The Face of Evil: Trainer Mercilessly Beats Horse in Texas

The following videos first surfaced on social media last week and have since been confirmed by various outlets. They show multiple graded stakes-winning trainer Rodolfo Sanchez beating a downed horse (one report has the horse’s name as Guapa) at the Val Verde County Fairgrounds in Texas. Sanchez has been suspended from racing and also arrested on cruelty charges. Still, don’t expect a satisfying outcome, which for me would be that this wicked human being never see the outside of a prison again. (Warning: hard to watch.) (You have to click on the link for the second one.)

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  1. Cannot watch but any human who could beat a sentient being is a disgusting piece of garbage and should be punished. Sadly, the punishment is never strong enough. These brutal people will go on to abuse and control vulnerable creatures who have no voice. Horse racing is full of greedy, angry, sadists who exploit animals for their selfish interests. BAN IT

  2. The first 5 – 10 second are enough — it cannot get better unless it stops — how is Horse? — again, HOW can one … — any Human — BEAT a vulnerable, innocent Animal? — HOW?> — what’s the point!? — Can one be that STUPID? — that HATEFUL? — SHUT DOWN evil HORSERACING — it is horrific through & through — these IDIOT-ABUSER-KILLERS have the audacity to frequently state, “I have to support my family.”

  3. How did that horse not end up with a broken neck? If you can’t outwit an animal without violence you shouldn’t have animals. Same for children.

    • You said it, Alan — they lack sanity and compassion — they’re filled with stupidity and hate.

  4. Previously on this site,we have seen another “trainer” abusing a horse and has since been banned from that job. We were all appalled at the time and the video attracted attention from near and far(including animal welfare groups). THIS VIDEO FAR EXCEEDS ABUSE ABOVE AND BEYOND. And this guy got caught. What goes unnoticed leaves one wondering what goes on behind closed locations. A travesty of the human race.

    • I am so happy to learn that SOMETHING WAS DONE and this PSYCHO-Trainer is no longer “training” — I hope he’s “suspended” permanently — I want this evil to SHUT DOWN forever.

  5. There is absolutely no good reason for this sadistic creep to handle this horse in the way he is in this video. He wants to hurt this horse on purpose and I am glad to read that he was suspended from racing and arrested on cruelty charges.
    I’m glad that someone video-taped it and shared it. It takes more than one person to stop a sadistic creep from engaging in sadistic cruelty. If this Rodolfo Sanchez is let out of jail/prison, he will find a way to do this kind of thing again and be more sneaky about it. I don’t believe that he will be rehabilitated. He should be banned from all types of activities and businesses that involves horses and other animals. Actually, he should never be let out of prison.
    Who knows what Amber Cobb is doing these days? In her case, her husband or significant other unsnapped the horse from being tied up. In this case of Rodolfo Sanchez, I saw people in the background that did nothing to untie the horse from the tree. This act of willful abuse should never be forgotten because I believe this kind of behavior is ingrained in the person/persons who are capable of being this hideously sadistic.

    • Wanda,the background people looked and acted like they are scared to death of that maniac.

      • i do not think they’re AFRAID of him — they’re all the same — they’re alike — they “get” each other — they’re ALL a bunch of PSYCHO KILLERS who belong in Rubber Rooms.

      • There were two men that didn’t really look like they were afraid, but I don’t know what connection they had to this barbaric Rodolfo Sanchez. There was one guy, a stable worker, that acted like he has probably seen this kind of senseless abuse to horses in the past and just knows that he can’t stop it even if he wanted to stop the senseless abuse. He could have been afraid of losing his job or maybe something more impactful. I am assuming that the stable worker in the background is paid to do his job and acts like his thought process is a “mind your own business” kind of thing, or suffer the consequences. Horseracing is a man-made disaster and these outrageous displays of outright abuse of a horse caught on tape makes it even more obvious that this industry is guilty of Felony Animal Cruelty. This CRUELTY reminds me of the videos I have seen of so-called horsemen abusing Tennessee Walking Horses for the “big lick” which is another man-made disaster. The people that willfully abuse horses are sadistic and rotten-to-the- core evil.

