Rich Strike’s Trainer Defends Outrider: “Richie was in killer mode.”

Rich Strike’s trainer, Eric Reed, on the “controversy” at the end of the Derby Saturday (from an interview with Today):

“I want to clear that up. The outrider’s job at the end of the race is to help get the leading horse slowed down, and take him around and let him do the interviews. Well, Richie, he was in ‘killer mode,’ he was gonna outrun every horse on the track. So when he saw that pony coming his way, he thought he had another horse to beat and he was trying to run by it.

“The man did his job: he reached out and grabbed ahold of the horse and it made the horse mad. He didn’t know that he was trying to help him, he thought he was supposed to outrun that horse, and he bit the guy’s leg terribly. He bit his arm, a couple really bad bites. The horse is not a mean horse, he just was in race mode and he didn’t understand why they were grabbing him to slow him down. That man saved my horse from injury….”

You be the judge. Is this merely an innocuous and correct “disciplining” of a horse in “killer mode”?

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  1. Rich Strike has dead eyes. He does not like what he is doing. If he lashes out it is because he is miserable. Tongue tied down, severe bits, and a jockey with a whip. And, we are supposed to believe these horses “have it made”.

  2. There should have been a longer run for Richie to cool down with before he encountered any other horse. He should have had some “free run” time while he was still in race mode. The racing industry needs to drastically change its way of handling the majestic creatures it “uses”.

    • ….finally someone with a little sense on this page…..this indeed was the FIRST TIME Richie was grabbed after a race hand thought he was supposed to still run…..99% of ALL none Stake / High dollar races do NOT have outriders taking anyone after the race, as this is handled by the jockey who eases him after the race….some jockies take the horse ALL the way around the track!

    • The out rider shoulda done this he shoulda done that La,La,La,Laaaaa! Ok let’s all jump on this public demonstration of how these majestic animals are abused by their keepers all for the mighty dollar and even better we can do it right after the biggest race of the year! Wow we hit the jackpot!! Forget it,anyone who commented negatively regarding this out riders actions should be ashamed and embarrassed. You may not like this particular outrider or the fact he is Blasi’s brother but to jump on this incident to show the world the real deal. This is an all time low. You people either have no idea what your talking about or really showing your true colors this was not animal abuse not even close. This outrider did his job the best he could under very stressful extenuating circumstances. This horse coulda have very easily gotten loose he did a very good job. I don’t know this outrider for all I know he could be a scumbag,but he did a good job. This incident was relatively benign with the outrider himself suffering most of the damage. Benign as it might have been,the one thing that has me questioning and questioning. I’ll be the first to admit that I am a frequent flyer when it comes to watching horse races watching horses close up. In my opinion I have never ever in forty years of observation of these animals observed a scenario as this 1) 80-1 wins Kentucky Derby. 2) Never displayed this kind of performance before. Not just the fact he finished in front of everyone else at this level. Rich Strike displayed super speed and agility. 3) The Jockey displayed super athletic ability navigating this horse through a much crowded field . 4) A jockey with this kind of ability,why is he not riding on a major circuit. Never heard of him before.I’m sure he is very popular on his home circuit. 5) I have rarely if ever seen a horse act like Rich Strike did after his race. In “Killer Mode”? Did this guy Read ever hear about “FATIGUE”. In my opinion this was something other than “Killer Mode” This is more like Killer B.S. Yes there was horse abuse but not with the outrider, you’all looking in the wrong place. In my opinion. When a horse gets tainted by either chemicals or voltage it may respond in an unpredictable aggressive way. I’m not sayin just thinking out aloud.It’s just my opinion. OH YES! There was one other thing. After the race,While Rich Strike and his groom were walking back down the horse path from the track to the testing barn. It seemed to me a female standing along that path on the horses left side approached the horse and reached up to what seemed to be a Pat on his neck but this seemed a little unusual. She was alone, no one else was around.Who was this woman?What was she doing?Was she petting the horse in congratulations or was she retrieving something?NO ABUSE ON OUTRIDERS PART !

      • You are dead wrong about “no abuse”, Sophie D, but you are entitled to your own opinion/thoughts. So far, the Constitution of the United States still allows us the freedom of speech as long as a person is not yelling “fire” in a crowded theater when there is no fire.

