The unconscionable abuse continues for a pair of long-suffering horses. In the same race Wednesday at Presque Isle, Samurai Zip, 12, went under the whip for the 77th time, and Fox Rox, 11, went under for the 120th time. 120. PA’s “Equine Safety and Welfare Action Plan” exposed as the obscenity that it is, again.

Samurai Zip is 12 years old. Yesterday, this poor soul was raced at Presque Isle, his 75th time under the whip. When I highlight these long-suffering racehorses, in some cases the apologists will argue, “but they’re still competitive.” (For the rest, we get, “but they need a job.”) While Samurai finished last yesterday, he has […]

A day after Shelly and Jake Radosevich ran the 12-year-old Samurai Zip for the 75th time, they were at it again. Wednesday, once again at Presque Isle, the Radosevichs ran Ault in the 2nd race. He is 10 years old; ’twas his 63rd time under the whip (not that it matters, but Ault finished second-to-last). […]