Fox Rox, Samurai Zip, Again

The unconscionable abuse continues for a pair of long-suffering horses. In the same race Wednesday at Presque Isle, Samurai Zip, 12, went under the whip for the 77th time, and Fox Rox, 11, went under for the 120th time. 120. PA’s “Equine Safety and Welfare Action Plan” exposed as the obscenity that it is, again.

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  1. Please CALL the racing office, tell them how you feel in a civilized manner, call your local media outlets, write letters to the editor of your paper, sign petitions – DO SOMETHING, but don’t do anything at all.
    Just to remind everybody FOX ROX was bred for New York breeders awards and large purses all supported by public subsidies.
    This gelding has made over $568,243 – more than earned a soft landing and should have been given one years ago, but there was more blood to squeeze out of him and if there’s even one drop left leave it up to the claiming parasites to squeeze it out of him.
    This poor gelding has been claimed and transferred so many times that I can only imagine the THOUSANDS not hundreds of needles that have been plunged into him to keep him going.
    SAMURAI ZIP was bred for the PA breeders awards and large purse money due to the millions in public subsidies and wouldn’t be abused if it weren’t for the money.
    This gelding has made over $374,794 he’s earned his money not like the parasites that continue to use him.
    The sad truth is they will either DIE on the track, or get dumped because the only hope in hell they probably have is somebody stepping up to rescue them that IS NOT in horse racing – people like us.
    Horse racing dumps their unwanted racehorse mess on everybody else to clean up and their ace in the hole is the slaughterhouse which they gleefully and willingly support by sending them a steady stream of racehorses.
    EVERY SINGLE APOLOGIST every single one of you looks on at this abuse and does nothing and that’s why you are all a bunch of sadistic cruel idiots and don’t dare tell me that you “care.”
    On that note, Belinda Stronach’s company now called 1st has an advertisement of a stable worker kissing the nose of a racehorse and their slogan is “the racehorses come first,” for their aftercare program.
    What an insult to anybody who has one ounce of intelligence or to anybody that knows the history of the Stronach’s family, Frank Stronach, breeding THOUSANDS of racehorses and dumping THOUSANDS.
    Ms. Stronach you have made a choice to carry on your family business and that choice supports the widespread suffering and dying of racehorses even if you don’t do it directly you sure as hell are responsible 100%.

    • It is only too obvious to anybody with any common sense that it’s the money they can exploit the horses for that they care about. This is a criminal enterprise where horses are victimized by racing and wagering degenerates. These people belong in prison.

  2. These people are brazen and devoid of morality. Let’s not forget HISA ! All these amazing efforts and we still have the same abuse continuing without interruption….beyond disgusting!!!
    This calls for as much publicity as possible along with a barrage of calls to the commissioners.

    P.S. The major problem is the depraved claiming game which is used as a disposal system by the “elite”. It contributes to the limitless supply of “cheap horses” for the “bottom feeders” to torture as long as they can get the horse to the gate – no limit!!!

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