For $2 Bets: “proximal phalanx entirely protruding through the skin”

Through a FOIA request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have obtained the following details on some of that state’s kills this year.

Dylans Wild Cat, Feb 3, Santa Anita T
“Catastrophic right humeral fracture with ruptures of [multiple] muscles; blood in the airways and stomach.” Also: “degenerative joint disease of both front fetlocks and elbows; severe [stomach] ulceration.” Dylans Wild Cat was three years old.

Bet On Mookie, Feb 17, San Luis Rey T
“Catastrophic left humeral fracture with ruptures of [multiple] muscles.” Also: “severe metacarpal disease [both front limbs].” Bet On Mookie was three years old.

Ballet Royalty, Mar 12, Los Alamitos R
“Ran race, was being unsaddled when it collapsed and died: cardiac failure; severe, acute pulmonary hemorrhage; abundant red frothy fluid in nasal cavities, trachea, and bronchi.” Also: “several chronic stomach ulcers.” Ballet Royalty was five years old.

Fastidious, Mar 19, Los Alamitos R
“Horse locked up during race, fell, could not rise: catastrophic lumbar fracture [multiple vertebrae] with massive subdural hemorrhage and significant spinal cord compression; multiple variably-shaped fragments within spinal canal; high degree of comminution, many small fragments missing.” Fastidious was three years old.

Stolen Lives, Mar 20, Los Alamitos R
“Catastrophic pastern breakdown with: complete luxation of the joint with proximal phalanx entirely protruding through the skin; severe, complete rupture of [multiple – too many to count] ligaments.” Also: “degenerative joint disease of both carpi; multifocal gastric ulceration.” Stolen Lives was four years old.


    • I can’t even read the lists … it’s too upsetting. I love and mourn every single one of these spectacularly gorgeous souls. What a sin to lose such beautiful sensitive intelligent sentient beings. And they were killed for horrible horrible human beings.

  1. So much for reforms, increased safety measures, new track surfaces, and efforts to mask their dead right?
    From the west to east coast racehorses are suffering EN MASSE and this needs to stop.
    Then there’s multiple repeat serial killer Peter Miller at it again only this time his victim is BET ON MOOKIE.
    Reforms have never nor will ever stop racehorses from dying and it certainly doesn’t get rid of the corruption and serial racehorse killers.
    The repeated Kill Lists are undisputed evidence of this and they just keep on coming.
    All Kill Lists, the accompanying pics, and the vet narrative are the voices of the dead horses and they tell a story of widespread barbaric torture.

    • I agree, Gina. There is no reforming horse racing. Even for the horses who do not get injured or die, the sport is still cruel: the continuous confinement, the whipping, the running in extreme heat, the changing hands from owner to owner….it’s all a disgrace. But when I read these lists of injuries and deaths, I am just overwhelmed and sickened at the unimaginable pain these poor, innocent creatures have to endure. These injuries are horrific! How can veterinarians even bear to work at race tracks? And we call ourselves a civilized society?

  2. Patrick “$2 Bets” is misleading. Billions are bet on these horses. But your point is still valid that human greed is driving massive suffering among the young horses used for racing.

  3. These injuries and numerous others just as severe are inside most racehorses from age 1 and up, but the less obvious ones are not seen until necropsies are performed. Just because the horses look sleek and beautiful on race day only means their injuries are internal and invisible or they are so drugged up that it doesn’t show just by looking at them.

    No racehorse out there can be found that does not suffer or is not injured to one degree or another, yet that is all covered up by the heartless, greedy, dark racing industry sleazeballs until the very end to beat that one last dollar out of them. Magnificent sentient beautiful horses being killed every day for $2 bets. Absolutely sickening!

    • Exactly, Sandy! I believe every horse exploited for racing and wagering has at least one ulcer, which nobody would ever see except for the “veterinarian/s” (and possibly the connections) that might do an examination while the horse is alive and/or a necropsy. The majority of people would have no clue about all the ulcers inside those horses being exploited for racing.
      Some breeders take the foals away from their biological mothers and use nurse mares. The foals of the nurse mares are discarded like trash. Some of those discarded foals get rescued. I don’t know what the total numbers are of these baby foals that were produced by and for the industry but unwanted because they are not from racing bloodlines. These foals are a by-product of the racing industry.
      When the Thoroughbred foals are taken away from their birth mothers, it is extremely stressful for both the mother and the baby/foal. I suspect this is the time when the ulcers might start forming.
      In this case, there are two (2) mares and two (2) foals that suffer so these greedy people can have one (1) new foal to race. In some cases, the foal might be injured, or injured and killed, before he or she can run in his or her first race.
      The majority of foals produced by this greedy industry do not make viable racing horses for various reasons. Thus, there are approximately ten-thousand (10,000) or more Thoroughbreds being sold to killbuyers and shipped to the slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada. Then there are the other racing breeds including Quarter Horses and Standardbreds. It is a very greedy industry.

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