11-Year-Old to Go Under the Whip for 117th Time Today

The unremitting and practically unfathomable abuse of Fox Rox continues, as the 11-year-old is set to go under the whip for the 117th time in the first race at Presque Isle today (1:30). This time around, Mark Hoffman is doubling as trainer, with Dennis Ward removed. Should you be interested in a bit of venting, the Presque Isle racing office can be reached at 866-374-3386 (option 2).

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  1. Who cares? They don’t. This horse needs to retire but we know what that means, a bullet to the head.

  2. I am hoping that certain individuals will be able to pull it together and rescue him. I wish I could do more than just bitch about it, but I don’t have that kind of money. Money talks, money screams and sometimes money breaks the sound barrier. I read those last two sayings about money in a book at the public library in 2004. Everyone knows that money talks, but how many people know that money screams? How many people know that money breaks the sound barrier?
    Please let FOX ROX be rescued from his servitude as a RACING SLAVE today. Please save him before he is forced to run to his fatal INJURIES on the racetrack!
    I hope the vet will scratch FOX ROX today but there’s no guarantee of that!

  3. I just wanted to add this note about Presque Isle Downs: one of the reviews on Maps says that they’re very strict about leaving children unattended in cars; they will call the police.
    It makes me think that a lot of people do that: go inside and GAMBLE and leave their kids in the cars. That’s one of the reasons that they stopped having slot machines in Idaho years ago; some people would leave their children at home unattended and unsupervised while they played the slot machines known as one-armed bandits at a store or gas stop. In the 1950s, there was a small grocery store across the Clearwater River from Spalding, Idaho near the Spalding Bridge that had the one-armed bandits, but when I was a young child I had no clue about that. It was decades later after everything had changed that I learned of this.

  4. Fox Rox “reared at the start, sprinted up and held sway but weakened at the end”
    He was not claimed.
    His abuse will continue…
    As far as I know, a horse that rears does not want to be ridden!

  5. Thank you Patrick, for quite some time, I had been keeping a constant watch on Financial Freedom, who is actually older. In 2017 he was one of top earners, thank god, he hasn’t been put to whip since 8/21. Financial Freedom … born 1/26/2011. There is absolutely No fixing this vanity boredom gambling evil of the “idle rich”. Oh, and in stupid new york, they made big deal out of repole …. finally winning his “boy from queens” Belmont. 🤮

    • I checked out what Governor Kathy Hochul said on Twitter from a link from the PR. (I don’t have a Twitter account.)
      Her remark makes me think that she would file anything said against horseracing in file #13, the garbage can. But, she needs to hear all the reasons why horseracing should be punished as Felony Animal Cruelty and why horse racing needs to be banned!!!!!
      She said the stands were packed, but one commenter said that was less than 50,000 people and in the past there have been 100,000 people in attendance.

  6. Hey Rose, Jose bobadilla, is still abusing the Exaggerator gelding Mister Aranguiz ,not sure spelling. Remember, a couple yrs ago we were concerned about baby Mister A? Anyway … his abuse by Jose … is not only still continuing, but, he has another upcoming race. Frequently this poor baby runs ZERO speed figures. This very young baby will be making his THIRTY SECOND start. They are ALL victims, trapped in a mf’ing living HELL of SLAVERY. Slavery sucks a*s. Shut this evil down. I’m sure you will recall this baby boy Rose.

  7. Bobadilla is a very difficult person to deal with. He has an endless supply of horses.
    I know of 2 horses that were finally released from his barn and it was a long drawn out difficult process. There are numerous Bobadillas operating at all the tracks throughout this sorry businesss.
    What these horses are subjected to is so wrong.

  8. There are no costs involved in researching a place for OTTB’s. It takes time and perseverance. It is the most important component of any “rescue” plan.
    The horse has to have a place to go.

