Vile: When Those Responsible Ask Us to Feel Sorry for Them

Last evening, I reported on the killing of True Hero at Thistledown. As mentioned, this poor baby never had a chance, finishing a combined 60+ lengths back in his only two races prior to yesterday. While the rational world sees True’s exploiters as complicit in his death, they themselves seek sympathy:

“Devastated,” huh? Despicable is more like it.

In other news, Hymn’s Sylvia was raced Wednesday at Penn – his first race in almost two years. Worse still, he is 12 years old. Shockingly, his abusers have been the same since birth (4/14/10, in case you were wondering): breeder/owner, Lydee Shea; trainer, Timothy Shea. Penn: 717-469-2211; PA Racing Commission: 717-787-5196.


  1. It wouldn’t have been a tragic incident for you lady if the horse was kept in a stable and pasture enjoying being a horse and free.

  2. We have a gorgeous 3 year old colt very much like True Hero! We will NEVER allow him to be raced in our state or anywhere else! He is so kind & gentle despite his large size it amazes us.We are going to teach him to be ridden by us. Note we say Teach, not broken or trained! It is devastating to us to see such beautiful & gentle horses being broken down & then euthanized all just because of this “Crooked , Crummy Gamboling Game”.

      • Technically, geldings can be called colts at the age of three years and under in informal situations. At four years of age, they are correctly called geldings (if castrated). I was not able to get his name to come up on a search yesterday.

  3. Telling: “…I’ve never had one I owned break down IN A RACE.”
    So, like every other racehorse owner who’s been in this sick game longer than a few months, you HAVE had your own young horse(s) suffer fatal injuries. Their breakdown(s) just hadn’t happened during a race.
    (And I guess all the other thousands of horse deaths you witnessed over the years didn’t “devastate” you either, Ms. Nemann. Because these weren’t your own horses. They were just your “foes.”)

    • Thanks Kelly, for pointing out the IN A Race; that one was gonna slip by me.
      In training and of course, in the stall for sure. I doubt her truthfulness anyway.

    • After OVER FORTY (MAGICAL) YEARS of being involved in this most dangerous bloodsport involving horses, not once did Kris Nemann have empathy for the horses to the point of realizing that this is ABUSE of horses, or caring. Not once did she have a guilty conscience to think that she herself was subjecting horses to perform as machines instead of sentient beings. Not once did she have a horse get bumped into the rail and suffer a fatal injury until June 30, 2022???
      From the perspective of Kris Nemann,
      this is not about having empathy for the horses. It is about having sympathy for the people (who subject the horses to abuse of various forms for 24 hours a day, seven days a week for as long as the horse can bring in some purse money and some gambling money). Poor Ms. Nemann lost one of her “cash cows” during a race and now wants everyone to have so much sympathy for her. Well, here is a BIG FREAKIN’ BOO HOO for Ms. Kris Nemann.
      May she never be able to get her hooks into another innocent young horse with her selfish and calculating cold-hearted claws.

  4. Whoopee, a suspension for killing a horse and injuring another rider??
    She would be ok with a suspension. Seriously shows how little this horse meant, and how OK she is with the shit show that is racing.

  5. And I am certain her devastation will in no way stop her from putting her other “dear little colts” at risk of injury and death.

  6. Of course they’re ‘devastated’….devastated because they’ll have no chance of winning prize money, devastated because they won’t have five minutes of glory and devastated because their ‘meal ticket’ has been killed…but never mind, they’ll soon get another ‘beloved’ horse to take his place, another horse to abuse and ill-treat, so don’t worry they won’t be ‘devastated’ for very long.

    • Irene, isn’t that the honest to heaven truth?? There’s probably a new beloved in the barn already.

  7. I wonder how many racehorses Ms. Nemann dumped when they could no longer meet her demands? Since racing’s MO is breed-use-dump-repeat, her 40+ years of exploiting horses surely put MANY horses at an increased risk of bad endings.

    Ms. Nemann, if you believe the jockey deserves a suspension for the danger he put your horse in during that ONE ride, what do you think is appropriate for you? – for the 40 YEARS of putting horses at an increased risk of injury and death by racing them?

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