  6. This is a travesty!!! This deplorable human needs to be beat while he can’t get up! I can’t believe what this creepy human is doing to these poor equines!
    SO let’s STOP encouraging horse racing🤬🤬

  7. This horse beater has obviously done this before.
    He feels more comfortable beating a defenseless, voiceless horse than he does being kind to it.
    The stable area of most private training centers can be torture chambers for horses and I’ve seen it.
    There is minimum oversight or repercussions on tracks, but private training centers are completely on their own with zippo oversight because it’s considered private property.
    Beating a horse and sitting on top of a dead racehorse laughing is all part of the track culture and it’s condoned, supported and defended by those on the racing commissions.
    It took an undercover video of Amber Cobb and even then a few commissioners defended her saying that she “took good care of her racehorses!”
    Obviously, this dude should be jailed and never allowed to own or be around a racehorse for life, but we all know what happened to “trainer” Gordon Elliott who laughed while sitting on top of a dead racehorse that he just killed.
    These monsters would never do this unless they had people at the top of the game egging them on to do it or know that people in top commission positions enable them to do it.
    So we now know that Elliott is training racehorses again so it wouldn’t surprise me, true to industry form, and after the dust settles that they will permit this abusive monster around horses again.
    There is no amount of cruelty or inhumane treatment that these “trainers” can do to suspend them for life and they know it and that’s why it keeps going on.

    • The Val Verde County Fairgrounds, being a public-owned property, would not be considered private so maybe that is why we are reading that this Rodolfo Sanchez has been arrested and suspended already. Whoever took the video must have been taken seriously by the authorities.

      • I stand corrected, but public grounds are a hairline more accountable than private training centers.
        Neither are accountable until a video like this surfaces and an outraged public garners a response.
        Otherwise, it just keeps going on and gets swept under the carpet and it seems obvious to me that Sanchez has been doing this a long time so who knows how many victims came before this beautiful chestnut horse?
        I don’t think the name has been 100% confirmed.
        As we’ve known and seen there are horrific things going on all over this business, but happy that this is one out of many that got caught.
        However, it remains to be seen what the outcome will be because if Gordon Elliott can be permitted around horses again, being rewarded more or less, then this business fails the horses every step of the way.

        • Gina, I agree with you that this horse-abusing, licensed Quarter Horse “trainer” has been beating horses for a long time. He whipped the horse while tied to a tree; there is no way that the horse can do anything to avoid this abuse and torture. Rodolfo Sanchez is a sadist through and through. Even after the horse was somehow able to get to his feet and stand quietly, the sadistic creep, Rodolfo Sanchez, stands behind the horse and whips him until the horse reacts and goes down again. No matter what the horse does or does not do, this filthy bucket of sleaze, Rodolfo Sanchez, continues to keep the horse tied to the tree and continues to whip the horse. Seriously, I hope he gets some of his own “medicine” while he is behind bars.

  8. Trainer, is this sadistic monster more like. Tied to a tree he wouldn’t get away with it if the horse was free. I would give him a dose of his own medicine and then put the wicked evil creep out of his misery. One day a brave person would beat the crap out of thim.

  9. The lowest of low, only a coward is capable of beating a downed horse. This industry is brutal!

    I can only hope for karma and that Rodolfo Sanchez to the next victim of a brutal crime.

    Shut this cruel and heartless industry down!


  11. This piece of garbage should never be allowed to train or even be around horses again.

    • Felony animal abuse charges have been brought against Rodolfo Sanchez for abusing this horse, which I hope does end his charade as a trainer.

      • I agree with Wanda Diamond. No horse should have to suffer the horrible torture of a beating. i also agree with Beverley that he receives just punishment for his criminal abuse of the horse.

