Damn This Industry

Little Christy, an 8-year-old mare, died in the 7th at Mountaineer last night. The chartwriter, reaching back for what was once Racing’s euphemism of choice, says Little “broke down”; she was euthanized where she lay. Little Christy was owned and trained by the wicked Burton Sipp (here, here). (In this same race, Salt On the Rim was put to the whip for the 104th time. She is 12 years old, and there is no end in sight.)

“Oh, there’s one come down there!”

Little Christy…


  1. Omg look at that face. How could you evil scumbags do that to a face like that? I wish it was you scumbag humans breaking down and dying rather than innocent horses. How can you humans live with yourselves?

  2. Where’s your excuse now kellycrummins? Defend THIS you stupid b***h. It’s not only YOU though,all of you scum involved in this killing industry are destined to be judged one day by a higher power.

    • How is it that the jockeys don’t seem to get hurt badly enough to put a stop to horseracing? I would think there would be more catastrophic injuries to the humans.

      • I haven’t kept track of all the injuries and deaths of jockeys, but I’ve read about jockeys being killed during races and some paralyzed. It might stop some individuals but, obviously, it doesn’t stop the whole horse racing and killing industry. It is a creed of sorts that when you fall off, you get right back on. When I was a kid, my dad always said that; to get right back on. The huge difference is that we children were riding Shetland ponies at the time and we were not racing and/or killing our ponies, or any horses, we had over the years.

  3. His other horse Kiki do u love me came in last also last night. This fall of poor little Christy was horrendous. I can’t even say what my thoughts are with this WHOLE INDUSTRY.

  4. Mountaineer and all WV tracks only exist because of the millions in casino subsidies handed out to horse racing every single year.
    I hope you don’t mind me posting this article Patrick because I know you’ve exposed and educated on this site, but it’s one of the better articles that I’ve seen and pretty much cements what we’ve all been saying.
    Basically, the majority of residents in the states that hand out these subsidies want it to end, but horse racing drowns out their voices, refuses to hold public meetings and doesn’t feel answerable to anybody not even our animal cruelty laws.
    Horrific examples and victims like LITTLE CHRISTY will never be enough to shut this brutal business down because as long as they get their millions every year they can be as evil as they want.
    Simply put, nobody holds them accountable to anything and I’m so damn sick of it.

    • If only .. if only everyone would STOP betting on Horses and going to the Races — this would be a very good thing.

    • I agree …excellent editorial. It’s all the fault of the politicians …they don’t want to have to go out and WORK a real job,they just want to remain in office,so they accept bribes and “dark money” from the horse killing industry. Look at the homely dumpy little men owners in this evil industry like Mike Repole,George Soros, Michael Dubb ….I could go on …the point is, there’s men who have ZERO conscience or empathy for living breathing sentient beings,who have more money than they could spend in several lifetimes. Rather than protect and save horses, they go on with their homely lives, living a shallow, meaningless life.

    • Thanks for posting the article ,Gina & also for Patrick for allowing it to be seen & read by us all. There is some hopeful points in it. That many people are trying to get the subsidies cut some more & that they have been cut some earlier.Like the writers take when he says the state has been supporting a bad bet for too long. In our state there is a tax levied on all betting on line or through satellite wagering that`s used to prop up purses at our 1/2 mile bull ring tracks & also to provide $$ for each breeding thoroughbred horse that`s active & in addition each foal registered with the Jockey Club also earns a fair sum once registered.

  5. It’s so sad — living such miserable lives — merely existing — no more, no less — SHUT DOWN evil HORSERACING — FOREVER

  6. Little Christy who ran 3 times in 22 days the horse has had major leg problems for years and was sold in 2020 for breeding . Burton Sipp bought the horse to race her to her death for over 2 years . We held our breath every time she ran knowing what we witnessed in the 7th race on July 27,2022 would happen sooner or later . Mountaineer also is to blame allowing a horse to race 3 times in 22 days . This is his business go to sales buy good horses who are done racing and beat them to their death . Thankfully Little Christy will not be suffering in this hacks hands anymore.

    • Kevin, there are a lot of people to blame for Little Christy’s suffering and death including her breeder and every trainer and owner who raced her. Not ONE of them took her home and provided for her for life, NOTHING demanded of her in return.

      So she was “sold for breeding”? – obviously she was up for sale to any Tom, Dick or Harry who wanted to exploit her further and as it turned out as it does for many racehorses, race her to death.

      Burton Sipp is filth – yet he wouldn’t acquire these “good horses who are done racing” if all of their racing owners would have done the responsible thing and taken their horses home – to take care of for life. Isn’t that what anyone would do for the horses they claim to love like their own family?

      • That is convenient for these people to call the horses “family” because these people are TOXIC and they create a TOXIC environment for the horses. If the breeders truly cared about the foals that they produce on their breeding farms or backyards or whatever, they would never sell and/or send them to auctions or racetracks knowing that they are going to be forced to endure the torture of confinement in unnatural conditions. These TOXIC people know that the horses they produced will be denied the essential part of the horses’ lives of being allowed to mature to six years of age, and instead be forced to carry 100 pounds or more on their backs at about 18 months of age and be whipped to run as fast as they can and then whipped some more until they eventually endure so much damage to their bodies that they either die or have to be given a shot that speeds up their dying. Most of the horses bred to become racehorses would not ever be conceived, if people were not in it for the money and ego trip. The people that stay in horse racing after knowing how bad it is didn’t care about the horses’ welfare when they were yearlings and two-year-olds, because they’re in it for the money and ego trip, not for having genuine compassion for the horses.

    • All her previous owners are to blame too. They could’ve claimed her back, especially knowing she “had major leg problems”. But out of sight- out of mind – right? They got their money for her!

    • So what you “[KNEW] would happen sooner or later [Little Christy fatally breaking down in a race]” didn’t prompt you to claim her in one of the EIGHTEEN races Sipp put her in, Kevin (Cullen, is it)? This poor mare with “major leg problems” couldn’t cry out for help while you just stood by and “held your breath” waiting for what you have acknowledged was inevitable.

      EIGHTEEN times PLUS the day you threw her to the wolves by getting her off your books you did NOTHING to ensure her safety…but you want to point your bloody finger elsewhere. Typical.

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