      • Sophie, why did he grab the horse so soon after,seemed to me to be much quicker than other times. Give the horse a chance to Breathe. Hopefully you read what I said yesterday,that Zi will not lose one minute sleep over gruff looking husky man. What I worry about is the dear luvable claimers who die in MASS every “gd” DAY.

        • I think husky man grabbed him so quick cause he was like … let’s get this over with quick, cause I wanted Assmussen horse to win. Would a gambling racket be allowed to continue if the stupid humans involved in it DIED every damn day? NO. people s**k.

      • Sophie, the outrider CAUSED the problem. The jockey was handling his mount just fine. Think before accusing others of not knowing what they are talking about. A lot of people on this site have years of hands-on equine experience, not just watching horse races on TV or from the stands. Think about what you are trying to defend.

  3. i think the horse was drugged up with a drug you cant find. and i think the outrider was incompetent and i thonk hoirses racing slaughter needs to end

  4. When being walked back to the barn after the ceremonial roses on the horses neck,the groom was petting him and talking to the horse. The horse was leaning into the groom so killer instinct. You see animals know when you are a piece of garbage and those who have the love for him.

    • Your take on this could not be further off base. I understand you may not have horse knowledge or experience but I would be happy to help share the truth with you.

    • look…..I’ve been enjoying the Sport of Kings since my early 1970’s at old Waterford Park, now Mountaineer. I am in NO WAY allowing any horse to be damaged in anyway. In the past 2-3 years there HAS BEEN VAST improvement in the safety and care of these horses.Even at Santa Anita it has gotten better, and what happened to Baffert sent a message that has been heard I believe by other owners/trainers. as to Rich Strike savaging the outrider and his pony, well, those who don’t know this sport should do a search on the 2021 FOREGO STAKES at Saratoga. there was NO INTENT of harm , in fact why they feel the need to take these ponies out to claim all these horses after a big race IS BEYOND ME !! 99% of races end with the jockey taking the horse for a long trot / walk after the race to run it out of him. bottom line I get what this site is trying to do…..but perhaps some schooling first might help’

  5. Called savaging, horses biting other horses necks, backs, buttocks. In the wild, on hind legs, fighting each other! Horses, being horses!

    • Yeah when two stallions are fighting over a mare…
      when frightened discarded American racehorses are on a truck in horrific conditions on their journey to be slaughtered in Canada or Mexico…

      • Lots of Thoroughbreds end up in kill pens and they have the lip tats to prove it.

    • Yep. The apologists are out in force because they know what Blasi did was wrong, but they can’t admit that without also admitting to the issues inherent in racing… so therefore anyone not in lockstep with them is immediately wrong. These apologists are the embodiment of the quote, ” There is no man so blind as he who refuses to see.”

      • They see the money. That is all that matters to them. Thank you for your insight, Givesadamn.

  6. Of course Reed is going to defend the outrider – Rich Strike is nothing but a mere tool of the trade to both the outrider and Reed.

    I feel the following bears repeating so I copied and pasted a previous comment in its entirety;

    While the racing community and media congratulate Rich Strike’s trainer Eric Reed, others in the racing community are sharing THEIR thoughts about him…

    “He’s a lot worse than that. He’s a racist, an anti Semitic and the biggest POS human being I know. He trained on this filly for 3 weeks with that bow [photo was included that showed a chestnut’s front limbs with a left front bowed tendon]. That is just the tip of the iceberg of things I could tell you about him.” – Paula Taube, Thoroughbred breeder and owner

    “He breezed my friends horse while it was being treated for a lung infection. It landed in the hospital and Dr Slovis said it was the worst case of bleeding he had ever seen. I could go on” – Paula Taube, Thoroughbred breeder and owner

    “There’s so many things I know, 1st hand, not rumors, not 3rd party. I saw him abuse the shit out of horses, including my own. Couldn’t get them out of there fast enough. He QUIT FEEDING my horse because they said he was a bad actor. WTF!!!” – Paula Taube, Thoroughbred breeder and owner

    “Sorry to rain on your parade. I would love to see the little guy win as much as anyone, but not him. He is as evil as they come. That’s coming directly from someone whose horses he abused, mine.” – Paula Taube, Thoroughbred breeder and owner

    “108 rulings. I got lost trying to go thru them all. Most are not drug violations but I did see a Bute, tramadol, dex, Gabapentin and Isoflupredone positive, whatever that is. Still, Reed seems to have little if any regard for rules. This is separate from what I’VE SEEN him do.” – Paula Taube, Thoroughbred breeder and owner

    • I have no idea why u post anything Paula Taube. I surely hope she doesn’t depend on the nags she has to keep food on her table. 99% of what is posted on this site is from people who know NOTHING of what comes out of their pie holes. the horse in question had NEVER had another horse come to get him after a race, as the jockey just runs hims to a walk to run it out of him, take him to the winner circle or the paddock, that wasn’t the case here. just do us a favor, don’t post just to be heard….

