113 Races – With No End in Sight

Fox Rox was first put to the whip way back in 2013. Soon to be 11 – old for this brutal industry – he was raced for the 113th time nine days ago at Tampa Bay. Considering that upward of 90% of all active racehorses suffer from stomach ulcers, and considering that in the states that provide full necropsy reports I see time and again 4-, 3-, even 2-year-old horses with degenerative joint disease and osteoarthritis, imagine what this poor animal’s body looks – and more important, feels – like. Current abusers: owner Mark Hoffman, trainer Dennis Ward.

Tampa Bay Downs: 813-855-4401 (racing office: option 2); contact form

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  1. The deliberate and malicious brutality and suffering perpetrated on racehorses like FOX ROX (FR) is a clear example of a business operating with no conscious or under any legal/moral scrutiny and/or accountability.
    Of course the never ending Kill Lists are factual evidence of this.
    The original owner LANGPAP STABLES and Trainer M FERRARO made the bulk of the money (0ver $500,000), but that wasn’t enough to secure a safe exit and grassy paddock.
    Instead, these abusive creeps dumped FR into the claiming ranks where he’s been repeatedly claimed for another round of abusive business practices all supported by the enablers of the abuse.
    Life for FR is a living hell and that’s the thanks he gets for generating over $565,000 in personal earnings and thousands more at the wagering windows while getting beaten and doped.
    He’s rarely had a rest and his entire existence is staring at 4 walls 23 hours per day, intensely confined with bandages on his legs waiting to get injected or beaten again.
    These parasites just keep on sucking the life out of him until he will have no more to give.
    If you ever want to find horrible human beings conducting outrageous acts of cruelty on living beings look no further than the horse racing industry.

    • Look at parx 1st race tues blugrascats smile made overhalf million still racing he 10 he should be retired he made enough money why risk him to breakdown he was way back today

      • Barb I checked out BLUGRASCAT’S SMILE and it’s yet another example of a tragedy unfolding before us.
        As you mentioned, this stakes placed 9 y.o gelding has made over $534,310 with the bulk of his earnings made by his original exploiters owner/breeder Francis J Paolangeli and trainer Charlton Baker.
        He’s changed hands so many times since then and is now running in the bottom for $5000.
        In the 1st at PARX today he finished last by 23+ lengths, but his abuse will continue because he was claimed by notorious claimer and racehorse killer Scott Lake for owners Home Team Stables.
        A reminder that Pennsylvania horse racing only exists because they receive about 240 million per year of taxpayer funded casino subsidies that is approved by our elected politicians while PA public education suffers directly due to lack of funding.

  2. FOX ROX finished First on December 29, 2021, but finished Sixth on January 23, 2022. I wonder if they even care if he wins. They should know he is not going to win every time he is sent out to run in a race. I seriously wonder what dope was injected into this horse’s body in December or, for that matter, every day. FOX ROX has earned more than enough money in his lifetime. The real point is that horseracing is INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES regardless of their age. No horse of any age deserves the abuse and torture and neglect of the lifestyle that horses exploited for racing and wagering must tolerate and endure.

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