Did She Really Say That?

From the fatuity files… Last week, Lisa Lazarus, CEO of the oxymoronic “Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority,” spoke with WAMC in Albany, with the interview, of course, centering on HISA’s recent rollout. While most of it is forgettable, one exchange merits reproduction here:

Q: “Do you think that racing can be held safely?”

A: “Of course I do. … I’m sure that racing can be held safely.”

Well, there it is, I guess we activists can pack it up and go home. Safe racing is at hand, America.

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  1. This begs the question –
    Lisa Lazarus, how can racing be held safely ?

  2. What is her financial stake in horseracing?
    How did she get to be the CEO of the recently formed Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority?
    The only way that horses will be safe from being exploited as gambling chips, and therefore safe from injuries and death by racing, is when 1) they are not conceived and therefore not born, 2) racing live horses has been banned, and 3) racing can only take place with simulated horses. When racing horses can only be allowed on video screens as in video games where simulated horses are ridden and whipped by simulated jockeys as in the 2020 simulated Kentucky Derby. Only then will “racing” be safe for living, breathing horses.
    Integrity is supposed to mean honesty and moral uprightness, but the morally depraved people of the horse racing industry are using it to mean “above the law” or “sovereignty” and basically nothing has changed.

  3. Wow. She’s an attorney with experience “representing owners and trainers in disputes with governing bodies”. What the actual hell? I am curious if anyone knows exactly the details of what this authority is. I suspect HISA required the industry to create this authority but I’m not sure. Fox meet henhouse again?

    • I still can’t get over the fact that on the website of the so-called Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority, that someone who did the nominating for the specific people with actual names to be on specific committees refused to identify himself, herself or themselves. The names of the different committees sound reasonable, except one. The person or persons who did the nominating only refer to themselves as “the blue ribbon nominating committee” and aren’t we supposed to be proud!?!?!?!? This cruel, cruel joke continues…
      What truly professional, above-board organization could ever think of being so secretive about who they are and make it sound like we’re all in fourth grade at the county fair and don’t know the difference?

        • It absolutely is the most cruel joke!!!!! Nobody should be surprised though. It’s just unacceptable! Again, this is only to protect those who exploit horses from birth to death.

  4. Given all the on-track carnage of late, her answer comes across as, “I’m sure that racing CAN be held safely, but we just CHOOSE NOT to practice it safely.”

  5. And the person who asked that question never bothered to follow up with….How?

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