    • (Jeanette said she had a place for FOX ROX.) Having the necessary funds to pay for transportation, hay, additional feed and supplements when necessary, Veterinary examination, diagnosis, medications, hoof care, treatment of whatever kind the horse needs, proper fencing and shelter that is safe (not a hazard regarding fire, health, & safety) and maintenance and whatever else I forgot right now all adds up, of course. Having a place is key, of course, but so is having the capacity/ capability to provide ongoing care of the horse.

        • Rose, I know you and most people understand that. I’ve read several horror stories about horses of different breeds, including racehorses, that were taken in by a rescue or certain individuals that ended up ABUSING and neglecting the horses, and some of the horses were literally starved to death. There were horror stories on Facebook of horses being confined in a barn and exploited by the so-called rescuers for donations. The person(s) doing this sort of thing would pull on people’s heartstrings by saying the horse(s) needed some special thing that would obviously cost money and then the so-called rescuer person would go on a shopping spree or whatever and leave the horse(s) in the barn starving to death.

          • Diligent research is paramount because long as there are humans involved there will be horror stories. I have seen some of the horror but have also seen the best. We cannot just do nothing because of the “horror stories”.

        • Yes, exactly Rose. And I know you understand that because you LIVE it.

          A place to go, to live, is the key to every animal rescue (and of course, a reason that equine rescues are so incredibly challenging – virtually anyone can provide a home for a dog or cat…not so for a horse).

          That said, the racing-employed are not only uneducated about equines (as Gina also explained in one of her comments), they don’t provide homes for their used-up and unwanted racing slaves. While we frequently see the praise for those in racing who throw a few hundred dollars towards a rescue of a slaughter-bound racehorse OR “retire” their own racehorse to a racehorse placement program for THEM to “rehome”, how often do we read about a racing trainer/owner who takes their racehorse home? – for life? – just to “be a horse” and not be expected to bring in profits by way of breeding?

          Bred for racing. Used in racing. But never supported for life nor provided a forever home by racing.

          • Joy,
            In about 1986 in Kennewick, Washington there was a classified ad in one of the publications like Nickel Nik (the paper is free but you pay to place the ad) for an older Thoroughbred stallion. I called the phone number out of curiosity. A woman answered. I asked her why she was giving him away. She answered, “What else do you do with an old TB stallion?”

  9. i volunteer at a horse rescue in milstadt illinois called equus hoprse rescue – they have over 50 horses many of them are retired race horses. I know that the owner would not say no to a horse and she has plenty of room and big open paddocks. its 100% supported by volunteers and donation.

  10. Rose, did you see Lauren’s comment about a horse rescue in Illinois?
    Millstadt, IL 62260

    • Lauren’s information sounds good. There needs to be a firm commitment from rescues before any attempt to get a horse.
      I’m working two time consuming and expensive situations right now.
      We can’t rely on a few private pockets. Fundraising is important plus reaching out to organizations.
      I’m sure you noticed the 12 year old mare’s situation is even more dire…

      • She is older but I have no way of knowing exactly what injuries that either one are suffering from and how much and what kind of medications, drugs/doping are being administered to the mare or the gelding to keep them performing as racehorses. Thank you for doing everything you can to help these two horses, Rose. Your efforts are much appreciated!!!!

      • If anyone here is interested I can introduce you to the rescue I volunteer at (EQUUS)- its an amazing caring and loving place- the horses are cared for and loved. I feel so lucky to get to work with these beautiful animals. I was losing sleep worrying about race horses ever since the Kentucky derby and seeing rich strike being whipped to the finish line.. thats when I started looking on line and found horse racing wrongs. since thenI have just been obsessed.. googling and reading every day about the cruelty …I had to channel my anxiety and i feel so lucky to have found this recuse only 30 minutes from me in saint louis- EQUUS rescue. They have over 50 rescued horses some from killpens – some starvation cases- most are off the track thoroughbreds. The Owner Margo is truly an angel and she cares for each horse as if it were her own child. She told me she doesn’t turn down a horse in need… If anyone ever has the means and the way to save one of these poor horses Patrick posts about I would help in any way I could to get them safe and sound to the farm.. 77 acres of beautiful missouri land where they can learn to just be a horse.. and be loved

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