      • The point of the obvious fact that the outrider used very poor judgement has been made several times in a previous post on this blog, ksmack54.

    • Joy – We Can Get Paula To Write To Ray Paulick & Bloodhorse & Horse Racing Nation About Eric Reed Before Rich Strike Dies On The Racetrack 2022?

      • Molly, do you honestly believe that Ray Paulick (or anyone else in this gambling racket/racing-industry-that-demands-corporate-welfare-to keep-it-PROPPED-UP press) gives one iota of a care about what happens to any horse??? When one horse or one dozen horses are killed by racing, this money-grubbing, horse-abusing gambling racket industry will provide another foal crop (another crop of disposable horses) to replace some of the horses that were deliberately killed by this morally depraved gambling racket!!!! The population of Jockey Club registered Thoroughbred horses is in decline in the United States and eventually there won’t be enough disposable Thoroughbreds to fill out the race cards for these greedy, rich and poor, morally depraved people.

  7. ….so let me ask you this……..if you pet a dog and he keeps biting you, do you keep getting bit or do you walk away from it?

    • Well if it was the outrider Blasi, ksmack54, he would HANG ON to the dog and keep getting bit.

      • Good answer, Joy!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, he (Greg Blasi) would be a hero for hanging on to the dog because you know a biting dog could kill somebody!!!! Ha!

  8. Stop forcing baby, half trained horses to submit against all their instincts! Humans don’t have the right to abuse animals for their personal greed and pleasure! Horse racing isn’t a sport, it’s just humans beating babies to their eventual death! It’s a vile, cruel industry.

  9. ….what do you propose we do with all these babies?….and all the people who work caring for these babies?….most can’t even speak a word of English?….are YOU Kate Egizi going to feed a couple hundred of these babies and have a place for them to run free? are you Kate Egizi going to hire , feed , and house all these workers when they loose their income? u people kill me, just want to complain but have no idea what to do about the problem

    • If they can’t speak English they can go back to where they came from. Horseracing is becoming like bullfighting. I’ve been around a long time and U.S. horses are getting the treatment the horses and other animals receive routinely in the third world. Why? You answered the question in your post. Should bullfighting go on because somebody might lose their job? You kill me.

    • Ksmack, have you been living under a rock? There is a WORKER shortage in this country. Businesses are begging for workers. Restaurants, and many other establishments all need help.

    • It appears that you are the one that doesn’t know what to do about the problem, KSMACK/ ksmack54. You are the one asking the questions…!!!!!
      What the breeders and owners of baby horses can do with them is turn them out to large pastures and let them grow the way horses need to grow. Let them mature into fully developed horses. Stop keeping them locked up in stalls for 23 hours a day!!!! Forced confinement of the horses causes a lot of health problems for the horses!!!! Keeping horses locked up in stalls for longer than 10 hours a day is unhealthy for the horses!!!! Stop the 23-hour-a-day confinement!!!!! Stop this egregious cruelty to horses that causes them to be mentally, emotionally and physically tortured!!!!
      ***STOP grinding away at their bodies and deliberately causing unnecessary STRESS, ULCERS, other INJURIES that cripple them, broken bones; a myriad of problems that cause the horses to be euthanized or drop dead of overexertion and EXHAUSTION.***
      You do know that horses are not mature/fully developed until SIX YEARS OF AGE, don’t you, ksmack54???
      How many horses have you witnessed being DOPED, DRUGGED, MEDICATED, WHIPPED, SHOCKED just so they can be used for racing and wagering???? Do you think that is “normal”???
      The responsibility of horse ownership belongs to the legal owners. It is not the responsibility of Kate Egizi or anyone else here to take care of the horses that the racing people don’t care enough about to take care of them and provide for them for 20 to 30 or more years. It’s the breeder’s responsibility to STOP BREEDING DISPOSABLE HORSES!!!!!! Have a heart for the well-being of the horses and stop this every day, routine abuse that you and the other “racing industry people” think is normal. This practice of using horses as gambling chips is a man-made disaster that needs to be terminated from all government subsidies and government-directed benefits. Let the breeders and the owners take RESPONSIBILITY of the care of the horses and stop dumping the horses and stop dumping the responsibility!!!!!

