What Would Have Been His 117th Race

I have twice before reported on the almost-unimaginable suffering endured by the racehorse Fox Rox – here, and here. Yesterday at Presque Isle, Fox’s abusers, Mark Hoffman and Dennis Ward, fully intended to send the soon-to-be-11-year-old out for the 117th time (and it was a “claiming race,” meaning they were to have him up “For Sale”). In the end, unsurprisingly, he was a vet scratch. I will, of course, keep watching.

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  1. Such heartless exploitation of a horse for profit! Has he endured the brutality of horse racing for so long only to end up as someone’s MacDonald’s burger! How cruel and greedy the “sport of kings”! Put an end to the dark money associated with the evils of Horse Racing! It’s staggering to realize we evolved so little during centuries of horse slavery that we are still immune to their tortured suffering for fun and profit.

    • McDonald’s does not use horse meat in any of their products to the best of my knowledge and belief. However, I have read information about Taco Bell having used horse meat in their products for human consumption. I don’t know how much this happened or how widespread this practice of Taco Bell using horse meat might be. I think it is illegal to use horse meat in any food product for human consumption in the United States.

      • Another good reason not to eat in fast food places & be a plant based eating herbivore! It maybe illegal but many corporations will do shady practices to make $$ !

  2. I am surprised that the vet scratched this horse, FOX ROX. I thought they would send him out to die for sure. This horse should be sent to someone who actually has the capacity to genuinely care for him. Send FOX ROX to someone who has the capability of truly appreciating the horse as a companion animal and pasture pet and END the torture of being forced to endure the ABUSE that is inflicted on racehorses by degenerates that have no scruples.

  3. Scratching him wasn’t good enough. He should be removed from his abusers and sent somewhere to enjoy his twilight years – if he can. If he isn’t so injured already that no life without pain is possible. Sickening to see this continuing abuse of this poor horse. Just sickening.

    • I agree. These so-called “owners” are clearly the lowest of the low of our society. This poor horse should be retired to one of those race horse retirement communities the industry tells us about. Yeah, right! It’ll break my heart to read that he broke down and was destroyed in an upcoming thread, but compared to his current life of misery and constant abuse and pain, it’ll be a blessing. There is no other human activity which exploits and abuses animals worse than this one!

  4. The longer the tough survive the abuse the longer the merciless abuse is piled on – that is their “reward”.
    But maybe the apologists and the members of We Support Racing will step up for Fox Rox or does “support” stop when it comes to the horses? Just asking!!

    • I believe we all know the answer to that question is: “ABSOLUTELY YES, the SUPPORT STOPS with the HORSES!!!!!” They support racing, NOT horses. The same with the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act/Authority!!!!! Horses are mere inventory for this ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!!!!

    • Horses running in the Grade One races are not raced as much as the horses that are forced to run in the claiming races, but it is all INHUMANE and INHERENTLY CRUEL to the horses. Even the Grade I & II Level horses can deteriorate down into the Claiming ranks at some point when they’re no longer useful to whoever is exploiting them. That is, if they were not killed by their connections first. You’ll get an idea of how much it varies from one horse to another by googling horses’ names on Equibase.

  5. Thank you for that info Wanda… of course its absolutely all inhumane I agree.. I just wasnt sure exactly how many times a horse is forced to race… its so sad….

  6. I am sick of seeing horses abused such as this one. It is time to punish those responsible for the abuse and deaths of horses such as this one. Let’s stop the horrible sport of racing horses!

  7. I wish I was a millionaire. I would buy them all and retire them, This is shameful. The people that brought this horse into the world should be looking out for him now. Why aren’t they doing anything?

    • I sometimes wonder what part of their brains are missing for these sociopathic psychopaths to continually abuse these beautiful horses!!! Don’t they have a clue that what they are doing is horribly wrong and horribly stupid?!?!?!

  8. Lets face it, this poor, innocent horse will likely end up at the slaughterhouse, but don’t forget that these ‘owners and trainers’ love their horses like family members!!! Anything to get the last ‘dollar’ out of him.

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