaded with scandals!

        • I had to look up Henry the Hawk, because I’d never heard of this horse. Geez. Just when you think you’ve heard everything about how horses are tortured, you read about HTH and just want to vomit. The source I read is this one … If you can bring yourself to read it–and be warned, it is gruesome–be sure to read the section at the end titled “Bonus Factoids,” about how Lisa Druck made a name for herself as part of someone’s presidential bid. Ugliness of character is bone deep. (I was also put in mind as I read about HTH of the slaughter in 2015, by people still unapprehended, of the show stallion Phaedras de Blondel in Ocala FL. I won’t go into details, they are easy enough to find.

  5. Sarah you are crowing about old,short,Bo Derek is joining my racehorse. Guess your sadness Sarah didn’t last. Bo you are no friend of horses, by continuing this. Bo Derek = phoney.

    • Bonnie, some years ago Australian racing officials invited Bo Derek to Australia to attend certain racing events to promote horseracing given her high profile participation in horseracing in the USA at the time. BD and horseracing on our dinner time news. A colleague of mine contacted her to discuss the welfare of the racehorse. Colleague was able to have only a very short telephone conversation with BD who came across as not being genuinely interested in the welfare of the racehorse. Don’t know what her agenda is because having done some research (in the USA she was promoted as being instrumental in introducing the safety helmet for the gate attendants to wear so they didn’t get hurt) i couldn’t find anything she’d done for the horses? Agree, she’s no friend of the racehorse.

      • I believe it! Carolyn. You cannot say you are pro animal rights, and then promote the ACTIVITIES that kill and maimed the beautiful souls. She has ZERO talent, her “claim” to fame is marrying old man john Derek,who was a MULTIPLE times marrier 😒

        • Carolyn, the only other thing that I can think of that No Talent Bo Derek spoke out publicly on regarding racehorses was the whip change to being “a softer, kinder” whip, as if there is anything kind about being whipped. That in itself shows me how brain dead Bo Derek is!!!!!

  6. How CORNY you are you fake fraud sarah. U are a shallow POS. Crowing on twitter about has been old Bo Derek joining the beyond pathetic my racehorse🙄🤮If you truly loved animals,you would want to SAVE them, not perpetuate this KILLING industry.

    • The idea that you can invest money in racehorses as an investment is not an “investment” that gives a financial return for the MyRacehorse .com microshare “owners” of which there could be over 5,000. It’s a “lifestyle” investment. How much money can a MICRO-SHARE holder expect to make? Nothing!

      • Not only THAT …the corny ‘crossing over that rainbow bridge ‘ crapola. ‘Run free in green pastures’. Are these people for real? And, why does Bo Derek have to join something so embarrassingly pathetic?

        • Because she’s not known for being bright. Irony of all irony: she’s a spokesperson for the Animal Welfare Institute’s campaign to end horse slaughter. I’ve got nothing.

      • I’m going out on a limb here but I’ll guess makes money off the suckers.

        • Yup. And, believe it or not ….there are some people who never met a war they didn’t support ….just sayin 🤔

        • If anybody makes any money, it would be the guys that got this idea to start MyRacehorse .com and get all these different thousands of people buying micro shares to help support their habit. Also, the trainers would make money because they are directly connected to the horses. The owners of the micro shares in the “stable of voiceless victims” are definitely being taken for a ride and that’s not on horseback. This is why it’s called a lifestyle investment.
          What a sick lifestyle, you know, watching beautiful young horses be pounded into the ground for racing, wagering, breeding, sick & twisted thrills and egos. Like how classy is that — to post on Twitter about the horse(s) that you think you own a part of just dying and saying it like it’s some kind of a fairy tale…????!!!!

      • I was a member of one of these syndicates for two years, a few years ago. For someone interested in racing, but without means to own one outright, being able to “own” a horse that way seems like a dream come true (I used to say that I owned one bone of a horse’s 205, since there were about 200 members in the syndicate). But I never expected to make money owning these horses, even though we received a payment at the end of the meet, when our horses were sold if they had not been claimed. The point was to enjoy the experience, and I did. I also fell in love with “my” horses. But I left the syndicate after two years, because I finally could not dismiss the unending stories of abuse of horses nationwide. I never heard or saw any evidence that our trainer was abusive, but still, I decided it was time to get out altogether, and I did.

        The idea of owning a horse as an investment is as daft as buying Waterford crystal as an “investment,” as someone I knew years ago actually told me she was doing. Drop that crystal and there goes your investment. The same with horses, who are just as fragile.

  7. Sending Stay Fabulous to butcher Asmussen’s stables speaks volumes to the wickedness of this disgusting human being. Stay safe beautiful baby girl.

    • Yes, it is the “Hall of Fame” trainers that are really into this horse-killing thing and they have gotten horses to perform at the Grade One level. That’s where the BIG PURSE MONEY is, and the EGO TRIP/ Hall of Fame s***, you know.

    • The sad thing is that the horse’s ability to stay safe depends on the humans she is surrounded by. The horse herself can do only so much.

  8. There’s also another tragedy here, besides 2 yr old of very young stallion, the broodmare of 2yr old is almost 20, and has had to go through more pregnancies and births than you people even want to know. She has been pounded into the ground like the other broodmare Leslies Lady, who died last year from all that pounding. It’s sicko abuse all around.

  9. Sarah horsegirl you are a pretentious piece of s**t. If you had an ounce of compassion and love of animals,you would not let animals be used as gambling chips for old , ugly, hardcore scumbags. And, special shoutout to …speaking of old and homely, barb livingston (what a fraud,supposed animal lover) and short, old hasbeen no talent bo derek. You are all “Fugazi”

    • Horse racing will go down as One of the most evil atrocities that ignorant, low IQ, unscrupulous lazies have ever perpetrated on INNOCENT horses.

  10. Sarah Horsegirl, you may kiss your beautiful creature, Stay Fabulous, goodbye.
    You have sentenced her to a life of abuse and, the odds are, it will culminate in premature death.
    You may think you care about the horses or you may just say you do. What you care about is this business of abusing and killing these amazing beautiful creatures.
    I’m NOT sorry for YOUR loss, I’m sorry Show Your Cards had the misfortune to to lose his precious life because of YOU and your diabolical business. A business peopled
    by crooks and sadists.
    If decency and Justice existed most of them would be behind bars.

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