    • “Can’t see the forest for the trees!”
      Racing is responsible for overbreeding, dumping young used up horses with nowhere to go.
      Racing creates lots of problems and walks away.
      When it comes to solving problems and taking responsibility racing fails miserably.
      And you know, ksmack54, at least 10, 000 Thoroughbreds wind up slaughtered and butchered in Canada and Mexico year after year.
      Is this anyway to “solve” the problem directly attributable to the business you support?!!

    • Ksmack, there are plenty of answers on this site. Thank you for recognizing and acknowledging that racing is a problem. Perhaps you should read instead of doing what you naively accuse others of doing: posting for attention.

    • That is a stupid question: “What do you propose we do with all these babies?” STOP BREEDING THEM. The majority of Thoroughbreds never win a race! Do you actually believe there are legions of people standing in line to buy or, at the very least, adopt these unwanted horses? If you believe that, I’ve got life-time membership in the Gobi Desert Canoe Club for you! Thanks for reminding us of the disaster at the Border. All these undocumented people coming into this country ILLEGALLY. Whoever you are, I could bet that you are involved in racing in some form or another. How do you cope? Just turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the reality that is horse-racing?

    • Ksmack …. people like YOU ARE the PROBLEM. This is an evil disgusting way to make a living. Do you “get off” on torturing animals? How bout you take the tractor trailer ride with the innocent souls who this scumbag industry is killing,and you can watch what the horror does to the horses and what they go through. Why don’t YOU find homes for unwanted horses????? hmm … didn’t think so 😒 Frankly, I don’t know how you gambling racket people live with yourselves.

  10. Looked Like Sonny Leon & Eric Reed Used Some Of Bob Baffert Drugs On Rich Strike – 2022 KY Derby?

  11. Ksmack, this point was made NUMEROUS times … way before today. And, by many people.

  12. Look, it’s clear the gambling with animals lives racket,see all these unwanted “babies” as just a major hemorrhoid in their not wanting to admit,confront, or do the moral responsibility adult thing with these babies who didn’t ask to be born. Quit forcibly creating more unwanted innocent souls. QUIT breeding you f’n idiots.

    • And, by the way, they don’t want to take responsibility for “it”, is because they are L.A.Z.Y.

    • They’re not going to quit breeding, they are driven by greed. Remember the proposed cap on number of mares bred? That one quietly vanished. The people who breed these horses should be responsible for the horses for the rest of the horses lives. They began that life, they should be responsible. It’s what I did when I very briefly bred dogs. I always made sure my babies came home. There are enough horses in this country now that we could all have 1 or 2 or more in our backyards. Stop breeding horses already, you bunch of greedy b*stards.

      • Jeanette, I read about the Jockey Club proposing a cap on the number of mares that a stallion could breed in one season to 100 mares instead of 120 in order to “diversify” the gene pool. It was not their intention to control the population. Spendthrift Farm protested that idea. Obviously, their greediness takes precedence over diversifying the gene pool or anything remotely resembling responsibility for the horses’ lives past the thousands or millions of dollars that they can make off the exploitation of these horses.

      • They are exasperating the pain,suffering,and ultimately Horrific unspeakable deaths. The horse industry is ONLY about not having to WORK a real job (White Collar).

  13. What I saw, was a poorly trained horse. I’m not talking, a horse who doesn’t know how to race, I’m talking a horse who doesn’t know manners. I also saw the outrider trying to defend himself and his horse, while trying to do his job, which was to get the winner over to the Winner’s Circle.
    Having said that, ok, the long shot won. Long shots do win, and the fact that the horse -any of the horses-made it out of the Charge of the Light Brigade that we call the Kentucky Derby, was a miracle. 20 horses, few of whom have more than 3 races under their belts, is attempted negligent homicide. The horses are not experienced in racing in a pack of 20 horses; they’ve been racing in groups of 4-7 horses, for the most part. And few have been in more than 3 races. It’s a miracle no jockeys or horses were killed. The Kentucky Derby is not the place to school a horse in large field racing.
    I’m against racing, and Saturday was one example of why. Young horses, thrown into a field of 20, expected to manoever their way around each other and come out on top. Or, alive. To avoid getting boxed in, or rub the rail, or clip heels, or body slam each other, or, when tiring, swerve out of their lane, to end up directly in front of another horse.
    These are ways that horses “break down.” How they “take a bad step.” It’s how they end up lying behind a big tarp, in shock, unable to get up because someone is sitting on their neck, while someone else walks towards them with a needle. It’s how jockeys end up in wheelchairs for the rest of their lives, or in coffins, while race goers spare a moment of pseudo thought for them.

