Abuse Continues for a Pair of 12-Year-Olds

An update on a couple (extreme) abuse cases…

Samurai Zip, I reported last week, is 12 years old, and on July 5 he was raced for the 75th time. Well. Just six days later – six days later – his exploiters, Shelly and Jake Radosevich, threw him out there again, for the 76th time. That race Monday was once again at Presque Isle, which has pretty much been Samurai’s “home” for the past two-plus years (18 of 21 races). PA Racing has been making a lot of noise lately about “safety/welfare improvements.” This shows, as usual, that it’s all a load of excrement.

Presque Isle Racing Office: 866-374-3386 (option 2)
PA Horse Racing Commission: 717-787-5196; horseracing@pa.gov

On June 14, I filed this post: “They’re Running This Poor Mare Into the Ground.” The mare in question is Salt On the Rim. She, too, is 12, and at the time she had been raced 101 times. Since then, twice more, both at Mountaineer. The most recent, #103, was last night. Although it’s not the primary point, Salt finished dead last (of 10) in a dirt-cheap $4,000 “claiming” (she, along with the rest of her compatriots, was “For Sale”). The abusers continue to be Country Acres and Lois Meals.

Jim O’Brien, Mountaineer chief steward: 304-387-8371; jim.o’brien@wv.gov
Bret Smith, investigator: 304-387-8530; bret.smith@wv.gov
WV Racing Commission ED Joe Moore: 304-558-2150; joe.k.moore@wv.gov
Commissioners Ken Lowe, JB Akers, Tony Figaretti: 304-558-2150


  1. This ABUSIVE and CRUEL industry treats horses from birth to death like chattel. I think the morally depraved people in this industry will not be capable of discerning the difference between what they want out of the horses and what horses need. They don’t care what horses need.
    If they cared about what the horses need, they would not be running them from Yearlings to whatever age that the horses can still run, which in this case is 12-years-old. They’re running them at this age, not only because they’re morally depraved people but also because of the claiming races and the RACINO PAYOUT to LAST PLACE, whatever meager amount of money that might be.

  2. Why don’t these monsters call their horses rubbish filth or other disgusting names? They mean nothing to them.

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