The unconscionable abuse continues for a pair of long-suffering horses. In the same race Wednesday at Presque Isle, Samurai Zip, 12, went under the whip for the 77th time, and Fox Rox, 11, went under for the 120th time. 120. PA’s “Equine Safety and Welfare Action Plan” exposed as the obscenity that it is, again.

As most of you know, I have been keeping tabs on the now-11-year-old Fox Rox (below), as his abusive “connections” – Mark Hoffman and Dennis Ward – remain hellbent on squeezing every last dime out of his poor body. Last month, Fox was scratched by the vet prior to what would have been his 117th […]

I first reported on the ungodly abuse of Fox Rox back in February. At the time, he had been raced 113 times. Two more races since, and now Fox, who will turn 11 on May 27 (if he makes it, that is), is slated to go again next Wednesday at Tampa Bay Downs. That will […]

The unconscionable abuse of Fox Rox (previous posts here) is set to resume Monday, the Fourth, at Presque Isle. It will be the 11-year-old’s 118th time under the whip. Presque Isle racing office: 866-374-3386 (option 2)