    What to do. Yes, there are too many racehorses born each year, and not enough rescues and retraining programs.
    I propose, that Congress implement a 10 year program to end Horseracing.
    Breeding would be done by lottery, with fewer horses bred each year. An increasing tax would be levied on owning racehorses. If you can’t pay it, you don’t send horses out to race. Tracks would be closed on a state by state progression.
    As to the resulting unemployment problems, how many track workers actually make a living wage now? How many just work during the race season, and get laid off, possibly permanently, and have to fill out an application to get rehired the next year? People who work in food services, maintainance, janitorial, security, landscaping. How many of those people work at the tracks, when the training season takes over, and there aren’t half full stands of people to feed, or clean bathrooms after, or sweep the grandstands out at the end of the day. Of those people, how many are part time? Probably a lot. How many get health benefits, paid vacation days off, paid sick days, life insurance, or pensions? I’d wager, not many.
    How many hot walkers are illegals? How many are paid under the table? I’ve read, a lot of the stable workers are not US citizens, nor do they have Green Cards. Many don’t have taxes taken out of their pay, because they get paid by the day, in cash, by trainers trying to save as much money as possible. They won’t pay anyone, legal or not, a living wage, if they can get away with paying under the table.
    Then, there’s the horses. Animals designed to move about as they graze, for hours a day. Yet, they are shut up in stalls that don’t allow for much moving about. Yes, they can turn around, and lie down. They can also sway back and forth, or chew and suck the edge of the stall door, for hours at a time. They can kick the walls out of frustration at being bored and pent up for nearly the entire day. They aren’t allowed to be with other horses, despite being herd animals with a strong need to be social. The only time they are with other horses, they aren’t allowed to socialize. In fact, they get whipped to run faster, and leave the others behind.
    They get fed on our schedule, twice a day, morning and late afternoon. Because they can’t walk about and graze, their GI tracts are prone to colic.
    Tracks don’t exactly hire a lot of security, which is amazing considering the value of the horses. Tracks must not have enough guards. If they did, there wouldn’t be so many reports of horses “found dead in stall at 6 am.” Apparently, no one hears a 1200 pound animal moving restlessly, then neighing, then kicking the walls in a futile effort to get rid of the increasing pain. And, no one hears the horse screaming, as the colic really starts to cause damage. No one hears the dropping of a horse, as it gives up trying to stay on its feet, and drops. And dies, of a combination of twisted or ruptured bowel, shock, and bleeding internally.
    There’s the drugs fed to horses. Growth hormones, steroids, NSAIDS. NSAIDS, given every day, from the beginning of training, because it’s taken for granted the horse is in pain.
    If you look on any bottle of NSAIDS, it will say that they have to be taken with food. And now, we’re back to the schedule we feed racehorses on. Which means, their stomachs are often empty when they get their NSAIDS. Which means, they get ulcers. A lot of ulcers-like 50 or more. And if any of those ulcers break through the stomach wall, the bacteria that leaks into the gut, can land in the liver. And cause something called suppurative hepatitis. Which is revealed in necropsies after these horses break bones in their legs. Or spines, on the track.
    Supposedly tracks demand that no racehorse can be sold for slaughter. But middlemen buy the unproductive horses that owners don’t want, and they sell the horses to kill buyers, who then auction them off pretty much by the pound.
    Supposedly, it’s illegal in this country to slaughter horses for consumption. Why won’t Congress make it a federal law, that it’s illegal to sell any equid, in this country, for slaughter in another? Or make it illegal to send any equid to a kill auction in another country?
    And, there’s the trip to the slaughterhouse. In a cattle truck, the metal floors too slick for horses shod hooves. Those that can’t keep their footing, who fall, usually remain on the trailer floor. There are so many horses packed into the trailer, that it’s impossible for them to get back on their feet. So, they get trampled. They arrive at the slaughterhouse, with no eyes, broken jaws, lacerations, and even amputated legs.
    There’s the slaughter itself. Horses put into a box big enough for much larger cattle. They smell blood, and panicked, try to escape. The person who is supposed to stun them into unconsciousness, often can’t get a clear blow. I once saw a film of a guy so frustrated by missing a horse with his hammer, that he left, and returned with a huge machete. He smashed down on the horse’s neck, severing the spinal cord and causing instant paralysis-but not unconsciousness. The horse was unable to move, but fully awake and aware, when the guy slashed its throat.

