2-Year-Old Rapacious Dead at Los Alamitos

The CHRB has disclosed the death of Rapacious while training this morning at Los Alamitos. Of note: This was filed under “non-musculoskeletal and other,” which usually means a failed heart or bleeding lungs. Rapacious was but two years old, a baby. This is horseracing.


  1. Sigh. Another kill in which racing supporters — the ever-shrinking population of U.S. bettors and industry insiders — are already battling it out among themselves about whose “fault” it is…
    Hey, racing fans: your continued interest in this non-stop horse-killing shitshow is what keeps this whole anti-sport going. So, much as you want to blame Baffert, or Los Al Horse Hell, or Ol’ Doc Allred, or the so-called regulators and vets in the biz, maybe it’s time to take a look in the mirror if you want to find out who really killed poor Rapacious.

  2. Wow, didn’t take Bob Baffert long, having just returned from suspension and already killing them off!

  3. The definition of rapacious describes the people in the horseracing industry: aggressively greedy or grasping.
    That is why this young and underdeveloped filly is dead. These aggressively greedy slimeballs of racing exploited her aggressively because their moral depravity rules them. They callously ran her to her death during training so that they might eventually run her to her death in a race to fill out a race card for the gambling addicts to get their cheap thrills and the racetrack owners to get what they get out of the wagering handle and the tax breaks/write-offs, etc. Their evil greed knows no boundaries, like an aggressive form of cancer that keeps growing even when the biggest part is surgically removed.

    • Oops! Correction: RAPACIOUS was a (Thoroughbred) colt, not a filly. He had six workouts, five of them were at Los Alamitos Quarter Horse and the second to the last one was at Santa Anita. So they hauled him from Los Alamitos Quarter Horse to Santa Anita and then back to Los Alamitos Quarter Horse.

  4. Another baby slaughtered on a racetrack!
    This is sickening!
    CHRB stand up and do your job. CHRB supports Ed Aldread, (All Dead) owner of this meat grinder called Los Alamitos.

    CHRB caved into All Dead’s threats last year at a monthly meeting. All Dead was suppose to have a 6 month license but since he threatened to not race the CHRB did what they always do, pulled out their rubber stamp and gave him his year to kill more.

    • They’re all die-hard horse killers. Frank Stronach and Ed Allred will have to be dead themselves before they will stop the horse killing activities they love so much!

      • Remember the illustrious “Dr.” Jeff Blea, the horse-killing and illegal doping veterinarian. He was chosen by the CHRB. They’re all in it together.

          • Yes, which says a lot about HISA and this whole shitshow of non-stop horse-killing and the degenerates who are seeking to justify the cost of propping up this non-stop horse-killing shitshow with government subsidies and government-directed benefits.

  5. Just horse Cruelty. Fact. We as humans just keep being cruel where there is money.

  6. I do not understand this world any more we seem to accept the millions of deaths of the creatures of this planet as if it is perfectly acceptable. IT IS NOT

      • Bonnie, speaking of George Soros, the billionaire horse-killer, I searched and found a downloadable pdf about him and his exploits; SF Racing, Founded: 2008, Owner: Soros Fund Management (George Soros)
        [Born in Hungary, Soros put himself through the London School of Economics working as a railway porter and waiter. Famously shorted the British pound in 1992, reportedly making a profit of $1 Billion and becoming known as the man who broke the Bank of England.]

        • And now he’s involved in the most VILE evil perpetuated on god’s most beautiful creatures.

          • Exactly, Bonnie; and may I go out on a limb and say/ask, did he need a little cash, pocket money, spending money? You know, spend $400,000 (along with his partners, co-buyers) on RAPACIOUS and then 10 months later, kill him so it looks like an “act of God” and then collect insurance on him…?

  7. A) RAPACIOUS was born on February 10, 2020.
    B) RAPACIOUS was sold at auction in September of 2021 at the Keeneland Association September Yearling Sale 2021.
    1) He was 19 months old in Sep. 2021.
    2) He was SOLD TO:
    — SF Bldstk/Starlight/Madaket.
    3) He was SOLD FOR: $400,000//
    *(Four-Hundred Thousand Dollars)*
    C) RAPACIOUS turned 24 months old (two-years-old) on February 10, 2022; his biological birthday.
    D) RAPACIOUS was killed on July 26, 2022.
    1) He was 29 months old.
    2) He was killed 10 months after being sold at auction for $400,000.
    3) RAPACIOUS was being “trained” by Bob Baffert at the time of his being killed in training at LOS ALAMITOS RACETRACK.
    4) I personally have no doubt in my mind that there’s an insurance policy on RAPACIOUS and that the owners are seeking to get the maximum amount of money that they possibly can get!!!!!!!

  8. RAPACIOUS had an equine insurance policy in place, according to sources, which was his purchase price of $400,000.
    We were betting as to how soon Baffert would get back to his killing ways.
    We didn’t wait long.
    Most all in horse racing are repeat offenders whether that’s racehorses dying under the same trainers, wage theft and/or corruption.
    Horse racing is a cesspool of evil that knows no bounds and our elected politicians hand over hundreds of millions of dollars to them every single year with no accountability, no neutral financial oversight, and no mandatory aftercare for the racehorses.
    I feel so sorry for the racehorses who can’t speak or defend themselves against this utterly disgusting business.

    • Horseracing definitely fits the description of willful and malicious torture of animals. I’m hoping that at some point legislation is going to be passed that will provide a court order for police to arrest these offenders of Animal Cruelty, of ABUSE and NEGLECT, of torturing horses and put them in jail where they belong!

  9. Another thing about RAPACIOUS is the mixed reports on the type of fatal injury or injuries he suffered. I read an article in a racing press publication online that said he reared up twice on the way back to the barn; on the way back to the barn, he reared up once, then he reared up a second time. The second time he reared up, he fell over and his back was injured. No other details were disclosed in the article about what was happening around him or to him that would trigger him to rear up. He had to be euthanized.
    So that sounds like it’s “musculoskeletal” rather than “non-musculoskeletal” to me. I know some horses have a propensity to rear up more so than others. I would like to know what led up to his rearing up and evidently once wasn’t enough as far as the horse was concerned. My experience with an equine that rears up is that they do it once and no injuries occur and certainly not death.
    Where was the groom? Where was the trainer? What sense does it make? I once had this experience of a Thoroughbred race mare at a training track rear up while I was leading her by the halter (no lead rope, no chain) because, believe it or not, an experienced professional Thoroughbred racehorse owner/trainer of claiming horses threw something over the fence above and behind us which spooked her. I was able to keep her under control and go on about the tasks at hand. His name was Louis Grove. This was in 1977.
    It just bugs the crap out of me what goes on…

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