Finger Lakes Today: “In Distress, Fell” – Dead

The 6th at Finger Lakes less than an hour ago: “Sinless appeared in distress in upper stretch and then fell at the sixteenths pole.” She was, it turns out, euthanized where she lay. Sinless was four years old, and this was her second time under the whip. Her first race, incidentally, was way back in September: last, over 28 lengths back.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Some horses are so panicked at the idea of running on a track they would rather be dead than put under that amount of stress. Owners/trainers don’t care. Horses die of broken hearts. This poor mare never had a chance, and that makes me sick.

    • Karen, one of my uncles had a Thoroughbred filly in Lompoc, California that he either raced or attempted to race. I didn’t know it until we went to visit him in 1975. He showed us the filly that he used to own but he sold to somebody that just had her out on pasture. He said that she just got too nervous to race so he decided to not force her to race. We saw her grazing on her new owner’s pasture with another horse and he talked about how she just was too nervous to be a racehorse. Other than that, I don’t know what his racing experiences were.

  2. “Sinless” – another aptly-named dead racehorse.
    “Soulless” – another accurate descriptor of her creepy connections.

    It’s Derby Death Week, everyone! Let’s celebrate the carnage of animals killed for entertainment, amusement, and, most of all, for degenerate gamblers’ bets. Now where’d I put my stupid hat?

    • Let’s pray that Derby Day comes and goes without remorse. And the undercards and the Oaks. I will.never forget Eight Belles winning 2nd and dying first.

      • One never could forget seeing what happened to Eight Belles! Have just read that are now to be at the end of the year only 2 Greyhound tracks left as the casino subsidy has been eliminated on one remaining in the mid-west. Only 2 left in entire country in West Virginia that are casino subsidized.

  3. Sinless – a dead mare by a horse that’s now dead, as well. Laoban. If you’ve not heard about his recent horrific death, Google it – but be prepared.

    • Joy, thank you for the warning, but I’m not sure how one prepares oneself for this level of diabolical greed in the commercial breeding farms. The abuse to the horses in this industry seems to know no boundaries, no limits. As Gina Powell has stated, the abuse to the horses in this industry is a bottomless pit.

  4. There needs to be more protests! More people speaking up! Grey hound racing is near extinct because of peoples voices and intolerance for the dogs being killed; more awareness needs to be made for the horses as well ..

  5. Vicious vile sadistic torture of beautiful horses by sadistic monsters

  6. Although all tracks are misery pits for racehorses Finger Lakes is one that is utterly disgusting.
    Finger Lakes exists only because of the millions it gets from the racino model and even that isn’t enough because a couple of years ago former Gov. Cuomo had to send them some more money.
    On February 17, 2017 Gov. Cuomo even went so far as to pass a Bill to protect Finger Lakes Racetrack from the casino competition up the road (Source: Democrat Chronicle) in a direct response to the “horsemen” complaining about losing their gravy train.
    The Bill expired in 2020 so wondering what’s going on with it now or if newly elected Gov. Hotchul just rubber stamped it without any public consultation??
    Just to be clear the casino called del Lago Resort and Casino 30 miles away from Finger Lakes is financially self-sustaining that insisted on NO horse racing and not to support it.
    It supports more jobs with good wages and benefits then the Finger Lakes track ever has or ever will.
    Plus it doesn’t use, abuse and kill living beings.
    Racehorses like SINLESS pay the price for the millions in public subsidies.
    State-sanctioned killings – no more no less.

    • I was just reading about a person in golf that was banned for life from the Masters, I believe, for doing something like a marketing ploy that was considered genius by some and tacky by others. Nobody was physically assaulted or abused. Nobody was killed or physically hurt and this guy is banned for life.
      In the Horseracing Industry, which is not a real sport, but a Sport of Kings/Killings, does anyone ever get banned for life?

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