    • Karen Baker, your well informed post highlights all the more how evil and barbaric this antiquated horror needs to go in the dust heap of horrible history. So, thank you for exposing.

    • it’s hard to say “thank you” for graphic and disturbing facts”, but thanks anyway! People need to know the truth, see the reality. This is one of my favorite quotes. It speaks volumes. “Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.” ~ Dr. Albert Schweitzer, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, musician, philosopher, and foreign missionary physician.

  14. And animal activists are always accused of anthropomorphism??

    Of course that’s not what this is, but let’s break it down. They expect the public to believe:

    1. That horses are actually racing and know they are racing to win. — “Well, Richie, he was in ‘killer mode,’ he was gonna outrun every horse on the track.” AND he thought the pony horse was another horse that he had to beat.

    2. That he was so caught up in that winning that: “..he didn’t understand why they were grabbing him to slow him down.” Probably because he was so excited to be interviewed.

    Let’s remember the beloved Richie was whipped, tongue tied and forced to run out of fear to keep up with the herd.

    That’s the truth.

  15. It would be laughable if the subject matter wasn’t so tragic – racing and its apologists sharing the words of Eric Reed as gospel, that is.

    So racing mouthpiece Paulick’s piece – “The Man Saved My Horse From Injury” – is supposed to convince readers Blasi did the right thing? – because the colt’s trainer said so?

    Well here’s ANOTHER Paulick piece with a trainer’s words as gospel;

    “Beyond the racetracks, X Y Jet becomes part of my family, was like the older brother of my children and of course, that affection extended to all those who in one way or another related to this swift, mood, but noble racehorse.

    “Since his arrival at my stable at the end of 2014, I immediately felt that connection with him, which remained until today and will surely remain with me until the day of my departure. I owe X Y Jet so much, that I’m sure there are no words that can specify my thanks to his nobility and class, I do not say goodbye to a horse, I say goodbye to a friend that I will carry forever in my heart.”

    Those were Jorge Navarro’s words about X Y Jet, the horse he killed and boasted about giving “50 injections in the mouth” in preparation for a particular race. The excerpt shared above was from a Paulick Report article from January 8, 2020 titled “Goodbye To A Friend”.

    Racing puts its abusers on pedestals. Even calls them heroes.

    • Right, Jorge Navarro felt a connection to X Y JET through “the injection connection” if you will. This is not to mention the countless other horses this so-called trainer had a “connection” with through the adulterated and mislabeled performance enhancing drugs.

      • Yes, and the point is the industry, its mouthpieces, fans, and supporters think because a racehorse’s trainer exclaims something, it’s the truth? Right.

        • Point well made and point well taken, Joy. It’s nauseating AND it’s unacceptable that this glorified shit show is being supported by taxpayer dollars. Our government should be punishing more of these glorified horse-abusing, horse-killing degenerates that this industry puts on a pedestal!!!!

    • Yes, Jeanette – USA Today reported his suspension is his 5th since September. Also, this; “[Leon] has also been sanctioned for presenting false and altered documents from a physical examination to West Virginia stewards and for inflicting visible injuries on one of his mounts through misuse of the whip.” VISIBLE INJURIES TO THE HORSE FROM LEON WHIPPING HIM/HER – and then he lied about it.

      His suspension? – 4 days.

  16. Don’t know if anyone mentioned it – and if someone did I’m sorry – BUT did anyone see the post parade photos of Rich Strike with pony BEFORE the race? I have several and NO AGGRESSION THERE AT ALL! Now tell again how Blasi did the right thing when the other outrider had NO PROBLEM AT ALL.

    • There is the possibility that something besides the race itself upset this horse. Nothing in this business would surprise me.

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