      • PSYCHO Rodolfo should be suspended PERMANENTLY — he belongs nowhere near Horses, or Animals in general — people like this PSYCHO have NO RESPECT for Horses and Animals — why he was hired in the first place boggles MY mind — it is clear — esp. if he returns — that those who HIRED him, also do NOT give a damn about Horses — each time I turn around, another CRUELTY is perpetrated on Horses –this is one EVIL industry.

        • mssm8822, I am grateful for the person who video-taped this incident and reported it to the authorities. According to the statement given by a certain person which I read in a certain article in the Paulick Report about Rodolfo Sanchez, the other “trainers” also use this type of wailing on a horse on the hotwalker. Sometimes a horse will stop walking while on the hotwalker. Someone will “tap” the horse to get the horse to walk again. Sometimes the horse will go down instead of walking at which point the trainer or whoever will go to wailing on the horse just like Rodolfo Sanchez did in the video. Can you imagine that!? We don’t have a video of that… This was a statement given by a certain person with some authority at the VAL VERDE COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS. Even he said that “It’s not OK.”

        • Don Ahrens, director of security and parking at Sam Houston Race Park, is the one who relayed this information that horses are wailed on if they go down on the hotwalker. There needs to be more individuals armed with video cameras that work to record this FELONY ANIMAL ABUSE behavior!!!!

          • I LOVE Don Ahrens — so much — I hope something positive comes of this for the Horses — thank you, Don.

        • Contact the Texas quarter horse racing division to let them know this guy should never be allowed to train again. 512-458-5202

  12. Make sure to contact Texas Quarter horse racing division at 512-458-5202 to voice your opinion about this horrendous act.

    • In the PR article, the name of the horse being beaten by Rodolfo Sanchez was said to be FOOL FOR IT. Her information on Equibase: a California-bred Sorrel QH Filly born on February 9, 2019 and raced three times (all 3 in 2021) and still a maiden with $150 in earnings.

    • He has been suspended from racing for this incident, but I don’t know for how long. The horse that was beaten is being taken care of by county officials. Rodolfo Sanchez had been suspended for a horse doping/ drug violation before this incident and the way I understand it had not been back to “training” for very long when this incident was video-taped.

  13. Any human being?? that would savagely beat a downed horse is not just a coward, but a truly demented monster that needs not only strong punishment for his act, but forced to undergo serious psychiatric treatment (not that I think it will do much good!) as part of his sentencing. He’s gotten away with this frequently. Caring citizens need to stand ready with their cell phones to capture this sickening torture. Only when the public is shown in graphic detail what is happening to horses back at the barn will the tide finally turn. It’s very distressing to see so many people with anger and abuse issues involved with animals. I hope that somehow this horse is released from his torment and ends up in the hands of a kind and gentle horse-lover. Such a shame!

    • ladypurr9, according to the PR article the horse being beaten in the video was identified as being FOOL FOR IT, a Quarter Horse FILLY. She was seized by, and is being taken care of by, county officials in Val Verde County.

  14. This type of sadistic behavior is repeated at barns all over America, not just racing stables. People mercilessly saw on the bits in their horse’s mouth, they flail away on their horse’s flanks with spurs and whips, and they scream at them, lash them, and chase them around at the end of lead ropes. It’s an accepted practice to use force on horses because they’re large animals and the lie has been cemented that they have small brains and thick skin, and there’s the added bonus of the power trip people get when an animal that big and powerful cowers from them. Suspension for this sadistic asshole? Please. Banned from training? Big deal. A puny ass fine? Why bother? It’s time serious action was taken – serious and permanent action.

    • Rodolfo Sanchez is facing a Felony Animal Abuse charge. The Maverick County Sheriff’s Office, the Val Verde County Sheriff and the U.S. Marshall’s Office are in cooperation with each other. Sanchez may have been responsible for the “care” of 15 to 17 horses in Maverick County also.

  15. Horse looked dead at the end. This POS should be behind bars and never own an animal again.

  16. Dirty bastard 🤬 I only wish I could see him in person and show him what it’s like to be beat 🤬. Except he would not be existing anymore 🤬

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